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Kotaku is happy when a womans body is fully covered.

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Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves, State of Decay, Cuphead, Dead Rising, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Recore, Ryse, Cities Skylines, Phantom Dust, Voodoo Vince....great journalism!

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He's added 30K subscribers just today. He will continue to be successful. The media will continue down their path of self inflicted fake news destruction and still be irrelevant.

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'Why the media is so mad to be losing the fight' - there, fixed it for you. The MSM is pissed cause they don't control the narrative anymore thanks to people like pewdiepie. They're so desperate to claim he's losing, yet he's only gained thousands more subs since this fake news scandal. And thanks to social media, the lid has been blown off showing how the media took his videos out of context. F the Fake News MSM

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You can tell the author is REALLY butt hurt cause of PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP! Lmao

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^ Joined the site 13mins ago

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Yes...Yes it is

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Nvidia has been doing just fine without consoles

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So they're upset you can't mix men and women in game....even tho its also not allowed IRL. I know this is hard for SJW's to understand, but men & women are not equal but very different biologically speaking. A woman cannot match the power of the strongest man. A woman can not match the speed of the fastest man. Facts & science bruh

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So I understand now.....he wasn't detained. He wasn't deported. He's still on American soil, he just figures this is the only way to gain attention. Got it. Just another round of let's play the victim card

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He's only doing it to appease the snowflakes. 95% of the population don't care about why there's a sexy character on screen. Nor do i need to know the backstory of every sexy dressed girl i see on the street. I'm glad he's not backing down and still intends to create the art he wants

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Stopped watching when at #9 they say it's really a list of things they don't know either

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I never expected this sort of language from the CEO...

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Look at all the concern trolls in the comments lol

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I didn't realize she's a developer. I thought her profession was professional victim.
Her slogan will be I'm with Xer

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Where is the rankings for best places to work for straight people?

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You're here every them what they want lol

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@Rimeskeem i'm assuming you still haven't figured out where it shows you who submitted articles lmao. btfo

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Ahh you have a list I can check out to see who is welcomed in gaming?

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