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Lol I can barely type on touchscreens, I cant imagine playing a shooter on it. How do people do that.

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I don't know, never played that. I had a particularly bad experience with Dark Souls 3. Dark souls 2 remaster spoiled me with it's 60 frames I guess but it's so hard to enjoy DS3 or any action game on sub 30 coming from that.

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I remember the first time I saw the game play in the stores as a kid. I was used to the tekken series, so the use of big ass weapons in a fighting game really drew the attention.

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I hope this doesn't mean it runs like ass on orignal ps4. With that I mean a solid 30fps with no drops.

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2020: now we have an official diagnose for VR-PTSD. I wouldn't be surprised if that really happened.

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I understand the curiosity towards playing skyrim in VR, it sounds awesome on paper.

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What matters to me is not so much going all-in on digital. What matters to me how it's done (because we're going there no matter what). We still don't have any laws ensuring people have access to their bought games for as long as they want to. If they can fix that by law, i'm all game.

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Not everything needs to be happy and joyful, people need the dark from time to time. Let them have it.

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This won't necessarily be a problem if they find some way to archive games and make them available for their owners to download for as long as the archiving third party company exists. And if that company is legally obligated to hand that archive over to the public domain if they ever go out of business. That way we ensure our gaming history and personal purchases won't be lost due to greed or lack of care.

Or maybe an even easier solution; if a game isn't avai...

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I think they're great in a game like Path of Exile. A free to play game where they only serve the purpose of flattering the ego of the player by making the character look cooler.

In most other situations microtransactions are very hard to justify. When we pay 60 bucks, do we really want to be confronted with the fact we didn't buy all of it?

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" We want to encourage people to log in and go online and earn bonuses. We also have some plans for special collaboration items that cross over with other brands."

Catarina armor hype?

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I think it will continue for quite some time. It's not like gamers have a higher IQ than other layers of society.

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I'm shitting my pants knowing I might not have the newest console on the market.

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The last time I played overwatch they only had cosmetic items in the loot boxes as far as I know. But haven't played it for long so I might have missed something.

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Vertical so it fits behind my tv.

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I don't think they're endangered, but added player interaction, even minimal can really boost a game's lifespan (for me). Be it leaderboards, trading, pvp or a game specific function. Look at games like Path of Exile, Dark Souls, Dragons Dogma. They would all have been just fine as offline experiences but the simple addition of their (sometimes minimal) online functionalities makes a lot of people come back.
The thing about full online experiences is that you often cannot...

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I was modding cars in Gran Turismo when I was 12 years old. Saying he underestimates the difficulty of choosing car mods is an understatement. It's a game, we don't need knowledge we can trial and error.

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Would be cool if they' d finally be able to make it playable.

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Hah, even though I don't think it's gambling I hope they will consider it to be gambling by law. Might deter devs from using systems like that.

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