karma's a bitch


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whats his definition of frequent? he acts like its every month smh.

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Best Place to Play indeed

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i mean its the sequel right? so not really hypocrisy :/ especially if it's dramatically different only time will tell.

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im pretty they meant see more in 2015 which we did but ok

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not a delay if it never had release date

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beat it twice encountered one glitch soooooooooooooooo.

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Can't we all say that their was a game that you loved that was reviewed badly come on now listening to someones else opinion to determine if a game is good or bad especially since allot of reviewers these days review a game on what they wanted it to be and not what it is :/.

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Tbh I don't like you never did anyway does it matter who I reply too end of the day your complaining about something that doesn't effect LOL you -_- you can't tell someone what to do gtfo abrieal can write what he wants because that's what interest him and that's the truth no sugar coating it you don't have to read It plain and simple. Ps you annoy me eh

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Why does it bother no forces you to read the article :/ anyway keep complaining about things that don't effect You or submit your own articles.

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Dc looks so damn good that people now taking pics of the foliage that's crazye and my friends are having a drift challenge to see whose the king ps I'm the king (0_0)

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@otherZinc yeah because all those $60 new generation games have more value than a 100+ games #yawn

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"I don't always spend $60 on a game... But when I do it isn't from the last generation."

Um that's the point pay $20 a month for a 100+ games that used to carry a $60 price tag that's value no matter what way you look at it especially if you haven't played those games before and don't have a PS3 or Xbox to buy them but and it's optional so yeah

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that game was amazing

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@thanhgee and @itachiUchiha
i think the price could of been $1 and people still would complain it's the life we live.

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"seems Expensive"
to who? y'all do know console gamers spend $60 on one game right soooooooooo if this is expensive then yall need to just stop buying games altogether since it's two expensive for your lifestyles.

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HMMMMMM $20 a month for access to a 100+ games and that's a problem for you guys but yall pay $60 for one game that yall only play for like a month sometimes even 2 weeks only LMFAO i swear y'all kill me.

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i love it merry Christmas to my N4G fam

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ONE I've never complained about any racers car list OK So Check YA FACTS because i played racers with less cars and had a blast and I've stated countless times higher car count doesn't = better game -_- and tWO i pointed out how ya'll like to talk about car numbers when it's in your favor hence why y'all never bring it up in a Granturismo VS Forza dispute soooooooooooooooooooooo imma go sip my damn tea while i figure out how full of it you are.

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