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It was a very strong conference if you take unrealistic expectations out of the window.

Sony just couldn't help putting a Wonderbook-esque moment in there though, which needlessly hurt the conference.

Everyone except EA had really strong showings.

Looking forward to seeing some new stuff at Gamescom (which historically has been stronger the last few years).

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This is totally not going to happen. There's never been more than a couple of large game announcements at E3.

Stupid article with no basis on fact or historical context.

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Don't really see the point in this.

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Who knows? I mean it makes sense to patch a new power in Day One to avoid spoilers, but then again it's not really common.

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PM link? :)

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Sweet. Looking forward to seeing greater integration in the future.

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I just instantly knifed him XD

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Anyone know of US stores still accepting pre-orders. Everywhere locally is sold out XD.

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I don't think people understand how hard that is to do raw.

That was very impressive.

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So let me get this straight. They're going to charge for a sub and maybe add more races down the line. lolz, okay bethesda, okay.

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This is why the game shouldn't have been reviewed before this stuff came out XD.

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Realistically they can't fit that much over an hour, especially since Sony loves to talk about how good everything is doing lol.

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Those things weren't so much predictions but rather obvious things we will see at the conference. Gamescom is likely to be underwhelming.

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Honestly the most realistic predictions for the conference. Gamescom wasn't that great last year, though we did have 4(?) new titles announced.

Sony Santa Monica won't showcase anything.
Uncharted 4 is being made, however it won't be teased until the VGA (expect that November 2014).
No Syphon Filter guys :'(

Sumo Digital will be developing LittleBigPlanet 3.
Guerilla Games is likely to showcase a new IP.
A Vita ga...

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I love this franchise, but I think it rightfully deserves it's place atop the best PS2 platformers. Leave its legacy alone :). Not everything needs a sequel.

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Don't forget guys. Mercury Steam made Clive Barker's: Jericho. Then they go on to make Lords of Shadow. Give DH a chance :)

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This website is such a shithole full of ads. Swear to god I get a virus each time I visit.

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This game is up there with Mindjack for worst game of the generation.

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