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The tide has change. To protect Microsoft interest, like Sony protection group in the launch of PS3, I give you Microsoft Defense force for XBOX 1.

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If crazy war like this started, every one will try to stay out of it to prevent World War III, however some NATO allies will definitely stick together. With that, it is enough to prevent China from starting a stupid war like this, so It is more like for US to start a war. but if that's the case, they will lose their NATO allies as well. so it's pretty much one on one, and if the war between US and China started, the winner will go to Russia, since both will be so weak remain as world ...

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clueless kids, you realize how many people will die if the war break loose.. Sure US might win but you might not live to see it, I guaranteed. It will be a very ugly war.

Firepower doesn't mean squat man, the world #1 can't even win the Vietnam/Korean war. When world top 5 collide, it will be very very ugly...

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ohh really, come on man. Just because they have recent success with Wii and DS, doesn't mean they are successful every generation. Those who count Nintendo 64 and GameCube out didn't get burnt at all. Pffft

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I know it has both.. of course it has both..
I rather just save the money and tether with LTE instead.

Stick with one data plan, save you lots of money

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why? I rather get a wifi and tether it with LTE. 3G is so last gen man.

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you will see Japanese goverment intervene very fast.. If Apple really want to buy Sony.

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only in mother russia

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I would love to slaughter alot of them in MOH.. hahhaa when i'm on taliban side, I would just suicide which what they are good at. Stay true to reality.

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I have 4 big moving box in my garage all filed with games and one box with old generation console. I hard for me to throw it away because it's been with me since I was a kid. so If he is getting a TV Show, at least he shouldn't be the first. What he is showing is just a little games compare to what I have, and I'm not the worse, not even close. I seen some others that have gigantic games collection, that they wasted so much into it. Those people should be first. Not me, not him

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you read it wrong. It mean he havent played a good Move games but play alot of unimpressed Move games to him...

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in another word. RAPE

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nothing piss me off that watching bad driving in GT5.

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I was a ATI fan since Radeon 8500 until recently I bought an Intel motherboard from ASUS that constantly fail whatever ATI card throw at it. Was using 2850, has random hung issues also but not that much. Then I tried 4870, random hung on Mass Effec everytime, so I went gtx 260, pretty good. Recently just upgraded to 5870, random hung on Starcraft II... FAILED again, went back to GTX 260. I'm gonna stick with Nvidia for now. I haven't bought an NVIDIA since geforce 6800, but Nvidia see...

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starcraft II say SCV good to go Sir

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f up list..... Where is Portal 'Still alive'.

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i don't know anybody gonna finish reading it. It's freaking damn long. Look boring to me. I was hoping to see any summary in the comments. But People just talk on their own

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my friend draw the CGI for Avatar/Iron man. Guess what are they using. PC!!
Despite the belief of Mac is better for video and CG, the software available on PC are still more powerful and cost effective in PC. Yes some artist might draw on MAC but when it comes to rendering, always PC.

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what about starcraft.... 80 eapm sure gonna stimulate something...

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You know majority white want to be tan/bronze/yellow and majority of asian want to be white.....

WEIRD world..

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