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"Uncharted already has a massive following, so I really didn't need this remaster for that."

Errr.. You know that a lot of people haven't played Uncharted yet right? Because a lot of people went from the Xbox 360 to the PS4 and have never played an Uncharted before.

Statistic speak the truth. A few hours ago I read an article on N4G that said that 80% of the PS4 owners haven't played an Uncharted game yet.

Do your resear... #2.1.2
Accidentally disagreed with you.

The reveal footage was ingame according to them. but all of a sudden the pre-alpha build looks worse? No logic at all.

Grow a pair Naughty Dog. Stop lying to us about stuff being ingame while its clearly not. #13.1
You mean this?

You guys lie to yourself way to much :/. Yes, Naughty Dog is one of the best studios out there right now. But saying that they dont do downgrades is a big fat lie #12.1
There is an uncompressed version on the internet already dude.

There is a downgrade. Stop lying to yourself. #7.1
@ MapleNerd.

No no, according to Naughty Dog this was completely ingame. Which is bullshit ofcourse. but if they say its ingame, we have to right to compare them. #2.2.2
Typical N4G Fanboys.

Come on man. We all know the game is going to be great fun from Naughty Dog quality. But the game looks worse then the E3 reveal and naughty dog said it was 'A 100% ingame, running 60FPS'.

The gameplay looked worse and was 30FPS.

And Naughty Dog doesnt do downgrades? They do. Stop being such blind sheep and admit that downgrades happen. Here is proof:

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His daughters name in The Last of Us was Sarah. Sam was the name of the black kid who helped you in the sewers and stuff. #6.1
I dont get all the hype around No Mans Sky..

Nobody knows what were supposed to be doing. Fly around and look at planets? Is that whats it about? #3.2
Dont you think its weird that they do not even provide screenshots? Even though the PS3 has a share button for easy screenshots? #20.1
So..The playstation has this magical 'Share' button to take screenshots.

How about they take some screenshots for comparison eh? Oh wait, this news is not true. #1.5
Well said #1.3.1
Next Gen chains #1
Man with a brain. Very uncommon here on N4G #1.7.1
Just stop..

Also if the Xbox One can emulate 360 games..Then why should people still buy a 360? Its stupid from a marketing standpoint. #1.1.1
Nice one. Bub+ #2.1
I was low on health for the entire hospital scene haha. Man that part was HARD! #2.1
Man I think I need to get my eyes checked.

The only difference I see if the hair. #2.1
What a lame article lol.

I also dont believe this is even a real interview #1
Holy bubbles!

Where'd you get those insane amount of bubbles from!? #1.1.1
I can confirm this aswell. I did the same, but only through email #1.2.1
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