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You sir are an imbecile.

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BeaArthur you should listen to hamoor because his argument is pretty good.

Stop being ignorant.

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Because of course checking the system requirements AFTER buying the game is the right thing to do? LoL!

That's not even an argument and beside it doesn't take 10 hours to tweak your settings, it only takes a couple of minutes and you're in the game.

If you/people can't even wait for a couple of minutes to play a game then there's something seriously wrong with todays society.

We've become so lazy and so impatient to po...

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The mobile market is advancing much faster than the console market. There'll come a time when both consoles and Smart-phones will be on-par with each other.

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Yes I have and I'm not all about graphics, it's just that this doesn't look impressive at all and judging from their previous games I had a feeling it wasn't going to look that great.

I seriously can't stand washed out graphics, it's really hard on my eyes which is why I wouldn't be able to play it. My brothers going to buy it since we recently built a gaming rig so I'll see how it looks and feels then.

I do enjoy adventure gam...

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What exactly is so great about this game? the graphics don't look that good and it looks completely washed out. It looks like something I could've played a couple of years ago.

These days it seems like everyone has lowered their expectations for games so much to the extent that when they see a game like this they cheer like mad.

If this gets GOTY I'll be surprised because even the animations look choppy and it's graphics look on par with Biosh...

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I'm not a newcomer and can say that some cut-scenes are dragged on to no flippin end! and the story was actually twisted a bit to make sense.

Some of the dialogue in the game is just nonsense, notice how I said 'some' and not 'all' so to the fanboys please don't have an heart-attack

Btw you don't have to spam the triangle button in this scene, you can tap it really slowly and still make it, and my best scene has to be the last figh...

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You can clean it with flippin MrMuscle wipes! I use a Dyson Animal to clean my PS3es vents every 2/3 months and it doesn't cause any damage at all.

Why people are so scared to open and clean their PS3es is beyond me.

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The new model will probably YLOD in under a year.

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The 40GB model was released in October 2007 so how could you of had yours for 5+ years? If you purchased yours in October 2007 then your PS3 would be 3 years and 11 months old.

So 3+ or almost 4 years was what you were supposed to say. If you bought it much later than October 2007 then it would be nowhere near 5 years old let alone 5+ years.

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This has to be Burnout 6

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The Samaritan demo was UNOPTIMIZED!

Flippin heck do we need to broadcast it across the planet or what? How many times does it have to be said? I think Epic needs to advertise the fact that the demo was unoptimized on TV, Billboards, Buses, Newspapers, Internet (AGAIN!) etc. just to get the damn message across

Does anyone even know how to read and listen anymore?

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If you knew how to read English you would've realised that starchild said "as much as I love Uncharted and as nice as it looks"

Meaning he has SEEN and PLAYED these games on his TV. If UC1 was developed for PC only it would look 100x's better than UC3, consoles do have an effect on the way most multiplatform games look on the PC so please be a bit open minded.

Stop being ignorant and stop being a PS3 fanboy.

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I bubbled you up because your comment is very informative.


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Don't get me wrong I don't hate the PS3 but I was just pointing out the way I see from my perspective. The reason why I bought a PS3 is because I knew it'd always have two or three games that I would buy and enjoy, whereas on the 360 nothing really appeals to me apart from probably Forza 4.

Although I'm definitely buying R3 I might get UC3 as well, but I seriously need to see more footage of the SP campaign before I make my decision.

EDIT: Oh ...

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darride66 how exactly do you manage to lie so much? You lost all your bubbles because you used to bash the 360 and 360 fanboys almost every day. Why are now you acting like you don't hate any system?

Lying to get your bubbles back LOL.

Anyways the only two big exclusives Sony has this year are R3 and UC3 and imo R3 is much better. I do agree that MS currently has nothing to offer but even Sony from my perspective has nothing to offer for me either.

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That thing is HORRIFYING!

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the series needs a reboot? have you even played DMC1 let alone DMC4. All we need is a proper sequel to DMC4 which is what %99 of the fans were asking for.

How they managed to ignore all those fans and make this abomination is beyond me. It's not just the character but the new story as well.

No one wanted the DMC franchise to be change and it didn't need a change. You a fanboy telling devs to not listen to real fans feedback is just hilarious, feedback...

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It still has potential when about %98 of the fans hate the game? Are you mental? Please come back to reality.

There's a difference between being a fan and being a fanboy. This game will do much worse than DMC4.

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