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Expect LittleBigPlanet 3 in 2014. This should be revealed at Gamescom. I would bet money on it. Uncharted 4 will be announced at this years VGA show. That will be available November of next year as well. I have my sources :)

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I want this game so bad....Just a couple of hours, MUST RESIST!

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No point in pre-ordering unless it's for a niche title.

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People just need to live within their budget. Project management is essential.

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If people think Bioshock 2 is better than Infinite they need to get their head checked.

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Looks good but the music is horrible lol.

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Yes, their own blood.

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This isn't true. Testers depending on how the company is structured are the "Middle Men". They know all the BS production and development do and often hear how poorly management handles things often from Senior Producers themselves. Unfortunately for them, they are also the first people to get the boot when things go south. I would know, because I am one.

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Give me more disagrees :D.

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This is tough. I think at this point the 3DS is a better buy, however the Vita is close. With some more games, a price cut, and extension of existing features I would say it could take a lead.

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Are you paranoid?

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This article is so absurd it should be reported.

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Can't wait to pick this up :D.

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Is this in fully Japanese, or does it have English for those who import it?

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Is this mod available, looks amazing.

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It's good to see developers doing some good despite all the horrible business practices we've had in the industry lately. Bravo Gearbox!

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Of course, if you don't mind PMing me that would be great. I would hate to email someone who doesn't have a job anymore.

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