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"That is all. Its quite sad but it is the world we live in today."

Thanks to the small minority called the sjw's, we just let them do w/e because we feel sad for them.

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They still sold them lol, companies like bestbuy and gamestop cant return the games they bought lol

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Hundreds of streams and nothing, 1 stream he says it.... I ALWAYS KNEW HE WAS FKING RACIST, if you are mentally challenge you wont understand what I said, so don't feel bad.

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"Ah, I forgot only lazy people shout inequality and racism because people who actually TRY to be someone in life get to be white"

get to be "white"? or one LOL?

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"Yeah but the Stalin right are just as bad if not worse"

Yeah because all these Stalin right weren't racist or bigoted when they voted for Obama twice but quickly all became racist and bigoted once Trump won. Do you remember all the rallies republicans made and the property damage they did when Obama once twice ? yeah me neither because it didn't happen. I can find you hundreds of videos of the left being violent when Trump won, can you find me just one vi...

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All I see is people trying to make money out of this loL

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Hate out of jealousy, because jake paul is so much better for kids right ? LOL what a joke. Hundreds of streams, he used it once.... HIS A FKING RACIST!... LOL!!!!!!!!!!! I dk if to laugh or be sad for you

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Have you noticed the people crying about it ? 90% are white people. Look at youtube videos, black people are even posting how stupid this outrage is.

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alt right LOL, these snowflakes call alt right everyone who don't agree with them. You like that girl that said a KKK member was in a class teaching, then when they checked it out, it was a freaking microscope covered by a bag LOL. You guys see racism everywhere.

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Source ?

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How does liking more frames make him a nerd ? I don't get the logic of that. I want a fast car, does that make me a mechanic ?

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There you go http://onestopgamez.blogspo...

The dislikes where fun tho, this happened in 2007, he was on a live stream when Jack Tretton said it.

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Yeah, its a really old deal. Sony let GTA be multi-platform in exchange for 1 or two new ips exclusive to playstation.

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minecraft has over 122 million of copies sold lol, but yeah GTA5 is a money cow

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You want 95% of the population to change their ways of thinking and values to make 5% of the population happy ? LOL! good joke. Anyone can do w/e they want, I don't care, but don't force me to like it and make me feel bad because I ain't gay,trans,bi or a helicopter.

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Liberal mindset

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I know, this author likes rewarding @ssholes. How are they suppose to change if they can get away with anything ?

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Well... you don't have to be fanboy to know that nvidia cards are overpriced lol

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Please go away

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