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Glad the focus is on gameplay #1
Random dude on twitter whose been proven wrong numerous times and has a horrible track record makes a fanboy statement ~Title fixed #7
Mine stays in standby all day if i'm not using it. Haven't noticed any difference whatsoever in my electric bill. I can think of a lot more issues I'd like MS to urgently work on. Energy isn't one of them.

All these sites freaking out over XBs energy should probably be more upset at Hillarys scooby van that prob gets 7 miles a gallon and is going across country #2
So because you aren't, others shouldn't have the option?

And in the vault is NHL 15, Madden 15, NBA 15, UFC, BF4, Peggle 2, N4S, GW, Fifa14

And btw, this is 2015

Trying out brand new games has saved me money. Decided not to pick up Dragon Age after playing it. Not to mention the discounts you get. #3.1
BF Hardline gave you 10 hrs of playtime. So where do you get Star Wars is 6 hrs? #19.2
And since its entirely optional for the consumer, what does it matter if Activision or Ubisoft pulled something similar? No one is forcing anyone to use it. #4.2.1
Can't you play some of them on PS Now? #3.1
Why would you need it tailored? They've already demo'd and show it helping Tablets, Phones, PC's - and you think it'll help all those devices but not XBO?

Look up the word delusional #26.1
He denied the Marcus Fenix Collection. Go back and read the tweets. He keeps using those words. It simply could be called something else #25.1
What he says is true. A game has to be built from the ground up to take full advantage of DX12. Witcher 3 dev has already said they aren't looking at using DX12 for the game. So it wouldn't help them that much.

Why ignore all the quotes from devs working with DX12 who says it will help - Phil saying it will help games built with DX12 in mind - - but cling on to quotes from people not using it? #6.2
@KingThrash https://twitter.com/repi/st... #1.1.6
The article is about a game and gameplay... #9.1
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Best thing about the game was the rain imo. Very few customization features. Rented it. Might play it again if they ever release the PS Plus version that was announced in 2013 #7
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I don't get why N4G allows this crap. I understand wanting to make money and needing clicks, but its so unprofessional #5
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I seem to remember capitalism being here when gaming was started. So back then it helped, but now its killing it?

Not buying it #1
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Sony also shuts down online servers for PS4 one year after the launch of a game (MLB) even though you're paying for servers now

They also told fans EA Access wasn't a good fit for them. But they'd love you to pay a high subscription rate to stream old games for PS Now.

Both are about the money plain and simple #4.2
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You need to understand that neither you nor I know exactly what DX12 will do for XBO. So please don't act like you do #2.1.1
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Microsoft has stated multiple times the games need to be built with DX12 in mind.

The Witcher 3 isn't built with it - and they said they weren't.

Why is this so confusing #2
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What exclusive does PS4 have that will do better than Halo? #9.1.2
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"Only thing missing was an awesome cityscape and neon lights."

You make it too obvious you didn't play the game considering the 2nd race you do is a cityscape with neon lights #1.1
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