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My bad it was Half Life was the original GOTY. :P

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Such a great sale! I may pick one of these up.

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Yeah since Uncharted 2 started that trend (I think.)
Everyone wants to not call it anything but "GOTY edition"

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I prefer Sony's lineup aswell it helps that I love my PS3 because of it's awesome games. You know that there is ND's other team working on a game since around late 2011? So around this time we may see a new game atleast announced this year.

You see that Media Molecule is working on a PSVita and PS4 title right now but we should be sure that they will not speak about it till after Tearaway is released.

It's all about timing I suppose.

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This was the most interesting title That was announced for the Vita. I might check this one out!

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I'll be scared seeing her walking about...

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Although I'm inching The Last of Us or Uncharted 2 to be it but I can say inFAMOUS 2 is the best game I have played on the PS3.

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Looks good. But I'm getting the PS+ edition. ;)

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Nintendo needs to redeem themselves and make a new Super Mario Bros. movie! :)

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SP always utilize every button and controller features on the inFAMOUS games. Heck they even made you used six-axis and had Move optional on inFAMOUS 2. inFamous series is great.

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Playstation 4 although it does have it's negatives they are rally minor to me. Xbox One has gone better since it's reveal, I may get one in a couple of years. PS4 on launch, and Wii U at the right moment. :)

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I'm getting a PS4 with shadow fall and Knack with a Blue controller. And don't forget the charging station. Sucking me dry Sony, good job!

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R* is the best. I'm going to be amaze.

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And then get your money back.

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I was playing Grand theft Auto since I was 11. I'm now 19 and I'm doing fine. :P

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Congrats, you won!
I always figured the PS4 would release around mid-November so this date didn't surprised me now I'm pumped! :D

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I'll be playing Mincraft for the second time ever on PS4 just saying.

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Haha there is Pokemon Rumble U!
Yeah I don't think it's funny now that I thought about it...

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That day, Garfield would stop hating Mondays!

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Sorry I meant the XL

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