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Your male guilt isn't a good indicator of right or wrong either

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Yeah, cause look how the franchise just completely died /s

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Can't play on a lot of servers if you pirate.
All my keys from G2A have been legit and i love it. Do these people not realize they are simply advertising and sending more people their way? So many good deals right now on the site

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The title of the article is more outrageous than its contents. Clicks who take the bait will be disappointed.

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The consoles are becoming PC-ish, not the other way around

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I've noticed the snowflakes like to call everyone who disagrees with them bigots, racists, xenophobes etc.

If you haven't noticed, it's not working

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Look at all the fear mongering in here....
Globalism sucks. Screw the New World Order.
Congrats Brits on your Independence Day!

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I love G2A, and never had one bad experience with them. Where I get XBL cards and PC games that make steam sales look like a joke. Overpay if you want, but i'll never stop using these types of sites.

I do enjoy how the media acts as if every transaction on these sites is illegal, with absolutely no proof to back it up. Tons of people buy in bulk and will sell keys on a ebay like market to get rid of stock. Some people get gifts they don't want or humble bundle c...

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why are we still getting these stories? Yoshida said days ago everything shown was running on PS4

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They make it much easier on my wallet to buy the games I love. Been using them for yrs and not had one bad experience. Great prices for games & XBL/PSN subscriptions. I can see where some people might be a bit salty for overpaying for everything :)

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"In Development" was almost the name of Sony's entire show

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Not really considering the new tech coming out where really cheap GPU's are starting to outperform $1K ones. New CPU tech on the horizon with Zen from AMD also that should be consumer friendly. There's a reason why PS4 & Xbox are taking advantage of this jump. High end gaming has never been cheaper.

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Buy now for Xbox, as in Xbox the Service possibly (Console & PC)

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Yeah, i mean we never see other companies using games like Destiny, Battlefront, or calling themselves the home of Call of Doody

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Gran Turismo has went down hill

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Obvious most people here have never read about the many issues with Crossfire and how few games support it. But keep acting like this is the greatest thing ever lol

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Nothing flew over my head. Not buyin 4 cards to perform the equivalent of 2 high end cards. That appears to have flown over your head.

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i'll be getting the $600 version that'll be better than the founders card.

Would rather SLI 2 high end cards than running 2 lower end cards to meet 1 for me personally anyways

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Breaking News at 11.
2 Cards beat 1 card

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Both Destiny & Division broke records & both still have a large community

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