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But yet Sony can talk about TV and the "multimedia gamers want" for 45 mins+ at E3, an event designed for videogames, and get no flack for it? Where as MS chose to show their other features at their console reveal, actually showed the box itself, talked more about stats/etc and then showed pretty much exclusively games at E3? lol? But I disgress, I think Sony is overtly arrogant, especially since they haven't made a product that appeals to me since the Playstation 1 era (and eve... #1.1.11
Opposite at my store. I can still find PS4's locally here, rather easily at that. X1 has been sold out since E3.

Not a total of 2 stores being sold out/selling more that's all of NA! #22.3.1
Very true.

The fact is a good majority (not all) Sony fans will come out and try to give various reasons "Kinect" or "DRM" or any other various crap, but the truth is I'm sure a good percentage of the people complaining about that would never have bought an Xbox One to begin with, or at the very least not at or near launch day.

TO be honest if this is how all the Sony fanbase acts, then it's put me off on buying a PS4 for some time... #17.3
Yep, thats how it goes though, personally I tend to ignore the lot of them, the only thing a lot of them have done is made sure that I put off buying a PS4 for as long as possible, I was going to wait until an uncharted announcement or something similar before buying one, but now that I see how their community and fanbase mostly is, I think I'll probably pass altogether. #16.1
Since SimCity is so readily available and fully playable by pirates, huh? #1.5.4
So an off the shelf PC from a year ago will be able to run Titanfall at 720-1080p/60fps as-is? lol? I don't think you know how PC gaming is.

Well off to play Crysis maxed out on my Pentium 133Mhz/16MB system now that I know how it works. #1.4.1
But every games going to PS4 according to N4G. #11.1
All the PS4 fans just look for something to harp on, I for one have been busy looking forward to my next-gen gaming experience while reading a few articles here or there, rather than paying attention to the media circus and hyperbole headlines people like to play up, I have an X1 pre-ordered and will probably pick up a PS4 when a game like Uncharted or similar gets announced/released.

As a whole though, just the way a majority of Sony fans I've met/interacted with have l... #12.2
Thought you guys didn't care about CoD though? Not a real core gamers game? Thats what I hear around here a lot anyways, so whats it matter what res it runs at? lol? #27.1.4
Funny, when there was a possibility for multi-plat everyone was drooling over it, now that its confirmed MS exclusive no one wants it now. lol #26.1
That's alright though, we all know (at least according to most people on forums/websites/etc) that everyone has 4k/60fps+ ready machines with 128GB RAM, 8 2TB+ enterprise level SSD's and multiple 4k ready displays + more, so it's all good right? Just play the PC version "it'll be better anyways". #25.1
Lol? Honestly I think Sessler has a point in being upset.

It's very anti-consumer to not let your products be reviewed, without the review process and peoples opinions online we could be stuck in an Atari 2600 age where games are just shoveled out good or bad and gaming becomes a huge gamble. #43
Well pre-orders don't mean anything anyways to be honest, pre-orders aren't SOLD numbers, so I don't know why people get in a big huff about them, I know a lot of people who pre-ordered both consoles and waited out to see more features and games and then cancelled the ones they weren't interested in. #6.4.1
Where the hell are you getting your made up statistics from? I'd say more and more people are interested in keeping their friends list/etc now more than ever, you can't compare PS2 and people jumping ship to other consoles when the 360 came out because there was no eco-system, no community to tie people in. Now there is, and a lot of people enjoy it regardless.

And lack of brand loyalty in the US? Tell that to the millions of iPhones sold every year, and then that are... #6.3.1
Them mentioning Kameo under the whole PD:Z/Rare part is annoying, Kameo is actually a really good game if you enjoy platformers, I thought it was great, would buy a sequel instantly if it was released. #12
I thought Rage was pretty good, I enjoyed the game and combat, the story was OK but the ending is what doomed it. #3.1
Both full retail PS4 exclusive launch titles! #18
Honestly the QTE comments are dumb anyways, nearly every damn game now days has QTE's in them... It's obvious that a lot of brawlers/action games now HAVE QTE execution moves.

God of War has a ton of QTE's (Played through all 4 console games), no complaints from people?

Beyond Two souls is a major QTE fest (played about 2 hours of it), no complaints?

Uncharted 3 had a TON of QTE as far as I can remember, no complaints yet?
... #17
It really has little to do with how every company operates, every company is pretty much guilty of this. It's all the Sony fans trying to defend them, I'm sure MS and Nintendo are just as guilty, but the fact is it didn't come to light like this, and if they were even being a fan I wouldn't defend them for the practice or try to make light of it. #52.1.1
I'm with you, I've had my X1 pre-ordered since 30 mins after MS's E3 conference, literally 30 minutes after they were available to pre-order.

I have the X1, Ryse, Forza 5, and DR3 pre-ordered, as well as day-one Live, and also plan on picking up Crimson dragon as well. #1.19
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