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I think if you *actually* read the review then you could understand why it got the score it did. This is a quality example of this community putting an emphasis on the score rather than content of the review which completely defends the score.

I think if you had any idea on how we run the site you wouldn't make completely absurd accusations.

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Yes, we are just looking for hits. Give me a break. This particular reviewer didn't enjoy Crysis that much. Get over it.

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Seems fair. This title is really over-rated and should be an 8 tops.

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I think the whole title is garbage personally. Regret the purchase.

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Site should be up now. Sorry site is getting hammered.

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Not exactly traditional.

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Absolutely, in fact I was debating it the other day. When pieces of content are being locked then yeah, i'd say so.

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Bullshit. The video game industry is not strapping for cash. Even in these economic conditions people are buying games, so this whole online pass debate is such crap. Bottom line is customers are the only one's being hurt by this.

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Did you get kicked off a cliff also? If so, that was probably me XD

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People will always complain when they suck. If its not camping it's blindfire or something else. People ruined Uncharted 2's with stupid suggestions.

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Yeah, it's really bad.

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Yeah they also said we wouldn't be able to have PS2 games lol. If they can profit from it then the feature will be added.

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If Uncharted 2 wasn't released that year Batman: AA would have won GOTY.

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Please be true...

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The issue with the beta argument is that more and more the actual beta doesn't really differ much from the full release.

I think BF3 is really an over-glorified version of MOH. Tons of camping, tons of glitches, no destructibility.

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That's actually kinda funny.

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Honestly BF3 seems to retain the worst parts of Medal of Honor with the best of Bad Company 2. In short, it's a really mixed package with a high learning curve.

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Watch this go free-to-play after a few months.

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This would be so retarded. I'm sorry, but Sony hasn't added jack shit for features this year, and I happen to think that game-sharing is a great feature, whether intentional or not. What the hell are they doing in their online division.

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One of two things. Relaunch of Home (which is cool depending on all the new stuff they add), or some sort of upgrade to PSN.

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