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The problem is that they don't need a beastly PC lol, most PC gaming desktops (old ones) are at least 2 times as powerful as a PS4. If they can achieve games like Uncharted 4 and Horizon on PS4, they should be able to do amazing games with what PC has. PS4's GPU is equal to a GTX 580, you know how old that card is lol, it released in 2010

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Just a little more bro lol, Im waiting too. We need AMD to grow so Nvidia stops ripping us off :D

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Steam did this years ago lol, they even implemented the SAME policy, they didn't even try to change it a bit lol

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Only SJW's get offended by stupid things like that Aenea, thats probably y he said SJW.

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You know crazy, every time a new card comes out you don't need to buy every single desktop part you know ? you can just UM like... removed the card from its slot and like UM, replace it with a new card, same can be said about every part in the motherboard which is essentially the "desktop"

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Nvidea is beginning to be a joke lately, so many releases in such short periods of times, you can tell they hold back performance so they can resell that shit for more l8r.

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LOL we PC gamers didn't wa.... yeah we wanted it

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I think you should of used steamspy(for at least steam only games), cs:go almost has 28 mil

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Just tap out, no one is with you LOL.

I can just imagine getting off work and not having to listen about politics or believes from everyone there for a few hours, to turn on my game and find some ones political view shoved down my throat when the sole reason i turned my game in the first place was to scape all that bs. Games, movies, shows, sports and etc are for entertaining, not shoving someones political, religious and etc views onto people....

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Woman don't even watch their own sports so yeah, do they have too ? off course not they can do w/e the f they want and watching their own sport's doesn't seem to spark interest in them. Everything is now a feminist issue, they will blame science for not giving girls the choice to have a wang soon, they will call it discrimination. Feminist and liberals are the real racist btw, they are the only ones who see racism and sexism fking EVERYWHERE.

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Anyone who isn't liberal is called racist these days so that word and Nazi really hold no weight, I got called a Nazi for saying all lives matter, thats how disabled those people are.

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These PC, libetard and feminist psychos look up and worship Lena Dunham and she LITERALLY sexually abused her little sister like wtf ? how is this brave ? is this suppose to be normal now ? there was a place for all these people a few years ago, I believe they where called um....lets see.... ah! yeah... mental institutions.

I'm telling you, in a few years they'll add P to the LGBTQ (yeah theres a Q now) for pedophilia. Somehow we need to accept all of these because ...

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Well xbox only owners have too since they have no games krypt1983

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Actually, what they did was illegal and actually paid companies to keep their networks unsafe so they could hack into them and they actually have ways of making it seem like other countries are doing cyber attacks when they are the ones actually doing them.

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I used to do more than that when I was 14 with my best friend lol, we would start at 9am and go to sleep at almost 1pm next day LOL. Good times :')

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These videos get compressed so the game it self will look better.

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Um, those 7 countries where chosen by Obama in the Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015. It was signed into law on December 18, 2015, as part of the Omnibus Appropriations Act of FY2016. Trump had no input on that ban because his team used a Law that was already established by Obama for reference and banned those 7 countries that had been chosen by Obama already.

Can you name just 1 business deal ? just ...

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You are completely brain dead, you have so much misinformation actual retards seem smarter.

"Trump travel ban is on muslim countries that have no known Isol affiliation but leaves out muslim counties that trumps companies have business dealings with"

The list was made by the Obama administration, the 7 countries where SELECTED by the Obama administration. I guess Obama was working for Trump and btw can you name ju...

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They flagged our comments Inappropriate LMFAO!!!, unbelievable what a complete joke. The SJW's that cant accept facts so they choose to flag LOL!

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