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There will be more streaming today in an hour.

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I think most of you guys are wrong. Those would have been squeezed into a press conference of some sort. If it's rumored to be in the UK. It would prob be a new Medievil game. It's a established franchise.

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I'm with that guy. Please for the love of god be Syphon Filter.

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This is almost a bigger disapointment then them cutting co-op out. Epic fail

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Odd no Red Faction MP demo

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Can we just move on to new IP's. I think crackdown would be good to stay without a sequel.

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Okay Fable 2 and Mass Effect 2. That would most definently be a fair trade.

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And since the PS3 is dying for some decent RPG's it's a fair trade

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Sure you just give us Mass Effect 2 and you can have MGS4 =)

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Mass Effect was a very buggy unfinished product. The side planets sucked. There was no bartering basically. There was so much wrong with the game. I hate it and love it at the same time.

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This game is going to have way to much hype and fail. Not from a sales standpoint. A lot of fans are going to be getting more of the same and that's not good enough these days especially with sequels. I liked COD4 when I had my 360. But I believe Killzone 2 is a much better game and will be better then Modern Warfare 2. It all depends on taste. But my vote will most likely go with K2 for GOTY unless MAG or some other FPS blows me away.

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Good Impressions

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For live streaming of demo. www.justin.tv/ps3vault

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Okay say some of you were let down by this game. You don't review a game based on wether it was a letdown or not. No game can live up to the stupid hype it gets carried away with. Fantastic graphics, solid single player and one of the best MP offerings in any online shooter period. This game deserves at the very least a 8.5 or a 9. Depending on how harsh you want to be. This review is shameful.

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The graphics don't suffer that much. The game play looks fun. Not sure how it will feel. Need to make sure I get into that beta.

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I am honestly trying to figure out how Mass Effect didnt make this list. Almost everything the devs showed off wasn't in the game.

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Its not fanboyish. Its a rant against the games quality. I saw this thing on xplay talking about how Bethesda has a great fanbase. To bad they take a s*** on their chests. Seriously wtf. If you are not going to have a equal product across all platforms(not talking about DLC) dont make it multiplatform.

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Anyone who thinks this has to do completely with the DLC is stupid. Its the fact that PS3 owners got the shaft with the game itself. It was a terrible port. It froze several times, had huge game breaking glitches. They put out 1 patch that didnt even fix a quarter of the issues. I wont be buying another Bethesda game no matter how good it is rated. Bethesda charged the same amount for a game that definently wasn't equal. Thats what i am mad about and thats what everyone else should be mad abo...

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Damn this is some hot stuff. Wish there was gameplay. Like the music. Would love a translation

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More awesome concept art that will go to complete waste. I feel bad for the artists. If you look at the direction of the art and compare it to what the game will look like. It will be completely different. Same thing happened with the first. What a shame.

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