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That and the Mantis Drone!

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This list is almost completely accurate to if I made this very list. I played the 3rd generation the most though.

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This is just the beginning. Nintendo had the 3DS wrong too right? haha

I love Nintendo.

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I was talking about the anime not the manga. I just rad the latest chapter, I know how this would play out now. :)

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This service and many great exclusives will be the powerful drivingforce for the next Playstation.

There's a reason there's way more hype for the next Playstation than the next Xbox. But both are really anticipated!

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Couldn't wait another day to released this couldn't you Sony. XD

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Coincidently they released this around the same time when the battle against these Kages in the anime.

But wow @how many selectable characters!

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I don't know, I expected to see more game for some reason.

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Day one of Plus: I bought PS plus ASAP when the store updated. There was a fat princess avatar free. What I decided to do is to put that avatar as my new avatar to go right next to my PS+ symbol. It symbolize one thing.

PS+ Spoils You! :P

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I'm a little over a quarter million. Consider myself obsessed over getting one million coins. But this seems to be only for Australians right?

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Most of us learned that the hard way. Uncharted 3 season pass was alright but also disappointing. :(

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Crysis 3 beta and Ninga Gaiden Sigma for Vita!

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I know! If that is a true screenshot me gaming on consoles was a messed up blur!

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And it begins..

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Come on, I like that Merchant from RE4.

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Yoshi Yarn, I wanted to see more of that yarn concept.

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I only know Vectorman. Sadly forgotten. I had the Sega Genesis collection and that game was my favorite over all those 40 titles!

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I've been a Plus supporter since day one, I like that service since day one as well.

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Even when there was an easter egg in Uncharted 3 clueing The Last of Us doesn't entirely indicate that it's in the same universe.

Oddly enough, I see it possibly the biggest mindf**k in gaming history.

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He did enough research that showed it's more likely Uncharted related actually. before the "hush hush" tweet he said he promises to keep the Uncharted fans posted so that tweet he later posted was the only way he could post anything about Uncharted by calling it a :project".

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