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You mean instead of being fired? Yeah, Im gonna just leave this here.

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Hm, seems the Billeric guy is the only authentic one.

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This gives me the feeling they are moving away from the Playstation brand, maybe a new name for the next console?

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Pretty sure the amount of new screens in this article is zero.

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tbh this does not look that much better than games already on the market. they are just slick photographs. the car models are impressive, but the lighting and textures are not above what is currently available imo

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tits or gtfo

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I cant remember the name of that show, with the two guys who reviewed games, that was awesome. Theyd be like outside at parks and shit talking about games they played. I wish I could remember the name

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I LOVED Icons. Man, during my long days up in Canada I used to sit around and watch Icons, Cinematech, Cheat, Game Makers, and of course Xplay

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game if f2p... cant figure out why the screens are so popular. its amazing tho, worth playing for every pc gamer

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My issue is that playing CoD with mouse/keyboard feels so damn unnecessary given its 'smallness' and MW3 didnt have controller functionality so I doubt this will. Ill keep my eyes out tho, itll be good for a lol

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Lol Ive never liked this site. They produce N4Gfluff, and thats it.

The fact that neither ARMA 2, Just Cause 2 or not even a GTA is in their list obviously makes it just a fun little article, and not the countdown they present it as.

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God the physics still look complete shit. I pray a proper company gets a hold of that WRC contract when they are done with it

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As I really doubt Randy Pitchford drew this pic, someone is getting a tounge lashing at Gearbox when they get wind of this news

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this is more a "which should you buy" than "which is better" but indeed.

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Additionally, I agree with you that the cutscenes felt weird. I wasnt a big fan of them.

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What I envision for the next game is one that pops more. With the first title it was gorgeous and eye catching but the developers had to use red to highlight objects that were important rather than letting the environment do it for you. To me it seemed like a bit of a cop out.

The art should lead the gameplay. Imagine a rooftop, its nighttime and very dark with a chopper over head. Its spotlight is a bright blue that turns the rooftop blue in between the blackness. Using the...

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Hey author here,

The images you've posted are what I want to see stay, what I would like to see change is the exterior buildings, they removed the aesthetic from the often perfect interiors.

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Me too! I've got a serious steam problem..

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I like tits and you do to god damn it

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Reporter says Im sexist and complain about it. PFFT I am sexist, so what? Lol

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