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Ahhhhh yeah, looks awesome. Strong connection with the Soul series, based on the character designs. Hope this actually comes out on Vita, day 1 purchase.

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In b4 "your mom is a toy".

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I want this game O_O

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The only thing that was good about Heavenly Sword was the animation. The rest was mediocre at best, especially the story. Screw those Kai sections, seriously O_O.

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Gah, want this game, but screw Capcom.

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This doesn't confirm anything.

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"Unreal Engine, that is my point. It is cheap and that is why tons of devs are not taking risks and building their own. They need the money and the used games industry is not helping."

Yes investing in a cheaper engine leads to a lack of innovation. I guess sitting on a pile of cash stunts innovation.

So stupid.

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The gaming media needs to call one another on their facts and biased positions. And it's important to get the word out to as many people as possible in order to call attention to the almost constant barrage of anti-gamer and anti-consumer sentiment flooding out of virtually every major gaming news media outlet.

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120 degrees to 70 - Well played N4G, well played.

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The issue is Gamestop doesn't constitute the entire used game market. Your point misses the mark horribly.

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What's your point?

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I don't really see the issue. Gamers have been getting screwed by these online passes, and day one DLC. It's about time they struck back, and in force.

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Not exactly: http://theparanoidgamer.com...

Just another point of view.

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Just an example of other stuff we've done also this week: http://theparanoidgamer.com...

I think you'll find we've been very even covering every point of view.

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I think the whole indoctrination theory is hilarious because the people who cling to that horribly inconclusive theory are indoctrinated themselves. Oh the irony.

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Yes after they realized they couldnt sweep all the issues under the rug.

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Yes, Bioware mods deleting and editing people's opinions on the forums sounds like a constructive way to handle the fans expectations. There's nothing constructive coming from Bioware hence the fan backlash.

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Bethesda and Fallout 3 is a great example of positive change that can happen as a result of fan feedback.

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Great job piggy backing.

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