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People wouldn't have known anything if you guys didn't say anything! ;)

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What a nightmare, I can't log in because I cannot click the "Member sign in" button. :(

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Like some people said above it's rated M for mature. So it's appropriate. It was only a sex CHAT hotline, it could have been worse..

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I'm not a big fan of FPS but I will get Bioshock Infinite for the story! I played the 60 minute trial and the only bad thing was the gameplay, just didn't enjoy it that's all.

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Were you born today?

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Entitled snowflake? Never heard of that better read and find out!

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My favorite game coming 2014!

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I have both a 3DS and Vita.

Pokemon and Tearaway FTW!

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I don't know, I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. It's a nice app, but I dislike Toro. :P

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I am hoping for Uncharted 4. Mario made his debut on the Wii U, I want Nathan Drakes debut on the PS4. Or Sackboy I don't care really which one. How about both, a man can dream...All men dream, but not equally.

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The violence was appropriate in this game unlike many of mature games out there in recent years.

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The only one I didn't like was the Frank Woods one. But the rest was pretty funny. :)

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My launch games would be Killzone and Knack. No second controller needed in that time.

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Especially when you need Kinect plugged in for the console to work a all times...

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That looks real to me! November 13th here we come! *Enters time machine*

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No. All before this people said they are getting the system just for only Killer Instinct, really. Now see the policies are less severe so now suddenly the One is now the best? No it's not because the PS4 has still way more pros than the One.

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Why hasn't anybody said anything about the Wii?! That thing looked sexy! Sexy on the outside, ugly on the inside. :P

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Don't we all want a mini mansion?

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PS4>WiiU>XBOne.I may not once again, not buy an XBox.

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His voicing of Joel in The Last of Us was brilliant! This guy is great!

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