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Tracks are free - but if you have PSVR you still have to buy the game if you want the VR

Downvotes don't change facts. Deal with it :)

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Existing users get the tracks for free.
They DO NOT get PSVR Driveclub for free

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You were right. Downvoted added
60FPS should be minimum on 'upgraded' hardware

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This is so silly. That's the one feature i'd be interested in.

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Girl Gamers don't. Professional victims & Con artists like Anita do

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You can't kill an bet it's active

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I love it when people start out their statement with LMAO and then follow it up by something so completely retarded that it's literally everyone else who is LOL'ing at the poster

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Got lords of the fallen months ago on XBL Games with Gold. Played it for 10mins

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Raised by a white family, making millions sitting the bench. He's sooo oppressed

Same guy who was in trouble for using a racial slur towards a black man, and he's half white himself.

Of course it's to grab attention because they're about to cut him

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Yeah, blame the consumers..... /s

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Yes it needs to be delayed. One reason is because it sucks compared to the 1st one. Second reason is we already have too many shooters this holiday and TF's community will dry up because it certainly is in no position to take on Battlefield or COD.

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They're putting 1080's in laptops right now

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AMD's high end is almost always still on the low end when compared to the competitors

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Of course they aren't automatic refunds. No one with a brain thinks it would be automatic. But people are getting refunds. And they should get refunds considering the lies / false advertisements & crashing

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So it's a confirmed fake...but could be a glitch...didn't know the word confirmed now had different interpretations

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Lie: Saying things that aren't true

To answer your question. YES

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Gee, I can't imagine why

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They're all playable on the Xbox One

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