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Dude, the reveal video vs this video show quite a difference in performance. Yeah, it's a bold claim to say "staged", but it sure was "enhanced".

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Christ this game must be good!

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So IGN is ok now?

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Someone spin this to me, please?

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Kinect Pixeljunk 4AM with a Disney license.

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I really like messing with this dude on Twitter. He's now blocked me, but only because he's mad I'm funnier. I'd like to kick this guy in the head. I dunno why.

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Yes, it does. It was the hardcore that got them where they are. They are releasing a casual, mainstream, Windows 8 running, entertainment hub that happens to play games too. 3rd party games, Nike and the NFL don't matter to the core when the alternative is video games, video streaming services, video games, and video games.

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So? I have no intention of letting any review form my opinion of the game. I had my mind made up before the demo. The the demo was unlocked and it sealed the deal, Survival Edition upgrade. This game is this generation's swan song, regardless of platform. This is the game that reminds me WHY it is I game on PlayStation. I got this feeling from a DEMO. I'm thrilled it's scoring as high as it is, a trend I hope continues. Naughty Dog is an elite developer, period. If they made somet...

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Best Buy? -

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You need to re-watch the trailer man/woman. 2 shot shotgun kills. 3 shot (2 body, 1 head) kill. Melee kills were ridiculous. Just b/c you see someone shooting, doesn't mean they're hitting anything.

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I want to clan up with people who want to take this shit seriously. The idea of being a clan of strangers, literally, is simply ingenious. Fighting for supplies? Healing one another? 20yrs after? OMG, I want to buy this game twice.

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It streams Netflix and plays Wii games for my kids. That's it. I am disappoint.

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It is FANTASTIC. I couldn't recommend it more.

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Where's Folklore?

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Ok, now I'll bite.

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Xbox One - $499
PlayStation 4 - $399

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$4 a character outside the 4 they give you is kinda crazy. I'm still gonna check it out, but Injustice has all my fighting game attention. That game is fantastic.

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What Snookies12 said. MP3 was fantastic. I loved the cemetery level.

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I'd prefer they concentrate on ensuring the game works, before considering adding more features.

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What I found the most interesting is they (Microsoft) said in the video, that they began the "design journey" in "late 2010". Mark Cerny with Sony said they began working on the PS4 in 2007. I'm even MORE confident in what the PS4 will be able to do.

EDIT: @JasonXE

Yet and still, Sony has been working on the PS4 3yrs longer than the Xbox One. There's no doubt there's an advantage with that.

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