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Stopped watching when at #9 they say it's really a list of things they don't know either

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I never expected this sort of language from the CEO...

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Look at all the concern trolls in the comments lol

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I didn't realize she's a developer. I thought her profession was professional victim.
Her slogan will be I'm with Xer

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Where is the rankings for best places to work for straight people?

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You're here every them what they want lol

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@Rimeskeem i'm assuming you still haven't figured out where it shows you who submitted articles lmao. btfo

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Ahh you have a list I can check out to see who is welcomed in gaming?

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In the process? Where have you died weeks ago

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I believe it's explicable. Just look at their holiday lineup.

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Opinions are like buttholes...everyones got one

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"Should fans be allowed to freely vent, or is there a point at which it's best to shut it all down?"

Free Venting = ALWAYS

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more crap that gamers don't care about. Shocking

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Just like everything with fanboys, they know how to downplay an issue by proclaiming they didn't experience it

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Progressive is the new Regressive. Thought control bigotry

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Look at all the bigotry towards anyone in the industry who is voting Trump. Pure fascism. The radical left is everything they call everyone else who disagrees with them. They love to "Project"

Just one example of the hypocrisy. Wall with Mexico. Who voted for wall with Mexico? It was CLINTON.

It's depiction of 30fps is the real travesty

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Until I can use a PS4 like a PC, then the lines are still very distinct

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