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"Games...I play them"


Nope. Ex-Kinect titles and games I can play on PS4 is not squashing the competition. #3.1
The series was born on Xbox, I understand why they "chose" to make t exclusive. Just wait it ;) #1.3
Yeah, I heard about a "Drivatar". Show it, don't say it. Spark also spoke of this all powerful cloud and again...showed nothing. They are selling you on promises and potential. Remember Kinect scanning items in? Lie. Point being: It happens. #5.1.6
You don't understand. PS4 DRM is decided by the publisher. It's not built into the architecture of the hardware, requiring the console to phone home for authentication. No, the PS4 doesn't have DRM, nor do 1st party games. #1.1.8

You seem to know less. Cloud is a PR buzzword for distributed computing (something that has been around since 85). Why all this faith in the cloud and they've yet to SHOW you a single benefit? #5.1.2
"Jack Tretton just clarified last night’s statement about the Playstation 4 DRM and used game policy on GameTrailers E3 Live. The DRM and used game policy only applies to Sony first party titles and that DRM is still up to the third party developers."

This is how it currently is on PS3. Not confusing at all. No need to look for something that isn't there. #1.1.1
Not planned, but completely awesome. And accurate! #4
Less powerful and twice the size. Smart. /s #4
It's free for PS3 and Vita. PS4 requires PS+. A value add. It's not a terrible thing. Especially after 8yrs of MS getting away with it and offering less. #1.8
Because the PS4 doesn't require authentications to let you play, like the Xbox One. That's in the architecture.

They key is - "That’s up to their relationship with the consumer."

If a publisher is bold enough to try it, have at it. Suffer MS's fate. #1.5
They swore that with the PS3. And PS3 MP remains free. PS+ is a tremendous value anyway (already a member), so I'm fine with that. Keyword: value. MS set the precedence that people will pay for MP, Sony is doing it now with the PS4. Only better imo.

Also - Why do you need a web browser? I'm gaming! *and Netflix/Amazon :) #2.1.1
It had to be answered. If they ignored it, there would have been so much hate. needed to be answered. Clearly. Loudly. They did it at the right venue, at the right time. MS just gave them the new generation. #8
Stabbed them in the back? No, no, no...they pulled Superman's Injustice super on their ass! It was brilliant! #2
They even do XBL Gold better than Xbox. #17
Sony made all the right moves. Microsoft shit the bed and rolled around in it. Then asked us to join them. PS4 is already pre-ordered. #8
They need to show me why I need the camera (besides Move) in order for me to bite. The console Drive Club PS+, Killzone and maybe even Knack will be getting scooped up. #8
Been a member since Day One. Damn I'm glad too. PSV, PS3 and PS4 covered under 1 subscription. Can't beat it. And before you gripe that you have to pay for online... thank MS. They showed the industry how profitable it was. #1
Hey! JokesOnYou! Where you hidin'? #21
This isn't a real question. Is it? I mean, I know it it real? Like real real? #6'll be ok. #14.1.4
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