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"Games...I play them"


Aaron Greenburg is the MS shit talk machine. Sony's not innocent, but they haven't been anywhere near as obnoxious as MS has been. Saying something is funny isn't the same "We're going to kill Sony at E3". #1.2.3
With neither console being backwards compatible (and games like The Last of Us and GTA V coming), I don't see it being hurt at all. I know I'll have my PS3 sitting right next to my PS4. #8
I don't think millions of people trying to download a 132MB file is an indication of Sony being incapable to handle...well, anything frankly. I was rather surprised by how quickly it was addressed. I tried, it failed. Waited 10 minutes. Downloaded in 5. Have played the damn thing 7 times already. #1.1.15
I am SO grateful my 360 was such an awful experience for me, that I will never buy a Microsoft anything. Now a platform holder wants money for a used game they didn't even develop? Unreal. #5
I think it will be on PS4. The ambition of the devs is more than the PS3 can handle, most likely. #2
HDMI In and Out is for cable box/sat receivers to pass through. Nothing more. #9.1.1
You summed up my feelings perfectly. Damn shame indeed. #1.1
Games. Exclusive, 1st party, stunning games. No Kinect trash, just core "wow" games. But I honestly think that's gonna come from Sony. #4
I really don't see it happening, but we'll see. Hell, Xbox One could be amazing. Don't see it now though. #7.1
Can I watch it on TV? If so, how? I don't have an Xbox One :) #6
Completely agree. Never had an issue with an online pass (buy 1st party new anyway). If it's up to the pub, it's up to the pub. Rather that than the platform holder mandating it. #4.2
What's your point SuperLupe? You act like they are going to blow minds at E3, when for the past 3 yrs they done the opposite. New console or not. Matter of fact, they even said they were treating the launch of Kinect as a new console. That was amazing, wasn't it? #1.1.6
E3 really when MS shines. Oh wait...

2010 -
2011 -
2012 -

There are legitimate reasons for the hate a... #1.1.4

I think we'll all be enjoying your tears after you've wasted money on a Xbox One. What are you looking forward to most, Channel Surfing Adventures or Bing: The Last Gasp? #3.2.2
It's weak b/c comparing Sucker Punch's Infamous to whoever the hell they get to make Crackdown 3 is comedy. Remedy is suddenly Quantic Dream? LULZ! Anything Naughty Dog is equal to Epic? Hahaha! I guess Blinx the Cat is better than Mario too! Bwahahaha! #3.3.2
Those are some of the weakest game comparisons I think I've ever seen. Thanks ape! #3.3
7hrs (Eastern) until the demo in GoW: Ascension unlocks. is on today! #8
No. I'll do what I please. Thanks though. #1.5.1

"Some will disagree that the Sun is hot, but its not my data, this is data from the #1 most popular video gaming site..."

You are clearing suggesting this data is credible to the point of even adding "just like when they had the poll where I think it was 75% were disappointed in micros X1 reveal."

No, not much stock should be put in polls from sites that get their data from other sites a la copy/paste. That we... #1.1.14
Good job JokesOnYou! Maybe they'll give you a Defender avatar item. You lucky devil.

EDIT: Also, those numbers aren't IGN numbers. They're based off the readers of Dealnews, the credit URL on IGN's site. So Dealnews readers now represent the entirety of gamers and their preference? Hold on, I gotta take a break, laughing too hard. #1.1.6
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