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Lol, no.

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There could be a new version of the console coming out. Might be announced at Gamescom.

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Generic Jackass? Lol, f*ck you, no, by sale I thought it would be a sale for meaningful games not the typical indie games. I don't mind indie games but they shouldn't focus a 100% on indie games. It's great if the devs are hardworking but the thing is, I can get those games on miniclip if I want those type of indie games lol, they could have reduced games for some normal games as well.

No one gives a shit lol.

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Those games are shit lol, I don't get why people enjoy those type of shit indie games, no I'm not a COD Faggot who doesn't have a taste in games, I play a good variety of games but I don't understand why Sony licks Indie developer balls so much. I mean c'mon FLOWER? Really?

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Could it be Unreal Tournament 4?

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I don't get why Ubisoft didn't implement these 'bloom effects' and graphical improvements in the game itself from the first place, it shouldn't be left up to hackers to 'enable' these effects.

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it's* No fullstop needed after 'Master Race' and besides*

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I'm not tryna troll here but, I've played PlayStation All-Stars and to be honest the game was shit, it was OKAY, not that good. It felt like a PSP/Android/iOS game you would get for free with micro-transactions.

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I guess that's a good point but I wouldn't get my hopes up for it, I really doubt that'll happen.

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No for fuck's sake Rockstar don't attend E3, and they probably never will.

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Yes, this will be interesting but I doubt they will reveal it in E3, I wouldn't get my hopes up. This happened with GTA V last year as well, people were getting their hopes up thinking GTA V will be showcased in E3.

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Seems to be similar to OnLive

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"Swag"... S-Swag... Swag... SWAG... No, I'm out.

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k, f*ck everyone who disagrees

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Lol them disagrees tho, what's wrong with what I said? It's true...

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So two people from Naughty Dog have left with a close time gap. Strange.

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GTA Online is what PlayStation Home should have been lol. It's not too bad actually, it's a good platform for playing chess with players online. I see PlayStation home as a chess game lol.

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The Unreal Engine video demonstrations look great but when we actually see games running on Unreal Engine, the game looks OKAY. Games like; Mortal Kombat, Unreal Tournament 3, the Batman Arkham city series etc. None of those games look anywhere close to the demonstrations. I think history is just going to repeat itself with Unreal Engine 4.

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