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20+ agrees now.

Like i said in my initial post, if you want to waste the money go ahead. I'm not trying to reason with casual gamers.

I'm talking to core gamers here and we are OUTNUMBRED. We have to stand together against this bs. We have been taken for granted by this company for the past 6 years. We helped build their company. We are going to have that extra money to buy better core games on launch by avoiding this pitfall.

And it&...

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13 agrees. hate on haters. this is common sense.

This isn't about what PS3 and 360 had a launch. And both those systems were backed up by 3rd party developers. The fact of the matter is that there is a lot of very, very cheap entertainment available with the ps3/360 and you're paying a premium for a system with NO GAMES on launch. Oh excuse me theres 5 exclusives. THEY ARE ALL STILL A JOKE FOR CORE GAMERS.

Whatever morons. Waste your money. I'll b...

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It's a goddamn money pit trap. I'm telling you right now. You're going to pay 300-350 for the console, 70 for a 1tb external harddrive if you buy it on black friday, 50 on a pro controller, 60 on all of the games during blackfriday sales, and to add insult to injury you're going to have to pay to expand the memory yourself.

I'm te...

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hopefully miserably. teach those fuckers a lesson about what happens when you shit on core gamers.

like the election this year, the best revenge is to vote. i voted with my wallent when sony released a 600 dollar console. i voted with my wallet when they bent WoW to the casual base. and i'm going to vote with my wallet here too. looking forward to watching them suffer. investing the money i would have spent on a wii u in companies that arent going...

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I agree with faceless on everythign except bubble count. Bubble count doesnt mean anything.

The very point you made illustrates my point. Bubble count is a measure of the popularity of comments. It's not a measure of the quality of each comment.

I could make a ton of accounts or get my friends to go online and click a button no problem. Making good points that stick in peoples heads is what counts.

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Who do you think is giving us all these disagrees? Food for thought.

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That said, I respect the good ones. The ones that aren't doing it for the attention, spotlight or the hits. But they are few and far between and even they have horrible opinions every now and then.

And they SHOULD have horrible opinions because I can't stand the reviewers who play it safe with reviews because of a series name or the publisher who made the game. This is the type of job where you need to have a thick skin because you can't please everyone.

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Give me a break.

"Video game writers wear many hats, making the discussion of what video game journalism is a difficult one."

Yeah right. Try getting a real job. One that requires an advanced education. You have no idea what a hat is if you think different writing approaches qualifies as a hat. All you do with video game journalism is play video games and write about it. A monkey could do it and the monkey would probably have better ethics.

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Been gaming for over 20 years and i've yet to get rid of a single game.

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@ chaotic_Lament

read me my rights officer neckbeard

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Emma Watson picture FTH! (for the hits)

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sony has amazing indie titles. play pc indie games on the pc. play indie ps3 games on the ps3. problem solved moron.

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i dont want to read about any of it. i want to go into it fresh and not expecting anything so i can be blown away. fuck these magazines and gaming sites. seriously.

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I might buy some of their stock.

I think they just had a bad year with cheaper/slightly less quality tvs closing the gap with their higher quality sets, 3d televisions/gaming not being widely adopted, the motion control fad, their handheld console not having enough unique, system selling games yet, earthquakes/tsunamis, and riots where their facilities get burned down.

They're also going to start making medical devices where they have the technology so th...

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As far as i'm concerned, you paid $60 for the game so you're entitled to do whatever you damn well please with it so long as you aren't ruining the experience for someone else.

That said, I think they have a valid point with being able to ban people who stream or make videos of exploits similar to the leveling exploits that Battlefield 3 had. There was also an exploit in BFBC2 where if you destroyed a certain wall while on defense in rush, the opposing team would...

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Cmon people deep down you know it's funny because it's true. He bent over for doritos and mountain dew and earned his money.

Now dance monkey! Dance! haha.

I have a mixed opinion of this guy. I don't like how he treated Angry Joe from youtube, but at the same time I liked how he pressed Reggie of NIntendo for some answers.

I hope he does some more doritos commercials because it makes for some excellent ente...

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Stop fishing for hits.

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This guy makes a valid point. That said, you'll have more money when it matters if you tightly control what you spend.

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My opinion: Wait for GTA V to get your racing fix. In the meantime pickup Gran Turismo XL Edition for $10 if you're really itching for something.

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I think it's good that Hitman gets some spotlight in the shadow of all the GTA news.

They don't milk the series and this game is going to be great. Likely the best of the series yet and they've all been fun.

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