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What exclusive does PS4 have that will do better than Halo? #9.1.2
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"Only thing missing was an awesome cityscape and neon lights."

You make it too obvious you didn't play the game considering the 2nd race you do is a cityscape with neon lights #1.1
Pachter is only right if he says something the mindless fanboys believe.

He's wrong on this one just like he is with most statements.

I have all 3 consoles & PC. When it comes to exclusives, the PS4 currently gets the least amount of game time in my house #1.2.1
MLB 13 took 20 months to be pulled

MLB 14 took 13 months, so to say they do this every year is a flat out lie #7.2.1
#4ThePlayers #1.1
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Gamingbolt asks no-name devs on an indie budget AAA dev questions. Its humerous.

The devs answer didnt' even make sense. Many of these engines are implenting DX12 into the engine. If I was a dev, I'd want my game on a billion tablets,pcs,xbos, phones #4.1
Funny bubble for you lol...

wait....you were joking right? #1.9.1
Yeah, you never see any negative XB articles on this site

/s #3.1
Version 1.01
- Add online functionality
- Game performance and stability improvements.
- Bug fixes

Game Performance could be anything. We don't know if it'll change loading times #28.1
Reminds me of people saying they are glad the Order was short because they have busy lives and don't have time for long games lmao #31.1
That seems high. I thought it'd be like $20-$30 since it's just one game and the biggest difference is 1080P.

After getting 4 remastered games for $60, that price point is hard to justify imo #4
They are selling one, so they think you need one.

But you probably don't #2
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Frostbite Engine is going to be implementing DX12 #3.2
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You didn't expect it?

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare:

The main, asset quality is identical between the two platforms. From the handling of shadow rendering to texture detail, there’s little to distinguish the Xbox One release from the PS4. But based on our indepth analysis, the larger disparity is in performance rather than in-game visuals.
The PS4 version’s constant 1080p output comes at a price. We catch dips between the 50-60fps lines during b... #1.1.1
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So are N4G ads that start playing audio.

There's a nice lil add-on though that will take care of both those issues. #4.1
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Installed on XBO & PC here no problems #2.1
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I find it curious how often salt is mentioned in this post. And DShockers is quoting a Mr. X source.

But when Dualshockers quotes other 'insiders' they try to beef up their reputation. Like Tidux who has been wrong I don't know how many times.

... #2
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@kurruptor I think that's why it's marked as rumor.

But the question specifically was about the GOW Collection...and the reply was 'stay tuned' #8.2
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or decide not to respond to that particular question #8.1.1
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