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"Games...I play them"


Are up to 75 million people willing to no longer be the ones with requirements? Now our consoles have requirements of us? SMH. So I can't rent? Lend out to someone not on my friends list for 30 days? Wha? Complete lunacy. #1.1.2
Might? #1
What happens when they turn off the servers? Your modem or router die? Sony have said the PS4 has no online requirement - #1.1.1
"Is", is even being asked? They have turned the console wars into the Internet havs and have nots. I don't see how anyone who calls themselves a gamer would/should support the Xbox One. If Sony comes out with this same kind of madness, same goes to the PS4. Speak with your wallet people! #4
XBox - The game console that won't let you play games offline after 24hrs. That makes total sense right? But you can still watch TV, Blu-rays or DVDs!...What?! This just boggles the mind. #3
Part of me feels like I unwittingly funded Umbrella and now the T-Virus has just hit the fan. #5
"With Xbox One you can game offline for up to 24 hours on your primary console, or one hour if you are logged on to a separate console accessing your library. Offline gaming is not possible after these prescribed times until you re-establish a connection, but you can still watch live TV and enjoy Blu-ray and DVD movies."

Pass. Thanks though. #5
The power of the cloud.

*snicker* #5
I think Hayter's "Old Snake" voice was as bad as Bale's Batman voice. I'm fine with the change. #9
"Still, I honestly believed some executive from Sony would walk in one day and say we have to cut some of the scenes because they were too much. It never happened."

Would this statement be made if this were Microsoft, I truly wonder? From Trixie360's statements, to the Xbox One reveal, would "The Last of Us", as it is today, exist on the 360? Regardless the tech reasons, I'm speaking creatively. #1
Exactly, this has been known for some time. They are not zombies at all. 4 stages of cordyceps infection (from the demo). They look narly as all hell. #1.3
Really? You need more than 25 perfect scores to tell you it's a masterpiece? Puppet strings eventually wear. You'll be fine. #3.2.2
He said it looked "solid". No dude, that's Halo 4. TLoU is a masterpiece. Give credit where credit is due, not just some fake PR. #3
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Principle of it all. Prices plays a role too, but ultimately, it's the priciple. Why is this needed? Piracy? They piracy that's existed since the industry began, that piracy? Or not getting to double dip when it come to used games? Should ANY company be paid twice for selling their product once? Not in my eyes. If any of this were directed at Sony, I'd feel the same way. X1 could have been a fresh slate for gamers like myself, so jaded from the 360 failing every time I tried to us... #5.6
The site that got the $750k funding from Microsoft? That idiot? #1.1.1
SMH. That's all I got for you. No matter what I say, you'll think you're right. And you're not. #4.1.3
Wait...clock speed isn't a good measure of performance? Wha?! I'll give him points for trying. #4
Bahahaha! #1.4.1
It's 26GB. #4.1
Got a 1TB drive. Don't care about sizes. Thanks for letting me upgrade my HDD Sony! #3
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