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I don't know what puff puff is, but I'm glad it's in it! September booiiiiis

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Well in the end it will all be net neutral again anyway. People don't put up with it, it's that simple, and the hacktivists can make the lives of governments against free internet really miserable. And it is never going away. That's what has always happened in the past when a law didn't serve the majority, there's no reason to assume it will be any different now.

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Can't access the website because it complains I use adblocker. Money more important than people reading your opinion?

On topic, I think they have probably learned some new tricks by now. For starters it will probably be a very powerful console, much more powerful than the leap from ps3 to ps4. Because they needed the PS4 pro midgen, they don't want to have to do that again. Because it's very likely they would make more profit just having a stable powerful origin...

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As a ps4 gamer I agree. They definately should /infiltration.

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Those screenshots look so much better than the actual gameplay footage. Not that I care though, It's all about the smooth and silky 60 fps gameplay.

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Indeed, I don't even play the other souls because it's stuttery compared to ds2.

and thanx for confirming @TwistedTV

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Why do people keep coming to Twitch when they're this shortsighted? It can't be fun to chat there or watch something for that matter when everything is so heavily censored.

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No 60 fps on normal ps4?

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Well it wasn't that good of an idea to begin with I guess. You can have a console or a pc, something in between is more of hassle than it's useful.

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Hell no, it would take me days to download a new game. I think there's still a lot of people out there without fast enough internet for this to be viable.

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IF a game is corrupting our youth, it's not the game that is the problem.

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Blogs 4 gamers.

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Daragon Questu! The hype is real :D

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What ?! Trackmania Turbo? Oh hellll yes, that means more players for me ;p ! The game has been a bit quiet online. It's so much fun when there is like 50 people in a track doing crazy stunts.

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Someone handle the ads!

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In my opinion you can choose between open world pvp and no toxicity. Cannot have both because one limits the other. I'm all for small no-pvp starting zones though.

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"Capcom has confirmed that Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Street Fighter Alpha 3, and Street Fighter 3: Third Strike will include online multiplayer."

Wut! Yes please! Now I have a reason to buy this!

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But it's not just this company that censors freedom of expression, we see it happen all over the world lately. In the west no less.

Banning a popular frog image that's used for all kinds of memes, just because some people have made a nazi parody out of it. Think about the insanity on multiple fronts you are defending here.

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Most open world pvp MMO's have some sort of penalty system for attacking unprovoked, while still maintaining the freedom to do so. Having that freedom is good, the game just needs a penalty system and maybe even a bonus system for gankers ganking gankers.

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