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"Games...I play them"


still in stock.

2:14PM ET #8
Still in stock.

1:58PM ET #7
Voiding your warranty b/c MS wants you to use external storage is "good news"? Ha! #12.1
Happy Thanksgiving to the community and staff of N4G. I'm thankful my little girl was put into remission on August 18th and that I have 3 beautiful daughters and a loving wife...who love to game and watch me game :) #474
Limit of 5? Bet. I'll *try* and grab 3 for around the price of a retail game. #4
I bought a Day One Edition today. #1.24
Whichever one fits your hands and play style. Period. #8
Happy to help! Good luck! Your primary DNS should be the IP of your router ( The secondary address you could use something like GoogleDNS - #3.1.2
$499. Just to shit on the Xbox One more. #6
That primary DNS entry is IPv6. Disable it on your router. #3.1
NAT 3 - Traffic is being blocked by the ISP/Cable/DSL router
NAT 2 - Your cable/DSL modem is connected to a wifi or wired router
NAT 1 - Direct connect from modem to PC or Mac #2
But I have used it Sparky, that's why it was bought. The comparison was current use. You have a learning disability, don't you? #4.5.2
Design that doesn't take up half the chassis with a fan? #3
Nah, I own it. I can afford one. So then I can talk about it. When you get one, you won't be so defensive towards that shit ass console. Mainly because you won't be playing it. Once you get your allowance that is. #4.5.1
I'll separate it out for you then:

PS4 - 6hrs
PSV - 5hrs
Wii U - 0hrs #4.4.1
Nah, I have a Wii U. Just light on software. #4.3.1
Weird. I'm playing my PS4 and Vita more than I've ever played my Wii U. #4
Just cause it has a giant ass fan? #3
Voice commands work when you know what to say. #3
They'll never support the format used for BD rips. It sucks, but true. #15.1
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