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I meant an hd version of the video lol

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Hope they release a hd version l8r

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Guild Wars 2 FTW

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I'm about to build a new rig :D!

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its 5 bucks right now in steam

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Don't know y you got disagrees because you are correct. Even the guy who makes GT said it.

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I love how some people here know about pc gaming and type in comments that are just retarded.

First: You don't need to upgrade constantly. The 8800 series came out in 2006, you can buy the card and it will play every game till this day and it will look better than on consoles.

Second: Some games may start at 60 when they release, but If you had steam, you would know they lower the games value really quick.

Third: Some 1 said better value ...

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They forgot a really important game that is guild wars 2

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I love MMOS!, can I has one PUPUPUPLEEZ!

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blu ray says hi?

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Lmao LiQuiFiedArt

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Who am I to agree with ? This guy or a company which has been in business since 1994 with no probs

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I have been doing this since day 1 and its been working like a charm.

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look at those pics, Pro right ? Now look at this video and tell me if it looks anything like those pics

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Soxfan ps3 only owners are obviously nervous of forza i mean... 2 disk and it doesnt even have night racing ? thats to futuristic and next gen for a game. This game will prolly be the most real sim there is with no night racing.

As for why this, hes just to funny lol

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Silellak y so defensive ? something i said hurt u ? and im CLEARLY a fan boy i mean look at my comment history... NOT, nt tho.

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From what i see.... 360 only owners havent really had any new good games to play for a while

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Ah pro video indeed, cant wait to get this game.

You know, comments like this are what make me come to n4g

"I pity you because of your over-exaggeration. Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake and splinter Cell compete with this game with no problem what so ever with ingame cutscenes in all of them just as impressive but with a more mature artstyles."

Seeing 360 kids be really delusional and they even start believing the lies they say Lol, its rlly sad. Why ...

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People tend 2 forget this isnt turn 10, did u guys see those screens they had a few days b4 ? how pro they looked ? and yesterday they showed an in game video and it was no where near those graphics. Well but whats there to say, MS is the king in fooling the costumer

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