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"Games...I play them"


I leased a small apartment for it and I to live in, after I left my wife and kids. Greatness awaits? Yes, yes indeed. #10
On the contrary sparky, it is about me. I purchased a launch edition PS4 console and have had zero problems. If you don't like the other side of the coin, close your eyes and STFU. #7.1.4
Mine's working fine. #7
Whew! Glad that's settled. *kills neighbor* #3
Ya think? You shit the bed with Wii U launch and post-launch, the Nintendo Network thus far has been useless AND the only things I see worth playing are coming from...Nintendo. And average consumers have no idea the difference between a Wii and Wii U. *claps* Way to go! #1
Don't need it. It's the answer to a problem, no one has. #11
This question, is it real? #13
I dug it. #12
"Why have you missed out E3? What did E3 focus on? Tell me, whose E3 focused more on games? Sony or Microsoft's?"


But purely from a "games I want to play" perspective. Also, seeing how Titanfall played makes me look forward to the PS4 release. Even if it is COD: Mechs.

"So I remain confident that it will continue to deliver in terms of gaming content because, well, it cannot afford to do so otherwise."... #2.1.1
It applies to the console. And there are plenty of people who game and don't have the net. Having to setup your console online, to be able to play offline, when you don't have Internet is going to affect sales. Well, returns actually. #1.3.3
They're really underestimating how much of a cluster having to set the console up WITH an Internet connection will be. #1.3
It was a myth that they knowingly sold broken hardware. New broken hardware.

And the myth of their indie treatment.

And the myth that there is value in Xbox Live.

I think they are the realities of the ecosystem. Like Sony screwing the pooch on the PS3 launch, PSN being breached, and all the other missteps the gaming media was MORE than happy to report, exaggerate and use a double standard in reviewing.

I bought a 360 at launc... #1.1.4
Lunacy. #9
12 months. #6
That's up to the individual and their tastes. I choose PlayStation. Always have. Always will. #6
I can't wait to get my hands on this system. Infamous Second Son looks killer! #8
This is satire. Read it. #3
People who love games should get a PS4. Indie support is just an awesome bonus. #11.1
:) Yeah one for ebay, but if any of my boys can't get their hands on one, it's there's for retail. #3.3
Not me. Got 2 launch consoles pre-ordered. #3
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