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I expected a few more new Pokemon like legendaries and a litle bit more mega-evolves. This is legit but not complete and WTF @Mega-Gtarados!

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Yeah but grass/Dark, fire/psychic, and water fighting would have been neat but looking at chespin's first evolution. it wasn't looking to be dark lol

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Yeah it does silly
Do you get it now?

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Yeah I can name around ten from gen 1 2 3

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I've always hated the fact every time someone would look at my trophies they'll see a game I hated. So hiding the games would make myself feel better in a way. :P

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Well this game will maybe not be day one for me now.

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Hey, why hate? In his defense he may had too many games to play to get onto playing that game. :P

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After watching it two more times that part was especially funny!

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Well doesn't matter, I used to have an Ipad so and it didn't have much good games at all. I have all those decent games on my Vita. I use my phone as a phone. :P

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Man that was so unexpecting. I didn't think it was funny but it was fun to watch if that made sense. We all know by seing that seen what the actual alt ending would have been like. It's good that they surprised us with this unusual improvisation instead! :D

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It's my birthday too...

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Sorry I'm guilty of it. That Doughnut Drake though...
The skin wasn't rare, it was actually the other half of the set of treasures to collect to unlock him.
The thing is that they never put in micro transactions until around a year later from released. That feeling of that special item turning into something that you can actually then buy for $1 is beyond frustrating so I understand.

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I don't know about this. but the lack of games on my Windows phone and having a Vita and 3DS tells me gaming handhelds are her to stay!

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A few people didn't fully understand my first comment. I'm not one of those people who buys everything instead of actually earning the stuff. I do understand the frustration of it. I just gave an example on what's positive about it, guess there's nothing good about it on the response I've gotten...

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Oh ok. So did you ever played Uncharted 3 multiplayer? some treasure sets are near impossible to get. I played that Coop mission over 30 times and hadn't gotten the treasure I needed to unlock it. I took offense to "your kind" really what's my kind? tell me buddy. I've earned a lot on that multiplayer. Only buying a few items would make me a cheater or something?

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Possibly, but the majority (including myself)would say GTAV is the best game of September easily.

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It doesn't bother me. It happened to Uncharted 3 multiplyer. I liked it because I earned about everything I wanted but then there was the very very rare and hard to get Doughnut Drake skin. So I bought it with cash. With that micro-transaction, it help made my experience more enjoyable and less frustrating.

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This game brought me out of my 4 year Pokemon hiatus. Simply put.

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*FACEPALM* Really I like Pokemon Stadium but it's nothing compared to the main series.

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Really!? I guess my taste are different. I love that they gave out Runner 2, Rayman origins for Vita and Saints Row 3 for the US. I only would like AC3 from EU right now.

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