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I think it will continue for quite some time. It's not like gamers have a higher IQ than other layers of society.

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I'm shitting my pants knowing I might not have the newest console on the market.

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The last time I played overwatch they only had cosmetic items in the loot boxes as far as I know. But haven't played it for long so I might have missed something.

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Vertical so it fits behind my tv.

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I don't think they're endangered, but added player interaction, even minimal can really boost a game's lifespan (for me). Be it leaderboards, trading, pvp or a game specific function. Look at games like Path of Exile, Dark Souls, Dragons Dogma. They would all have been just fine as offline experiences but the simple addition of their (sometimes minimal) online functionalities makes a lot of people come back.
The thing about full online experiences is that you often cannot...

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I was modding cars in Gran Turismo when I was 12 years old. Saying he underestimates the difficulty of choosing car mods is an understatement. It's a game, we don't need knowledge we can trial and error.

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Would be cool if they' d finally be able to make it playable.

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Hah, even though I don't think it's gambling I hope they will consider it to be gambling by law. Might deter devs from using systems like that.

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Loot boxes are as much "gambling" as pinball machines. You don't get any real life currency from playing it so it's not gambling in the traditional/popular sense of the word.

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Microsoft really went that extra mile to make Just dance compatible with third party accesoires.

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Aren't the fps fans getting tired of the WW2 rehash year upon year? I've been gaming since the first Wolfenstein in what, early 90s somwhere? The theme has been used ever since lol.

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Switch gamers should consider buying Stardew, I played it on PC and it's a lot of fun. Manage your farm, court girls, explore dungeons, gather rare ingredients, try make profit to buy farm upgrades. hella fun.

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Cool. Does anyone remember a very very old pc game where you drove a car and could throw fake chickens on the road? They were fake right? It was pretty funny back then.

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I paid 70 bucks for this on ps4 at launch, only to discover you can only get upgrades by buying loot packs. It was a very short playtrough.

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Not all games allow for such a mode, so it won't become standard. However, it can be a pretty fun mode for games that do allow either combat or no combat approaches. I always had a lot of fun in MGS by tranqing people and sneaking around, granted this is debatable, more like violence without combat.

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I've never heard of needing a "score" to get a loan for a house. They just apply for a loan at the bank and if they can afford the monthly cost and can prove they have a solid stream of monthly funds from their job contract they will get a loan.
As for cars, well it's probably not a goad idea to get a loan for a car, but if you do, just follow the same steps with the bank. Or use your bankcard to pay for it, beats the CC interest.

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I never get why people who can afford the regular things get credit cards. Why not use your bank account? I've never need a CC in my life.

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Huh, I might give it a try again.

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I'm pretty excited for this tech. I won't use it myself because I don't like the idea of being completely shut out of reality, but I wanna see people use it and see the tech evolve because it's pretty futuristic shit and that's always cool.

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