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bored with this.. whatever.

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imo they really did a good job and I am saying this only because asylem and city were not that great at it. the joker reveal was awesome and how his relationship played with batman ... (spoiler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: batman saving joker
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does it count that this joker was actually 100x better than the one in asylum and city. but yeah I can understand people are already bored with the character overuse.

I loved all the batman games so far and don't get the hate towards origins which is the same game as city (but better story, writing, acting!! )

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revelation was more re but still shit and it was actually worse than 6 and 5 overall (imo anyway) hope this one is better.

I just recently played the gc remake and god that shit is just brilliant! (I am new to the old re)

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troy baker as the joker .. that shit was awesome!

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come on ubi, I want this shit on my vita!

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the main missions were fucking awesome, and it had a good story. beside that.. yeah there was nothing.

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just saying.. I enjoyed mafia 2 more than gtav (with all the shit that it got).. crazy I know. (pc)

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re6 was disappointing .. but if you can move past that you will get a decent game. revelation on the other hand.. (the ship, the exploration elements.. everything else was bad imo )

dead space 3.. you can tell from the first 10 minute that the game is so shit.. it felt like its trying to do everythin. ea should've gavin the game more time.

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rayman for me .. the fucking animation, the art style, levels .. etc the game is perfect.

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I loved this guy argument, althought he gave it a low score he presented his case in a good way, and he says its fun.

I dont know about the story but it was fucking much better than the previous games. The writting, acting, cinamatics, tone .. all that made arkham city story look like a kids cartoon

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gametrailer review was surprisingly good.. not talking about the score. the game is more of the same but it didn't bother the guy who reviewed it. good. for me personally I loved AC so much that I was dying for another one, at that point I didn't care if it looks the same. IGN and gamespot didn't touch on the side quest and the other stuff that you can do in the game. watching their video review .. fight after fight.. seriously I thought that was everything.


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lol this shit, so funny.

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I hope this not because of gta .. fuck.

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the headline is so fucked up.

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you know the only time I thought kz story was really really cool was in the op. kz1>kz3>kz2

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"I wanna know how the story ends in this game. "

kz2 story was shit but kinda decent, kz3 >> disaster.
for this one I just hope it ain't annoying or trying so hard to be ..

I wanna buy this game for one thing .. shooting people, I love how the enemies feel spongy and react to bullets. the animation, physics ... I hate however that since kz3 they die really quick.. fat hegs better be there.

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if I remember .. kz2 had little number and was more intense. enemies takes a lot of bullets (awesome!)

kz3 (cod like) .. double the number and they die real quick.

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getting the vita version!

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I've recently had the chance to read one of his books.. the hunt for red october, great novel.

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