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XBL is already fixed it appears https://downdetector.com/st...

However, PSN appears to be down. https://downdetector.com/st... #2
Alienware Alpha #1.1
2015...yes #2.1
Most of the reviews giving it a 1 on metacritic were from users who hadn't ever made a review before. The game certainly wasn't as bad as what many made it out to be. I enjoyed it - looking forward to a sequel. My only complaint was the number of enemies that looked all the same. They build a lil something more like mordors fighting - leave the QTEs as optional for death kills - gonna be a good game. #4.1

My original link messed up - looks like parts of it have already been edited. Some of it was word for word earlier #1.1
Did you really just take a neogaf post and make a review?

At least try to mix up the words a lil


Maybe you're the same person?? #1
500+ are working on Destiny http://www.gamespot.com/art... #1.5
I've actually seen countless posts in the comments from people who 'claimed' they were returning their Sony products for Christmas and would refuse to buy any anytime soon.

Been a PR nightmare for Sony. Took them forever to acknowledge something was wrong. The leaks were embarrassing, but then they pulled the movie (even though there were still theater chains wanting to show it) - - then stated they had no intention of releasing the film on any platform. Then... #1.1
I'm thankful Bungie isn't making this one after playing Destinys MP. Beta has put my mind at ease on 343 & H5. Hope they don't change anything as far as the gameplay at this point. #1.1
Agreed - Just look at them Investing $2.5 Billion on Minecraft alone... pretty obvious they are gonna jump out of the gaming business soon. I bet Nadella didn't even know they were putting Xbox's on sale in Nov. He gonna be pissed when he finds out

/s #1.2.2
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Should have added- I never pay full price - I buy up XBL 12mon cards in bulk when they go on sale for $30 #5.1
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Hardly download the free games. Not really interested in most of them. If I wanna get a game, i'll get it when it's released.

I do feel the service is worth it. You're paying for the secure stable connection with added features and long term support. And they always continue to update and innovate by adding new content http://i.kinja-img.com/gaw... #5
Just tried it and showing $399 for me :(

I woulda got my parents one for that price - they don't even game, but I know they'd like the media features.

My dad currently has a PS3 just as a media hub #1
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I was on Skype last night on my laptop while gaming on the X1 and noticed my Skype sent me a notification saying someone had invited me to a party on X1.

I'm usually recording so I have notifications off usually - but I looked, and sure enough one of my friends on Skype had sent an invite.

Is this something new with the latest Skype update? Anyone else noticed this? Or has this always been here and I just not realized it #3
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Microsoft PC Windows.... #4
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He never said it would double the power. He explained that both the XB1 & PC use primarily one core currently to do most of the work - and DX12 spreads that out so that now you are using multiple cores that are still talking to the GPU.

He said "If my game can have multiple threads talk to the GPU and get jobs going in parallel my game is faster."

If i'm wrong, please correct me. Everyone knows hardware can't be upgraded - we're tal... #3.2
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"Next time you watch Jurassic Park or Phantom Menace, please realize that the CGI in those movies can be done in real-time today. However, most graphics engines in games still render scenes very differently than in movies. That’s because it’s only recently been possible to create real-world fidelity in real-time. But a modern machine with DirectX 12 (or Mantle) could do real-time visuals in a game that is as good as you would get in say Lord of the Rings."

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Quick note on your CG Graphics - that article is from 2009

Here is a quote from 3 days ago - Brad Wardell - who is using DX12 as a developer

DirectX 12, the work gets split up.

Bottom line: In DirectX 11 this frame took almost 9ms to render. In DirectX 12, it took about 4ms. Now, how much real world improvement you get depends heavily on both the developer and the game. But the reason we’re all getting so excited is that DirectX 12 should... #3.2.1
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Thanks! #3.1.1
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