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Loving what I've played so far. There is a ton of new content in quest to keep active on one character for a very long time.

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You know I still haven't played a kingdom Hearts game till this day. Damn you real life damn you.

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Man this game is going to be great. Really excited!

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my inner nintendo gamer is pleased at this.

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i havent got the chance to try it out but it does look really cool.

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I've never played q.u.b.e before I guess I should give it a try.

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Seems like this is one of those titles that you either like or hate. I wasn't too impressed with the gameplay I've seen thus far. I guess it's still worth a shot.

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I had a friend trying to play the game on saturday. He was only able to do training. The matches would stay stable enough. it was really sad to this beta be as bad as it was.

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Hopefully there are some sleeper hits releasing later this year.But until than, that Nathan drake collection oh yea!

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I not a fan Of strategy rpgs but i will have to give this one a shot.

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I thought the game looked terrible and uninteresting. I guess I was right.

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short answer: yes, you do my teenage years demand it.

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Honestly, I have to say this was very entertaining to read. Good stuff red!

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The video is used in conjunction to explain the copyright laws of YouTube.

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On my radar is Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 that game looks freaking fire!

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This was a great interview. I can't to see what's next for the playstation now service.

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Thank you, at least someone paid attention.

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I'm looking forward to see this on consoles. I want to relive my childhood wrestlers.

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Actually, I'm no fanboy. With the amount of consoles they've sold 4.2 compared to the Xbox one's 3 million and something its pretty obvious what's happening and sony knows it. I asked how it felt and he expressed how he felt. He didn't have to answer but chose to. I don't see how that makes me a fanboy.

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Your boy got caught off guard. Lmao

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