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"karma's a bitch"


play the game before you call it a flop my little brother only plays league of legends but i came home and caught him playing DC and he told me he loved it and played it for four straight hours then my friend came over he doesn't like racing at all doesn't own any but played DC (he lost 40 times in one race :D) now he's apart of my club cause he bought the game right after and i play DC everyday trying to master the cars and beat everyone's times even tho the leader-board doe... #4.1.2
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find my comment in any forza article please i dare you. #1.4.4
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You alllllllll knew the situation with DC don't like yall went in stupid :/ but anyway imma act like y'all actually bought the game. and please tell me how Dc is unfinished even tho everything that's coming in the future was never planned for Launch anyway?. #8.1.3
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I bet Money 90% of the people commenting don't own the game in other words your not having problems with the game because you don't own it so why you here? #1.4
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no one forced you to buy it soooooooooooooooooooooooo. #8.1
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lmao you don't think that's what they gonna do first -_- smh. #1.1
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Oh ite better not Pull that Parity Crap out here or Get Rekt.com #1
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"DriveClub I am waiting for the PS+ edition, because I ain't paying for that potential pile of crap."

then why even play the damn free version :/ So your not gonna buy the game because of 17 mixed reviews one bad one and 36 positive reviews if i relied on what a couple of reveiwers said(even tho the reviews were stupid where people gave it a bad score because it wasn't open world) then i wouldnt of played allot of games that i enjoyed and i... #1.1.6
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Sooooo your saying that we can have 1080p and good A.I thanks for proving my point now if only ACUinty could learn that. #7.1.4
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talking about Sony games didn't see that coming especially from you/s check neogaf's 303 pages of everyone speaking positive about of Driveclub and they all predicted the reviews would be low because they knew reviewers would attack it for content which they did and for other random reasons like not being open World or too hard or no racing line but it's okay talk about games you never played. Now when you show me an xbox exclusive that runs at 900p and locked 30 fps with amazing... #7.1.2
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Ubisoft honest? they still saying watchdogs wasn't downgraded even after the PS Community Proved it was :/. #1.1
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Watch annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny stream of DC and everyone is having in fun with the game so when you say you fell alseep at the wheel you baffle me http://a.pomf.se/sfbgts.gif yup this looks soooooooooo boring/s I swear some people are attacking DC for weird reasons. #1.11
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LMFAO YOU Know how many good games evolution Studios made :/ and you compare them to Crytek HA do your research bruh. #1.6.1
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lemme guess you didn't play it. #1.5.2
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("Final specs for Assassin's Creed Unity aren't cemented yet," a Ubisoft spokesperson explained,)

Yup it's gonna be 1080p on PS4 they basically confirmed it gotta love how gamers have the power :D. and Congrats Ubisoft you totallllllllllllllllly avoided Debates/s. #1.1.13
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it seems to me they needed something to say about DC :/ another reason that ticked me off was when they said the game was too hard -_- Bruh we praise games like Demon Souls for be brutally hard so why should it be a negative Now. Yes the game can be Challenging but not to the point where it's unbeatable. #6.1
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If people don't think DC is the best looking game then this should change your mind and these pics are from people who own the game not bull shots

One you might wanna add up the reviews that's why you don't compare Metacritic scores.
Two U might wanna read those User Scores before you post it half of them never even played the game just trolls the fact that you their score is just sad then again i expect someone with two bubbles to do that. #5.3
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one site said a negative is that is isn't open world :/ like wahhhhh everybody know they are open world racers and corridor racers you don't I've a game a lower score for that. #1.1.1
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Oh I'm buying the Game but I'm damn sure Not buying it brand New http://www.reactiongifs.com... USED FTW
EDIT: http://i.imgur.com/igDCENU.... get it while it's fresh. #1.2
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