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I just got it and it is pretty slow to boot up and once I loaded it, it was very slow I messed with some settings and now it runs pretty smooth. Overall I'm fairly happy with windows 7.

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I have felt that Mass Effect 2 may be coming to the PS3 since E3 2009. When MS was talking about games that would only be appearing on the xbox, mass effect 2 was missing. People could argue that's it's not technically exclusive because it will be on PC most likely. However it seems strange that they would completely blow over Mass Effect during they're entire conference especially when the first one was such an important franchise for them.

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Can we just start a blacklist of really bad sites that don't deserve to be approved? If I see this site again I'm not going to approve it.

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Might as well put my prediction for sales. I think between 4-6 million.

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Yeah it's BS i tried it at least 10 times with different browsers, if they can't even get the website to function properly, good luck with the game.

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Oh god now xbox titles are getting judged like ps3 titles have been all of this gen.

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Yeah this whole argument is crap, my brother learned to read because he wanted to play a game haha.

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I like how cursing actually made his article much more effective.

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I see the potential for natal to work for fighting games, but for shooters it's pratically pointless, there's so much that goes into it that you need a controller. Natal will work good for fighting games like fight night and the sony wand will be able to do wonders with the RPG genre. The problem with natal is, there is always need for a controller.

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It would be nice to get some real confirmation, from a reliable source. *cough* Agent *cough*

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I think the better question is, who cares? Resident Evil 5 was terrible, or grossly average depending on how you want to look at it. I would prefer them to go back to their roots, but that's not going to happen.

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He should be really careful about what he says in regards to this. The whole point of Heavy Rain is to be an immersive story, that is very much blockbuster quality. He has been advertising the game like it's the next evolution in storytelling for games, something that will make it closer to movies. He is only hurting what he is trying to accomplish by saying stuff like that. Btw, Uncharted and i'm sure Uncharted 2 will have a story that rivals any movie out there.

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I know this is getting really annoying for me personally. Usually I would get little to no freezing before 3.0 and afterwards, Batman: AA,LBP,and some other game I can't remember. There is a lot more freezing, my ps3 is also a hell of a lot louder now. I suggest if your angry about this complete lack of testing and buggy firmware, you report it, especially if you think it breaks your console. http://www.bbb.org/
Is a good start in the U...

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This game is not overrated. The graphics are very well done along with the art style especially for a game that uses the unreal engine. There's a lot of browns and greens instead of different shades of gray. A very well done story, fantastic voice acting. The combat is balanced almost to perfection, providing a very low learning curve, but at the same time rewards more advanced players. The stealth game play isn't tacked on. I can't even begin to tell you how incredible the pacing is. Action,...

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They need to blame the state of Utah. Utah come on, really now.

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Where's Sony Bend on that list? Syphon Filter. I think Insomnaic deserves to be higher on that list. The level of quality titles they pump out in a short amount of time is nothing short of amazing.

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You gotta love how their language changed from the original article. Really pathetic way of getting traffic.

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As a future developer this kind of practice is disapointing but expected.

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Writing opinion pieces is fine,however, the point of this article is to flame bait. The level of hypocrisy in this article is ridiculous. This article shouldn't be approved. I agree with some of the comments above it's the same crap with a slightly different spin to it. I also have to comment on the sony needs activision more than activision needs sony. I'd love to see the huge losses activision would have if they cut support from the PS3,PSP, and still the PS2. These idiots writing articles...

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It's cool if you report news and speculate on rumors, however, it seems like all you do is make bogus news up, along with completely absurd rumors. The title is completely misleading and this article doesn't deserve to be approved, along with the ME2 article. I'll have to vote against your news posts until they actually report news.

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