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Yeah the game sounded pretty alright but then the review gave out an ugly number like that? Why no give it a 6? It sounded like a 7 to me. But overall scores are silly and we should judge it ourselves by evaluating what we hear, read, and play.

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I survived by whacking a group of 2 runners and 1 clicker with a pipe. It was intense and frightening!

I had those fungus heads running in circles lol.

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Yes also that person made music from the Mario & Luigi games! I love the music in that series!

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Well so the Super Mario Bros 3 game I played as a kid was the japanese version? The suits flew off in my version just like the Japanese version. That's odd, love this video though!

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It's a nice fan made website. That logo is fan made , but it's easy guessing that something maybe related to a new naruto game.

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I would like to see something new. Super Mario Sunshine was a fresh approach and I hope we might see something like it. But the last 3D Mario game was brilliant so I won't mind seeing that as a base for a Wii U version of it. (super Mario 3Dland)

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Oh Sh*t!

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What's weird is that remember the "720" teaser in the movie Reel Steel was all about? Was it just a joke after all?

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Good thing no "PC THA MASTA RACE!" people showed up to tell you otherwise.

Although the PC can produce superb graphics. I see that the PS3 has been showing some of the best quality games in the past few years. Ilove my PS3 because of that, cannot wait for the PS4!

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Not at all, hence why you got those pretty disagrees. :P

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Picture never gets old.

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I say that for the Wii U. It's going to get better for the system. But PS4 is going there with some momentum and I bet if it doesn't end up like 2005 E3 reveal of the PS3. Then it would be fantastic!

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"And the Xbox One will be hitting store shelves....Later this year." Stating the obvious much? -_-

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I wasn't impressed. None of that stuff appealed to me. TV, Sports, Halo, Kinect, Forza, and Call of Duty never got me on buying a 360. So how is that stuff going to make me buy a X1? Even the new IP's trailer didn't make sense at all. I like how you can switch stuff like a click of a finger and that 15 exclusives are coming through 2013-14 for X1 but I think I will never buy an Xbox in my life.

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This conference could be either Awesome, confusing or just out right disappointing. I'm looking forward to the outcome! :)

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@Crazay "Sadly this will be my last comment on this matter because this is a great conversation with no trash talk..."

What a Hypocrite! You know you are trash talking about the PS3 right?

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Anything from RARE! Kameo was fantastic!

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LOL MS Paint!

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That teaser confirmed that the PS4 game cases would look like this because in the end they tease something that is a blue line.

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