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These N4G comments always crack me up. The score indicates that it's an average title. You're putting to much emphasis on the score and not on the reasons why it received the score it did.

I'm more than willing to discuss in even more detail why I gave it that score. Then again you could always resort to name calling and childish antics.

Glad you guys have enjoyed the game, I on the other hand did not.

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The trolls are out in full force today.

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I think your missing the point of the article, obviously.

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Making an excuse for what? The sales of the Vita? Initially the 3DS didn't have fantastic sales. In fact it was the complete opposite. I'm not trying to argue that sales somehow equals quality. My remark only had to do with global trends in sales.

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"So thats why vita sales are a fraction of what the psp did at launch right? because thats what people want? NO they want unique handheld experiences like metal gear acid, or a new twisted metal, or a new darkstalkers, things you couldnt get anywhere else"

The global economy is a completely different beast right now. Different sales don't necessarily equate to what people want.

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Avast is the only software giving off this warning. I've literally ran 100 different scans.

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What virus software were you using? We recently got attacked and I was sure the issue was resolved. Providing any information can make sure this issue can get fixed.


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Not bad, but not great either.

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I'm sure those are in the works.

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The multiplayer demo was fun, despite the ridiculous amount of matchmaking issues for deathmatch.

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IGN should be the last one talking about cheap marketing tactics.

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Rather just wait for it to go free-to-play.

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I wasn't aware people were mad about the character being black. That's just silly.

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It's not a matter of people being racist. Putting rap in Twisted Metal is a horrible decision.

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Man this game is so much fun. Totally refreshing. The pace is a killer though.

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Really need to try that. Liked the demo.

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How is this not Metal Gear-ish? Doesn't anyone remember a quarter of the cutscenes. Remember Raiden stopping a god-damn boat with 1 arm?

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Yeah no way it's AGENT.

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They don't have to use the Unreal Engine.

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