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You fail to provide a counter argument and instead throws insults, what child.

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Thank you for you unbiased comment where you don't rush to defend/bash anyone unlike some others

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The truth?

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Better Microsoft show you games that are coming out this year and next than Sony revealing many more games with no release dates that you won't see till 2018...

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*Starts crying because they don't want to cry*

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oh you mean like any company ever?

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This is gold.

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Lol who told you it was cheaper?

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oh fuck that lol, someone might actually die XD

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is the beta limits to america?

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lol, the excuses are gonna come pilling in.

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lol dude, there isn't really an excuse for an 80 min waiting time even if you're doing stuff.

Im assuming this is due to a problem and not lack of players, its uncharted after all.

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lol 1 week? did the pirates fall asleep? 2 days max!

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5/10 - Too much Nathan Drake

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Lol its not like Console players ever bitch about graphics at all. Stop your generalising, you sound like a child.

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Sky is Wet and Water is Dry, More Details - Rumour -

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@Scark92 i think you mean R.I.P In Peace

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Well when they said that the destruction uses the cloud, what exactly did you expect? Please use common sense before you accuse lol.

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lol they are making a game with robot dinosaurs and bows. how the hell could that go wrong?

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i would think so due to mods being made on windows and how heavily tied in xbox and windows are getting. Though you would think they would make it way more obvious.

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