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To make sure people don't think it's a girly game, just because of its Theme.

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That explains why the Xbox One got delayed until 2014 over here.

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I see you don't know what "AAA games" means.
Let me explain it then.

AAA games are games created by big Teams, usually more than 20 people.
It doesn't matter if it's good or not.

Indie games are games created by small Teams, usually less than 10 people.
Just like with AAA games, it doesn't matter if it's good or not.

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So what?
SNES-like Graphics are fun to create, easy to make, and more mature gamers love them!
Just give PS4 and Xbox One Graphics a rest, these are the type of Graphics the younger gamers love, plus they take forever to create, if you want to do it right.

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That's what they said 10 years ago.

At the moment, people don't buy a Next-Gen Console/Handheld, because:
3DS: "3D makes my eyes hurt".
Vita: "No games".
Wii U: "No games neither".
PS4: "To expensive".
XOne: "To expensive + To restrictive".

In addition, they neither buy a PS Vita, because it looks exactly like a PSP, which make them think it's the same thing....

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The "Nintendo DS" Tag is incorrect, should be "Nintendo 3DS".
It's strange nobody Reported it at all.

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Nice, you even ignored my question.
Nice, you even ignored pyramidshead's point.

If you want to play Snake, get a Nokia 3310, but that's not even close to the qualities Indie Developers usually provide.
Indie Developers are very creative people, and that's for a reason.
We take very risky paths, which leads us to successes at the end of these paths.
AAA Developers always tend to stay on one path, the familiar path.
Of course...

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What's wrong with having Indie games on a Console?

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I have an RT and Pro, and I prefer the Surface Pro for doing my work, it's my first Tablet I can actually get my work done.
I also like using the Surface RT if I'm home, for some more casual usage.

Both can beat the iPad and Android Tablets easily, now only the sales need to go up.

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Microsoft seems to do anything to recover the bad reputation of the Xbox One.
Even then, it won't really push me over the line, as everyone will be able to create Xbox One games, meaning there's no exclusivity for actual Developers anymore.

Overall an excellent move, but still not enough for me to care about the platform.

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Hey, I'm a Wii U and 3DS Game Developer too!
Nintendo themselves are actively Updating the Wii U all the time behind the scenes, but these are irrelevant to gamers.
Me being an Indie Game Developer with a Team of 2 people (including myself), we're very dependent on the Unity3D Platform.
We'd be pleased to release something on the Wii U already, but Unity3D is still in Beta, and Nintendo doesn't accept any submissions made with Unity3D, as long as it rem...

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That's the line-up that was supposed to happen a half year ago already.
No insult towards the Wii U, but if Nintendo could release a couple of these games before, I'm absolutely sure all of those bad sales won't happen, and EA not making games for it wouldn't even happen.

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I'm an Indie 3DS and Wii U Developer, but I agree and disagree.
Agree, because most Indie games are on Mobile Phones, and fingers covering a part of the screen really doesn't work.
Disagree, because if an Indie Developer does it right, even on Mobile Phones, they're simply the most awesome games you should ever be playing.
Really, I rather play a smaller game that's so weird that it's awesome, than play a big game that's the exact same, standard...

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As a licensed Game Developer, I can say, many Developers don't take the effort of using the GamePad the way it was designed for.
So far, most games either duplicate the TV on it, or use it as a bigger MiniMap, while the GamePad is capable of doing way more.
I admit, our upcoming game uses more advantage of the GamePad, but it's not to much of the revolution, for now.

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I would like to see any Mario Kart Arcade game at all, here in Europe, at least once.

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That 'girl' you are talking about is a man.
And he's just a bit fat, that's all.

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It's about time!

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Is this game made by a Dutch company, by any chance?
I mean, "reus" is Dutch for "giant", so it should make sense.

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"bitches" ~ How disrespectful!

I, as a fellow female gamer, find it actually disturbing to see how the average male character is a 'normal' hero, while the average female character is either a helpless whore, or a slut with enormous tits.

Developers don't really have much disciplines to us, sometimes.

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I have New Super Mario Bros. 2 already.
The gameplay is awesome, but the overall concept has way to much similarities to the previous 2 NSMB games, and there's a lack of true challenge, compared to the Wii Version.

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