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Just a thought I had. What if the BBC video was a clue itself. Is the developer located in the UK? Media Molecule perhaps?

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No love for Epic. TBH there's a good chance it's from Epic, especially since everyone thinks it isn't. Plays right into the "exclusive you won't believe".

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Look at Bethesoft's track record. It's horrible.

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Add me to that list.

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Bethesda still released a title knowing that this was an issue. Unless their QA department is that horrible.

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This game was so awesome at E3. Such a hidden gem.

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This was one of those games that I wasn't impressed with at E3. Doesn't help it froze twice.

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Looks at picture profile and general profile. Yeah, trolling. Looks like classic retardation right there.

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Eh, lame. Kinda really just caps off a sub-par year for PSN.

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Didn't I already explain part of that? I mean contrary to popular belief the Gamepro article actually explains several of the faults, though I don't agree with the launch line-up.

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Look at my profile. Come on man lol.

I'm talking about the PS Store in general. What's the point of making everything digital if you don't end up doing it in the end.

You can blame publishers and call me a retard or whatever, but ultimately Sony is responsible for getting content up on the store in a quick and efficient manner. Don't even get me started on the pricing issues.

I would be shocked if they fixed those issues, beca...

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One of the few people that actually agree with the GamePro article. Sony had the worst support for the PSPGo. If the store alone is any indicated the Vita is going to faceplant so hard.

Lots of really dumb decisions on Sony's part.

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Not saying that every category is awful, but there's some really bad ones. Bastion is definitely deserving.

Dragon Age 2 being up for RPG of the Year makes it so I can't take this list seriously.

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Complete biased filled list. Total garbage.

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The content within the review more than justifies the score.

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Yeah people still don't understand 7/10 is good.

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It also has the worst texture streaming. Ever.

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No it face-planted like every other MMO does. Unless your WOW, it's very difficult to justify $15. I'm just waiting for The Old Republic to stumble out of the gate as well.

Guild Wars had the best model IMO.

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Didn't find any sort of aiming issue, but there was some hit detection issues though.

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Alright well on the review, I think a lot of the reviewers (you?) problems with the game come down go their lack of understanding of how things work.

I didn't review this title, yet I would have given no more than a 6. I hate the logic you use. Most of us have been playing games for several years. It's not like Crysis specifically offers some sort of advanced gameplay setup. Fundamentally Crysis' stealth elements are broken. People have been so quick to put the b...

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