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"Games...I play them"


PS+ embarrasses the shit out of Xbox Live. #10
To you it may not have been a system seller. It's on one platform, of course it is. #15.1
I personally don't see the creator of Eurogamer's GOTY 2013, as the problem. #7
Because everything HAS to be "Pick a Side". Hushpuppies please. #8
That's "shattering"? Granted, PS+ had shit titles it's first 8-10 months, but that has turned around in a big way. Give MS time (and assume they are willing to do it) and Games for Gold should step it up too. #1.9
You don't cut your sales forecast by 6.2 million consoles when things are going "swell". Time to take your head out of the sand. #2
I love the amount of people that cling to the word "alpha" like some childhood security blanket, all the while not having a clue what an alpha is and ignoring "this game in alpha" is releasing in weeks. #4
This alpha wasn't designed specifically for anything. It's netcode, cloud AI calculations and textures running at 25% their actual resolution. My point is simple. The game is finished. What you see in vids like this are exactly what you're going to be seeing/playing on release (albeit, prettier). Also, alphas traditionally aren't split up into game mechanics alpha or online alpha for testing. #8.1.1
It's an alpha! (but releases in 6 weeks). If you think the game is going to be radically different than what we're seeing, you're an idiot. #8
But your opinion isn't irrelevant? If people want to stroke a game that is nothing more than online-only COD: Mechs, have at it. Not everyone has to be "amazed" by something that isn't amazing. #1.5.1
I enjoy my PS3, PS4, Vita, Wii U, and Xbox One. No one is holding a gun to my head to buy anything. Don't want it? Don't buy it. Pretty simple. #7
Both controllers are great. The best in console gaming currently. Enough with this X is better than Y bullshit. #7
If you can't tell Cap, I'm not wasting my time explaining. #4.4.3
It's obvious none of you have played Knack.

And I gotta add...if your opinion is based off anything other than actually playing a game, just STFU. Your opinion is completely invalid. #4.4
Then they haven't played Killzone or Knack. Ryse (played and beat) is gorgeous, don't get me wrong, but so are other games. #4
And no night/weather in any of them. #5.2
Now that I've got my paws on the Wii U, Xbox One and PS4, I thought I'd share my thoughts/opinions on each. So here goes:

The Wii U is a really good gaming system with an unfortunately slow trickle of software. However, the games that are available for it are outstanding (Wind Waker HD, Mario 3D World, Pikmin 3, New SMB U for example). That said, those are all Nintendo 1st party titles. The 3rd party titles that are available are also on the PS3/360 and cheaper. That... #17's games people. Why do this to someone? Karma's a bitch. #26
Hasn't affected me. #1.2
Did it? Had no idea. Just wanted to throw a couple of timestamps up :) #7.1.1
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