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Hitler didn't kill himself. It was a fairy tale told to make the allies feel good. I suggest watching Hunting Hitler on the History channel

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It's cool to place someone on a pedestal who kills themselves? Nope. I feel for his family. They are the ones truly hurt by his selfish actions

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DayZ is the last dev on earth that should criticize another dev for early access f*k ups

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There are a lot of things to be proud of in life. Who you are attracted to sexually isn't one of them

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It's in the game they claimed was historically accurate

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When they revealed the game they repeated historically accurate more times than I could count. Then they turn around & remove Nazi symbols & place black women as Nazi soldiers. Sorry, but that isn't historically accurate. Don't try to claim it is if it isn't

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Not even close. That's embarrassing for such a legendary series in GT. Forza team are the clear leaders in racing now

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Mordor would have had 4K assets already because it (like most games) was developed on PC

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Phil Spencer came out right after the E3 presentation & flat out said that Xbox Launch exclusive meant it was simply launching on Xbox first & would come to other platforms later.

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This article is gonna be retarded, but can it be intelligent

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It's true fanboys will pick even the most retarded arguments as long as there is an opportunity to bash Microsoft

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How can Microsoft be holding back something that isn't popular? lol

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So it's clear you didn't actually watch the video huh?

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Headline is misleading. He doesn't say it doesn't happen. He said he's not going to go into details about clauses and he says he doesn't have knowledge of it.

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Yes, it was a 3rd party. Even Ars says that in their article. Sorry it doesn't fit what you WANT to believe

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"Don't understand how people can misinterpret those numbers"....then proceeds to misinterpret the numbers.
Microsoft said Ars was using shady 3rd party data that wasn't complete.
You can go look at the most played games every week. Go right now, and you'll find multiple BC games on the list. Including the top 10.

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Gays 1990: We want tolerance
Gays 2007: We want equality
Gays 2017: Bake my F**king CAKE Bigot!

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