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All the features on home should be on the XMB as well. I hate home, I think it looks awful and I don't like you have to load something up to do all these things. It should be on the XMB. I know many people like XMB but not everyone wants to go into home to experience party systems and game launching.

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Miyamoto is awesome and I felt bad for him when it was going wrong on stage. He really get's excited about his new games, and I have a lot of respect for him. I'm looking forward to this game, I know he'll ship only the best Zelda experience.

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I think their going to save that for their next generation of consoles when more HD sets are the norm in households. I really don't think they need it, even with Sony and Microsoft getting their very own motion controls on their HD consoles I feel like Nintendo's Wii is safe because the casual market think's of the Wii when they think of motion, and the casual market most likely doesn't care about HD. Nintendo's smart and they really had a great E3 this year.

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I don't think it's the right time for it, maybe just maybe we'll hear about one at TGS, and then move will seem even more appealing to the casual market. Sony needs to save some more surprises for throughout the year!

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I really think it has potential, but I do feel like a lot of people are going to be like well what do I really get for this? Is it worth my $50. At the conference it seemed very vague and I do see people have typed out what we get, and it does seem very exciting.

I have both a PS3 and 360. I usually buy most of my online games for my 360 because the service with LIVE is really good. Things like party chat just make it worth it to me to pay for LIVE. Yes I need it to pl...

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but I cannot disagree with you more. I was pleasently surprised and I am very excited about what Nintendo showed. Very well done conference leaving me very excited! I have to say not having Cammy Dunway (however her names spelt) not there really improved the presentation. Lots of games announced which is what everyone really cares about, and they all for the most part look very fun! 3DS looks impressive, Kid Icarus looks very cool.

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I am moving out soon and will need to get a Wii for all the amazing titles coming out! This game was one of most favourite games ever on SNES. I am so excited! Metroid looks excellent too! 3DS blew me away too!

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I was not disappointed by microsoft, but I finished watching their conference yesterday just thinking "Oh that's neat, but where's all the games for the fans? I knew about halo, fable, and gears...". Then today I woke up really excited to see the Sony conference, and every year I watch the Nintendo one as well but not with any excitement... and just WOW. I am blown away! Nintendo listened, the conference was just amazing. The announcements have me feeling like a kid aga...

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The redesign looks fantastic, and I think they nailed showing off what they can do to compete with the Wii. I can't help but wish they had a few surprises for the core gamers near the end to really get me excited about my 360 console (other than Gears 3 and Halo Reach which looked like a lot of fun)

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I honestly did like the look of Kinect. I can see my family enjoying it, and I also can see myself really being happy with the use of it for watching movies and doing the voice commands. I just think it's pretty slick how that all works. I was underwhelmed that nothing really was presented for Kinect for the core gamers, but at the same time I don't know how much they can do for games that really do need a controller.

All in all I was impressed with their showing, ...

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Kojima is making a new sony MOVE game... COOKING MAMA

I kid! Hoping this turns out to be a really awesome game, haven't been disappointed yet by Kojima! Can't wait to find out more!

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I would love to see this done with the new cryengine! When I saw those tech demos of the new engine with the castle and it crumbling from being hit by catapults I was just like "OMFG they need to use this in the next elder scrolls or even fallout!" I just thinking it would look spectacular... mind you I really have no idea what their engine will look like on consoles I have high hopes. Also in the tech demo I remember seeing a character run through the woods I believe in third pe...

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I would want to see them do something like the movie "Blade Runner". I'd definitely would want them to wait for the next generation of consoles though, because it would be a lot more fun to possibly go inside every building, have tons of flying cars, and crazy environmental effects it would be amazing. If anyone could make a perfect open world game in a cyber punk atmosphere it would be Rockstar*.

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