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"Games...I play them"


So they're handing Sony and Nintendo 50 million customers? Yikes. #8
I'm a collector,, it's not. #9
The GameStop I was just at said they won't be accepting trade-ins at launch. No word when either. Microsoft really needs to step their communication up. They're making the PSN Breach communication looks like the best thing since sliced bread. #3.1.1
I'm paying one. The one I've been paying for the past 2yrs. PS+. #8
Rentals and borrowing not being supported at launch make me think they will some point and with specific retailers/renters. #1.1.1
The 360 is why he has a Lambo. Of course he supports Xbox. Still like the guy. #1
Both imo. That or he just lives in a completely different world than his consumers. #1
Gamers WILL give up on the console DRM, blocked used sales and always online. #3
PS4 PS+ member get a free game a month (or is it 2?). I'm not worried after getting 71 games over the past 2yrs as a PS3 plus member. #1.1.2
Very. Not only is it a tremendous value, but keeping PS3/Vita play free and needing PS+ for PS4 MP isn't that bad. It was good enough for Microsoft 8yrs, right? It's only $5 a month right? Quit yer bitchin'.

I mean, PS+ member get a PS4 game free at launch (Drive Club). How is that bad? #1
When you look at gamers vs Internet access vs online gaming vs offline, it's not too early. #2
Foxgod is clearly trying to sound as if he knows what he's talking about. Protip: He doesn't have a clue. #2.1.5
Folding at Home was cloud computing (distributed computing). This is nothing new. No matter what MS says. #1.3.3
Sorry it went a little over your head. Try this - Rome: The QTE. Better?

EDIT: *bows* ;) #6.1.1
The brutal (press X), proactive (press Y) combat (press B) of Ryse: Son of Rome. #6
Expect nothing less. #4
Hence Titanfall appearing on PS4 in 2014. #2
It's EA. Of course it will. #21
I am informed. You being unable to name games and resort to "troll" as some sort of deflection speaks volumes. #3.1.2
Yeah, I have a feeling this will be on PS4. #1
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