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Trying to make the Xbox conference look better I see? Sony and Microsoft showed some great exclusives but obviously Microsfot counted it for us, they had 13 exclusives showned. Sony showed I don't how many but more exclusives were for PS3 than 360, and around the same amount of exclusives for the next gen consoles (Not including PS4 indie titles, there were ALOT!)
Sony's sports and TV weren't nearly as long as from Xbox one's reveal. PS+ has always been a great value s...

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PS+ is for 50 dollars if that makes you feel better. Paying to play online multiplayer ect. was the ONLY disappointment of the conference. But I've been on PS+ for some time now so it doesn't affect me. But if PS+ service lacks years from now cause of this, I'll be sad.

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I feel the same way.

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I've been a loyal PS+ member since launch and I seen more value than Xbox Live but now lets see. They seem to be equal but still PS+ gives you more freedom with other apps and discounts and such. But it's good that Gold members will get "Free" games every month. PS+ is still a better value. But it does sucks that it's mandatory to pay to play online on PS4.

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I knew that it did not benefit consumers. But just having real currencies are better.

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Playstation and Nintendo gamer here; I really enjoyed what was shown at the show! Great games. But 500 dollars is a bit pricey and all those restrictions the Xbox One has makes it not a buy for me.

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I like how there was no reaction when they said AC2 lol!

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I've always never understood the point system.

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Finally! I've always wanted more bubbles! :P

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Whoo, Bring it! E3!!!

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This game was a part of my childhood! I would like a sequel similar to that type of gameplay!

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Well that's good for me. I wanted the White one but I didn't want the basic model. I'm kinda picky on console colors. :P

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I rather have Nintendo directs. Have you seen their E3 conference during E3 2009? They talk too much about family games and statistics of their sales and stuff. Nintendo direct shows what we like, the games we care about!

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Don't forget Sports and of course, Call of Duty!

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IMO it's the worst out of all the God of Wars. All God of war games are good but although Acsension looked beautiful and had some pretty awesome boss battles, it has the weakest story than the others.

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I'm buying from GameStop.

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God of War: Ascension did that, focus on multiplayer first! Ithink most people wanted to hear about the single player more than the multiplayer especially from a series sequel know for brilliant single player experiences!

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There is only one game I'm getting for this month for sure, and it rhymes with Bra Blast Ba Brus.

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ND games are all about the SP AND the MP since Uncharted 2!

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