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You mean the guy who said Rise of the Tomb Raider was 900P and didn't actually test it but was just going off what he read on the net? The developer had to step in and correct him and inform him it was actually 1080P

edit: Yeah, looked him up. It was that guy https://www.youtube.com/wat...

https:... #1.2
Looks about the same to me. Would help if they had the same accessories on the guns in the pics. Several pics they didn't have any add-ons for the XBO.

edit. Then i get to the bottom and and author is repeatedly pointing out how bad the XBO version is.

And i'm reminded it is Dualshockers #2
Ouch, what happened to all your bubbles??

Can't say i'm surprised to be honest. #1.2.1
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Go to Xboxs website and get the 360 games from the store. Even if you don't own a 360. When the XBO games become bc then they'll show up #9.2
Enjoyed the beta. Looking forward to playing it again on XBO. #1
SNAP Internet Explorer #3.1.1
Yeah...just look at how many people are having issues in the last few hours... https://downdetector.com/st... #1.2
Yes, let us blame the consumer /s #3.1
First impressions https://youtu.be/fZaJ--LJul... #2
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I'm getting rdy for Gears of War, Forza, Halo 5, and Fable but okay #1
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Streaming from Console to your PC
Cloud Destruction
Appear Offline
External HD Support
Backwards Compatibility
more voice commands
Change Gamertag
Unlimited Cloud Saves
Achievement tracker
DVR #1.1.4
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His credentials:
Game Developer
Built a game
Is using UE4 & DX12

Your credentials:
Posted on N4g #1.2.1
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Exactly! I also love how my cereal brand cares so much about me. Just the other day, Captain Crunch made a cut-out on the back of the box that allowed me to pretend i'm a captain. Was so freakin sweet. Love these guys #1.1.4
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'Grow Home isn't even an indie!'

https://gyazo.com/ab25bcf2f... #5.1
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And if they would hae announced it was for SP, then there would be 100 articles flaming them for making the SP require an online connection.

You just can't please everyone. #8.1
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Oh great, more of these comments from people who weren't asked to click on the article. Sigh. #5.1.1
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On your bill, do you pay for it? #2.3
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I'll take your CEO article and raise you the architect http://www.dualshockers.com... #3.1
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"BC does nothing for the person who never owned a 360."

All future GwG games are BC. Meaning XBO owners now get 4 free games a month.

Buy R6 Seige. Get RS:Vegas & Vegas 2
Buy Fallout 4: Get Fallout 3
Buy Just Cause 3: Get Just Cause 2.

Not sure it does nothing for people who never owned a 360 #3.5.2
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