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PC had the first online MP too

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COD above MGS is an insult IMO

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So true

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maybe they'll announce it at the EA conference...

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and with the new ps3 price cut, more gamers will enjoy the game

edit: aw u beat me to it egi lol

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@ joydestroy

Theres a hd link below it....

Graphics look insane btw

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I think he got arrested... http://www.mirror.co.uk/201...

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The guy who wrote this article is a joke

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All the people who disagreed with this

"You don't need a $2000 PC gaming rig to make BF3 look better than the PS3. $700 should do it. "

Have probably never build a computer part from part

"Well, how the heck am I suppose to know it is PC footage if they don't say it and show it during one of the three's console manufacturers conference"

It was pretty clear it was running on PC when they showed...

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"only a handful of coop missions (not gaining xp together with your friends through regular missions sucks btw)"

Um... you can do every mission after the Brainiac ship with 3 of your friends.

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Both, depends on the person.

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"they don't care about us"

That's y sony gave free games ? To win money? even tho no one pays for psn ?

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Just wait for the witcher 2 to hit 360 lol.

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I have read other of maniacmayhem post and hes really blind lol. No point to argue, people show evidence he still doesn't get it.

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Um.. right now you can download Dragon Naturally Speaking for any pc with a microphone. You can do it with anything that has a microphone. So yeah... the only thing you need for speech recognition is software.

You just need so save a sequence of words on the game that represent an action and it works. Windows brings the same software shown on stage, its called "Windows Speech Recognition" and you can control your computer by just using your voice

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maybe we can unlock it and have another service provider! lol

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I think he means 1.4v hdmi cable

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Yeah cus we like paying for DLC because it didn't fit on the disc

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"All brand new hardware is sold at a loss"

LOL WHAT? Companies 95% of the time usually price their products way over what they are really worth.

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