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"Games...I play them"


Sony murdered Microsoft this E3. Like some Saw movie type shit. #14
It could come out with KI, Conker and free blowjobs, I'd pass. After I returned it. #5
^^^ There is nothing they could show that is changing my mind. Not getting a Xbox One. #2.1
Fine by me. Never was able to get into the franchise after beating the 1st one.

EDIT: Speak for yourself and not "Sony fans". The game is ok. Rinse and repeat. #1
Don't bother Why o why, they've already converted to full apologist. They can't be reasoned with. Facts get you nowhere. #1.11.6
Listen, JokesOnYou has been in pure spin defense mode "one" ;) since MS shit the bed. Just let him get it out of his system. #1.1.9
I'm sure they've convinced themselves that this is what gamers want. That this is where gaming is headed and they are the only ones moving gaming forward. It's no different than what they've done with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. Have you seen the UI to Server 2012? My point is...they don't care what you want. #7.1.1
We'll know after 5 releases. A voice doesn't make a game fun/good. Sorry.

EDIT: I thought Old Snake sounded like Bale's Batman, so...I'm fine with the change. #4
I'm interested in their E3, but only in the sense of "WTF else are they gonna do?". The "Xbox Wire" website they stood up ( told me everything I need to know about the Xbox One. Games are irrelevant to me when talking about the X1. No matter what they show/have/bought, I will not be supporting that ecosystem. #7
^^^ Exactly this. #12.1
Nope. #10
Xbox One - check-ins, etc.
PS4 - Online passes, Day one content

There's your publisher's decision essentially. Microsoft, not Ubi or EA or Activision, are requiring check ins...but they're happy to benefit from them (EA didn't kill 360 online passes out of the kindness of their hearts). Bookmark it. *drops mic* #11
I love me some PlayStation, but if Sony pulls anything remotely similar, they can get ta steppin. #1.1.2
What don't you get, the demo?

EDIT: I guess that's what the quotes were for, huh? LOL. I dug the demo. Playing on hard was actually...hard. If they see you, man, they are on you! #8.1
Sony has nothing to prove. I don't see them shitting the bed in the same way MS has. I mean, GEE-SUS! #1.4

Sony has also said they have no Internet requirement, no game registration requirement and are not blocking used games. EA could easily collect $ from a PS4 online pass, as that is the choice they have as a publisher on Sony's hardware. It is business and EA needs Sony as much as Sony needs EA. #1.1.19
"This means that if publishers are indeed in control of how their games operate on each console, then Sony and the PlayStation 4 would have to adhere to the same restrictions that Microsoft has been placed on the chopping block for… right?"

You don't see the contradiction? If publishers are in control of how their games operate ON EACH CONSOLE, Sony can do what they want and allow what they want on their console. Just b/c MS is anti-gamer, anti-consumer doesn&#... #1.1.14
They CURRENTLY have different policies for the EXACT same games, whether it be DLC, PS+, etc. #6.1.1
Not happening. Both Sony and Microsoft have completely different business models for the gaming space, as well as, different relationships with publishers and developers. Fortunately for Sony, they have executives that actually game and know what that would do. #6
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