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Can you explain why Microsoft was one of the listed publishers?

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I've never owned any of their games but I always had a slight interest on getting those games.

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Yeah so that girl with the blue hair was in any of their past games?

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It might be a Microsoft exclusive unfortunately.

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Well it says Microsoft as a publisher but none of their past games was exclusive to Microsoft's platform so I'm guessing their new game might be exclusive to 360 or One.

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So Kirby's Epic Yarn wasn't a risk? Kid Icarus wasn't a risk. Really open your mind man!

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Your grammar, it is horrible...

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I wasn't impressed by the demo. I just seem to think it feels a lot like GT5.

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This game is sounding out to be a good fun.

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I only got 3 other games this year other than The Last of Us. Naruto Storm 3,God of War Ascension, and Luigi's Mansion dark moon. Hard choice since Last of Us easily topped all three of the runner ups.

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@soldierone So would you like them to go back to the even worse green greatest hits from the PSOne days? :P

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Although I love the DS controller, I agree that the triggers could have been better.

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No my flash wasn't working for some reason. I can login everywhere else except my laptop. :/

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People wouldn't have known anything if you guys didn't say anything! ;)

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What a nightmare, I can't log in because I cannot click the "Member sign in" button. :(

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Like some people said above it's rated M for mature. So it's appropriate. It was only a sex CHAT hotline, it could have been worse..

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I'm not a big fan of FPS but I will get Bioshock Infinite for the story! I played the 60 minute trial and the only bad thing was the gameplay, just didn't enjoy it that's all.

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Were you born today?

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Entitled snowflake? Never heard of that better read and find out!

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My favorite game coming 2014!

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