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Dont you think its weird that they do not even provide screenshots? Even though the PS3 has a share button for easy screenshots? #20.1
So..The playstation has this magical 'Share' button to take screenshots.

How about they take some screenshots for comparison eh? Oh wait, this news is not true. #1.5
Well said #1.3.1
Next Gen chains #1
Man with a brain. Very uncommon here on N4G #1.7.1
Just stop..

Also if the Xbox One can emulate 360 games..Then why should people still buy a 360? Its stupid from a marketing standpoint. #1.1.1
Nice one. Bub+ #2.1
I was low on health for the entire hospital scene haha. Man that part was HARD! #2.1
Man I think I need to get my eyes checked.

The only difference I see if the hair. #2.1
What a lame article lol.

I also dont believe this is even a real interview #1
Holy bubbles!

Where'd you get those insane amount of bubbles from!? #1.1.1
I can confirm this aswell. I did the same, but only through email #1.2.1
Awesome stuff!
Cant wait #1
Kudos to doomed for clearing that up #1.1.6
Are you serious? #4.1
Oh dear god!! #1.1
Blacklight retribution!
Only free to play FPS that got me.

Warface looks a little eh..idk. boring? #1.1
Wow dude.
U mad or something about someone just having a different opinion then you= #3.1
Some people go far beyond 'loving a system'

They marry it. #1.2.1
Remember the early Killzone 2 footage?
The AI looked horrible!

Then the game came out, and the AI was even more intresting to me then the graphics. Which says alot #7.4
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