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I hope they come with a price drop at 20m sold. I would really like to have one. Xenoblade 2, octopath hell yes.

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Same reaction. A game that has a universe as big as our own; "we deserve moar!".

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Nah man that's insane. If that would be possible next thing on the list is patenting athlete stances in sports and before you know it everyone has to walk around the streets like in Monty Python's ministry of weird walks because they can get sued otherwise.

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It must have economic appeal to self censor otherwise companies would never do such a thing. Alt left simply has that pull on past gen media right now. I kinda get it, people are afraid to lose their jobs and security in life if they walk out of line and that's the last thing you want if you have a family. But if this continues though, we are gonna lose a lot more.

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Oh dude, that wasn't the last boss, it had many more stuff to come after that. But yea that part was hairy, had to do a full fresh restart of the game and save ammo for that part.

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Maybe they stole the article from Gamingbolt, probably not the other way around. They have the exact same article.

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I prefer remade games, from scratch. Because the gameplay of the original usually outdates what has come after. Look at need for speed, command and conquer, metal gear solid 1 they all have in common that they've been outdone by other, newer games. Either sequels or other IPs. So the gameplay should match those improvements when a game iteration updates.

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Yeah probably. It seems to be a trend for failed consoles to have a gimmick that either nobody wants or needs or they focus to much of their efforts on it without having any games.

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The more competition on the market the better for us.It's succes will even benefit you if you're not at all interested in the google console. So if it sticks: win win imo.

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I'm not even a fortnite player but from what I've read; could it be that it announces the 50v50 mode launch. As in: cracking open the playing field to allow more players? Lol just like the weird things they do.

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From the article: "Addiction to video games is real, but we must not allow fear of Fortnite as a cultural phenomenon to become the basis for diagnosing a whole generation of gamers with 'gaming disorder' as a kind of miracle solution.".

Yes I agree and this also goes against the whole idea of mental disorders. Isn't something is a disorder when a minority of the larger group displays deviant behaviour that's hurting their physical or mental health?...

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Well I get the frowns on the faces of some people, but i've been around since the release of MGS1 and I know it doesn't tell you anything about what the final product will be about. I mean remember the MGS4 trailer that straight up told us that there would be no place to hide in MGS4? Well anyone who played that game knows there's an infinite number of places to hide in the game.

The thing that I think that has a part of the gaming community hyped is the bits an...

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I don't really mind, but I do think that Sony can not stay behind if every other platform does cross platform play. It just wouldn't be smart to deny your customers a feature that every other console has.

That's just from the perspective of the company btw, so I don't even know why I care. Just pointing it out.

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You eat the baby and gain it's powers.

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And I imagine it's just a lot more comfortable to work with good actors for the motion capture and animating facial expressions.

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She looks like the chick from overwatch

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I like them faces, pretty.

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Even if it fails a company might be able to hire him. He's a wanted man, in a good way.

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That is awesome, freedom in playstyle can be a lot of fun like we had in his previous games.

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The story indeed seems fantastic, the gameplay we haven't seen yet.

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