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Lol Charts.

But still, if that PS4:One Ratio is anywhere near close, its brutal.

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Eh. He say's it's to make the gameplay better, I say wait until the game is out. If the gameplay tanks hard, he's a crappy creative director making bad excuses. If the game plays like awesome sauce, he made the right call. 99% of people on these forums don't know shit anyway.

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Jesus Christ. Japan went full retard...

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Urgh. Why? Assassins Creed animations have always seemed jerky and unnatural to me.

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Titanfall feels unfinished. Gameplay just doesn't grab me. Feels like a FTP shooter as far as graphics, gunplay, map design and variety goes. Minus the mechs and wall running and you basically have a full priced Blacklight Retribution.

Also, screen tearing deserves a special mention.

As do the pilot animations.

If they are going to make a sequel, They need to make each aspect of the gameplay strong enough to stand on its own.

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Oh come on. It's based on comic boo super heroes. They have to retcon cole back alive just to retain authenticity.

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"the Playstation has never had any killer exclusives"

Yeah - Not clicking this link...

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respect has to be earned.

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I really hope that the games media doesn't blow smoke up this game ass like they did with colonial marines. They need to be hard on this game so the dev knows they can't pull the same shit GB pulled.

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Refusing to get hyped. Cant do it to myself again.

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Time will tell...

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We've seen good demos before.

This game doesn't get hype until its released, and it's good.

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Oh look - Hyperbole over and Aliens Game.

Once bitten and all that jazz.

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No shit….

To think we'd be getting hyped is to consider us to be fucking idiots.

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Drink every time some one says "4K"...

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Would love to see an adult only section of twitch...

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You. Are. Awesome.

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I thought they were delaying apps and stuff?

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It's not Sonys fault that you couldn't think ahead enough to pre-order a console. Like, you know, 3 million other people did.

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"Every scenario the PS4 can do, the Xbox can also do."


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