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It'll be the same price or cheaper. As time goes on, the cost of achieving 4K can only go down.

I feel like we are also, in general, getting a lot faster at moving onto new technologies. It seemed to me that 4K TVs got affordable way faster than HD TVs did back in the day.

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Absolutely love it when studios announce a game and give a close release date that they achieve it.

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@frdjck I hope you understand that for $10,000 i can get a super computer which makes your GTX 1080 Ti PC obsolete before release. @slate91 literally said its an alternative and you tried to shoot down his argument by justifying it...

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Sick of people saying political agenda. If you're dumb enough to get brainwashed by a game, you were going to get brainwashed anyway.

Apparently doing anything different is not pushing some form of agenda, it just makes you realised that a lot of people are just hypocrites.

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Since its still far away, i wouldn't be surprised if they announced a remaster to tide us over till the sequel comes out.

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You fail to provide a counter argument and instead throws insults, what child.

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Thank you for you unbiased comment where you don't rush to defend/bash anyone unlike some others

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The truth?

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Better Microsoft show you games that are coming out this year and next than Sony revealing many more games with no release dates that you won't see till 2018...

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*Starts crying because they don't want to cry*

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oh you mean like any company ever?

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This is gold.

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Lol who told you it was cheaper?

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oh fuck that lol, someone might actually die XD

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is the beta limits to america?

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lol, the excuses are gonna come pilling in.

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lol dude, there isn't really an excuse for an 80 min waiting time even if you're doing stuff.

Im assuming this is due to a problem and not lack of players, its uncharted after all.

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lol 1 week? did the pirates fall asleep? 2 days max!

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5/10 - Too much Nathan Drake

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Lol its not like Console players ever bitch about graphics at all. Stop your generalising, you sound like a child.

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