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He needs a good ass beating. Fuck that child

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I recommend watching

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1 Sign you've written a clickbait article

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He likely wasn't talking in game and instead using a different platform like Discord

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I bet you have a "Real Job" don't you? And I bet he makes more than you lol. Jealousy is a cancer

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He wasn't losing subscribers whether he apologized or not

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By freaking out over the word, it simply gives more power to the word. A word that you already hear daily whether in games, or on the radio.

10d ago 13 agree25 disagreeView comment Seems this is only gaining him more subs. He can't keep getting away from this!! REEEEEeeeeeeeeeee

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Here is an actual copyright lawyer.

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Let's file false DMCA's because everyone has stopped talking about our walking simulator and it can help us make the news

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You saw where Destiny 2 can hit 60fps w/ a $65 cpu right?

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Interesting that they didn't deny it. Unless you're playing a card game, there should be a 60fps option.

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And 4K owners who prefer framerate over resolution

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@XiNatsuDragnel - Let me help you out since you're having difficulties from not actually reading stories & just commenting. Game Mode has nothing to do with Xbox. It's a Windows feature that will work on UWP & Win32 games i.e. Steam. Sorry to make your bias stand out :)

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I want to know why i always see the same person commenting on every article. And they are rarely ever well thought out comments. Maybe you wanna get on the n4g leaderboards? If so.....SAD!

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I've never heard a gamer complain about the gender of a character in a game. Only time i see it is in virtue signaling circle jerk corners of the internet

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PC has better hardware & more games going for it

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The correct source:

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