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"Games...I play them"


Drinking it? That fool probably has an IV hooked up. #3.1.1
"Uh, maybe because they know more then everyone saying otherwise? E3 aint that far away..."

Are you talking about 2009 or 2010 or 2011 or 2012's E3? #4.1
He knows what his company revealed on the 21st, right? #3
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From the looks of it, neither are 360 owners. #1
When my wife starts watching TV, I can't wait to remote play some Infamous of Killzone. #6.2.1
And this is why I game on PlayStation.

EDIT: I had a 360, guess what happened to it? Haha. I also have a 3DS, Vita, Wii U and PS3. Have yet to feel like I'm missing out on anything on the Xbox platform. #6
You've been waiting for E3 since 2009. #1.6
It did a great job of selling me on a PS4. #14
I loved when he was asked (via Twitter) about the Xbox One. He responded "What was that about the HTC One?". Just awesome. #7.1
Not at all. Their QA alone is my reason for staying away from anything they dev. Hell, even publish. To hell with them. #3
Season Pass purchased. Can. Not. Wait. #3
"The Microsoft Press Conference Will Shut You Up"
This has been said for the past 3 E3s for MS. Keep saying it, maybe it will be true this time! #1.1.8
It will. Unfortunately, not anywhere near the 360's or PS3's numbers if the DRM/Used Games stuff isn't cleared up. I don't need to go buy a console to watch TV and sports. I do need to buy a console to play Infamous Second Son, Killzone Shadow Fall, Watch_Dogs, etc. #1.1.1
That's great. It's a shame no one at Microsoft does. #4
Yeah...I'm good, thanks. #19
Boy...Xbox fans are just WISHING Sony comes out DRM'd up and blocking used games. But it ain't happening. #7
What I disagree with is his statement "Made a lot of promises about magic...and then showed us Killzone 4." While it would have been GREAT to see the screen sharing and remote play, they did show SHARE. And games. They spent maybe 3 minutes on the media streaming. I mean, I can name PS4 games I want. I can't think of anything shown at MS's reveal that I want. #8
Phil Harrison, a Microsoft VP, said there was a used games fee. Until something like that happens from the Sony camp, I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt. #8
Sony isn't making anyone their bride silly. They're a company, not a person. #1.3.1
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If it were as simple as "Hey, you got wrong info, here's the correct stuff." that'd be one thing, but these fools are talking out of both sides of their mouths. They have some janky used game plan, I know it. #24
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