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Well that's good for me. I wanted the White one but I didn't want the basic model. I'm kinda picky on console colors. :P

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I rather have Nintendo directs. Have you seen their E3 conference during E3 2009? They talk too much about family games and statistics of their sales and stuff. Nintendo direct shows what we like, the games we care about!

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Don't forget Sports and of course, Call of Duty!

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IMO it's the worst out of all the God of Wars. All God of war games are good but although Acsension looked beautiful and had some pretty awesome boss battles, it has the weakest story than the others.

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I'm buying from GameStop.

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God of War: Ascension did that, focus on multiplayer first! Ithink most people wanted to hear about the single player more than the multiplayer especially from a series sequel know for brilliant single player experiences!

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There is only one game I'm getting for this month for sure, and it rhymes with Bra Blast Ba Brus.

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ND games are all about the SP AND the MP since Uncharted 2!

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Yeah the game sounded pretty alright but then the review gave out an ugly number like that? Why no give it a 6? It sounded like a 7 to me. But overall scores are silly and we should judge it ourselves by evaluating what we hear, read, and play.

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I survived by whacking a group of 2 runners and 1 clicker with a pipe. It was intense and frightening!

I had those fungus heads running in circles lol.

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Yes also that person made music from the Mario & Luigi games! I love the music in that series!

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Well so the Super Mario Bros 3 game I played as a kid was the japanese version? The suits flew off in my version just like the Japanese version. That's odd, love this video though!

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It's a nice fan made website. That logo is fan made , but it's easy guessing that something maybe related to a new naruto game.

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I would like to see something new. Super Mario Sunshine was a fresh approach and I hope we might see something like it. But the last 3D Mario game was brilliant so I won't mind seeing that as a base for a Wii U version of it. (super Mario 3Dland)

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Oh Sh*t!

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What's weird is that remember the "720" teaser in the movie Reel Steel was all about? Was it just a joke after all?

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Good thing no "PC THA MASTA RACE!" people showed up to tell you otherwise.

Although the PC can produce superb graphics. I see that the PS3 has been showing some of the best quality games in the past few years. Ilove my PS3 because of that, cannot wait for the PS4!

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Not at all, hence why you got those pretty disagrees. :P

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Picture never gets old.

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