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Nice I loved the Walking Dead definitely one of my top games of 2012.

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yea that's my mistake i noticed that after the fact

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really? I hope its not some cheesy story plot that's made to look interesting. I'll keep an open mind about this, I really can't wait until January. I'm hoping this will actually be a good game.

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as long as they show Mirror of Fate and Lords of Shadow 2. I will be satisfied.

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Wow if that was to happen. This would be great. I think they should include Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia (think that was game he was in) if I'm correct about that.

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I need to get in on Lego Batman all I've heard is good things about the game.

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I know this might be a stretch but i'm assuming Microsoft might be announcing the console at Tokyo Game Show if they are attending. I know its a stretch but for next generation they need more of a focus on the Japanese market. Once again this is just some pure speculation on my part. Anyone else agree?

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smh... I honestly think versus XII is just rebranded as Final Fantasy XV and that SE is being run by trolls, hell bent on pissing off dedicated fans.

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Well this is great news to take to bed. VS XIII not canceled might we see something shown at Gamescom or TGS?

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SE can suck it. This was the only final fantasy title that i was highly anticipating for the PS3 and if this comes to fruition then I am seriously done with all SE proverbial PR BS. I really hope this isnt true and if it ism this most certainly confirms the downfall of SE.

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I love ratchet and clank I can seem to get enough of the games! I'm pretty excited for this tower defense aspect, bring it on Insomniac!

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this looks awesome! I can't wait for AC III to come out.

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WOW that second screen gave my jaw has an issue now because it won't close up.. my god

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Great news. Time to finally pick up MGS4 again. I honestly hope this platinum isn't ridiculously hard.

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YES! I am so happy Namco has mad me a happy tales Fan!

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I really hope it has to do with something being localized over here.

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I want this game so bad to come to the US. Does anyone know where and if we are able to import this?

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SMH i am honestly baffled by this. I mean all they really did was include achievements, and cloud saves. LOL I think SE is just trolling us now.

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I really don't know how I feel about this cover; great players indeed, but all Blake does is dunk nothing special there.

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LOL that's pretty much never. Has he seen the quality of work they've put out recently?

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