*Derp derp* ... oh didn't see you there, have a nice day *derp derp*...


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y u guise do dis

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Oh come on, there are many 8 and sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oo many 9 and some 10 out there :)

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Good luck having it running without bringing down the graphic shiton and good luck seeing that graphic in 3D, I'll give you some glasses later.

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Hello etownone!! Do you mind me being your guide around the gaming world after years of living under a rock?
You can remote play via the fucking internet via the fucking wifi.
Do Some Research Before You Fucking Speak, I'm sick of people like YOU.

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No you have enough shooters on PS3 already, Vita needs more shooters, and I'm trying my best not to swear into your damn face(because it's the face of my favorite character) you selfish. Or even better solution: Get A Vita.

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Persona 5 on PS3/PS4/PSVita
Persona 3 Remake on PSVita
Both is always the best option.

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RIP Wallet.
Raped to dead.
November 22nd 2013

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Tearaway dude! Freaking Tearaway!

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Wait til Vita TV comes out :D

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EDIT: I went full retard, forgive me
Can't wait for it!

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to get banned....

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Guys, don't you get it? The Vita 2000 will be so famous even penguins will know how to use it.

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*Look at picture*

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Let's hope the Vita doesn't secretly stream the front camera or the rear camera to your mate anyhow.

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But be sure to keep it on Vita also :)

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Someone is being dumb here
Wii U $300 only playable via Wii U gamepad and only in range
PS4 + PS Vita can play on PS4 normally AND on the go with PS Vita lag-free anywhere with WIFI
Plus PS Vita has it's own games and things too.

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Someone wake me up! Fast! Before I die from heart attack! Too late
*dies in happiness*

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I'd really really really really rather it to keep being PS Vita exclusive tho.

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The West... don't forget the western
Seriously, bring it to the west

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