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why is this gaming news?

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Media is now calling detailed graphics absurd

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It really is. When women say they don't feel offended by stuff like this over there, I see tons of people telling those women that they aren't representative of all women. But if you are offended, then somehow you are an authority figure on's like the twilight zone haha

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"We need more realistic graphics in games. And we need equal representation for women"
Okay, we've added a distinguishing characteristic of women in our game - since we've got a buldge for men as well & ht...

Terrible level design, boring gameplay, no multiplayer like past games. Yaaaaaaaasssss

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Best combo is Switch+PC imo

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Article complains about people trying to shock or capitalize on others successes. Uses boobs as a promo.

Then talks about something entirely different the rest of the article. The irony is off the charts

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It's only cause $h!t hit the fan before reviews were in. The outrage across the board was already there. Had gamers not spoken up, it would be like every other game full of microtransactions. They woulda gave it a high score and then after gamers bitched, they woulda posted up articles after the fact alluding to now that they've spent more time with the game they can see problems with it. Any site giving this a high score is gonna get dogged on.

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Youtube telling other people they can do better for their content creators. Hypocrisy is off the charts

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practically every game I buy isn't finished and continuously gets patched. They just call it finished so they can throw it out the door and start making money

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You don't even know what happened. The guy handed over all his text messages to HR and HR determined she was as much in the wrong as he was. I've seen plenty of people getting caught flirting and then try to play the victim at work just so their spouses don't find out how slutty they really are. two sides to every story.

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Go get REAL help! Something majorly wrong if a video game keeps you from killing yourself. Need to rethink your life and your priorities

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terrible pop-in, terrible driving mechanics, terrible story. I was planning on buying it before i actually played it. Thank goodness for ea access. It saved me $60 on this trash

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my gaming pc has already paid for itself and made me money. you can have your pc mine cryptocurrencies while your not using it

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Yeah coz who the quarter back is dicking is sooooo important

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cutscenes are way too long so far for my liking. and some of the level design is atrocious. bit boring. I'm struggling to keep playing it at this point.

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So Neogaf going offline wasn't video game related but a new forum going up is video game related....hmmmm

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