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@PeaSFor ... you need to go look up Shadowplay if you think the PC does not record the last 15 minutes of gameplay.



- GPU accelerated H.264 video encoder
- Records up to the last 20 minutes of gameplay in Shadow Mode
- Records unlimited length video in Manual Mode
- Broadcasts to Twitch
- Rec... #1.4.4
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If it only runs at 10 fps, you don't have a PC... you have a toaster. #5.1
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I am happy to hear that it won't be just a Star Wars themed Battlefield, but I have never had any issues with Battlelog. At first it seemed awkward, and the old-school part of me longed for "in-game" server lists. But After awhile though, I learned to appreciate Battlelog for what it does. Then again, I have been one of the lucky ones on PC who never really experienced too many issues with BF3/4. I could see my opinion heavily swayed in another direction if I were to of had the... #6
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I cannot even begin to imagine how the graphic mods in 4k (i.e. icehancer) are going to look. It will be truly a site to see! #10
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Just downloaded on my Note 4. Like racoone said above, runs smooth and not cramped. I am not a fan of mobile gaming but with the release of HS, my phone battery just found its nemesis. #2
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Yup, I remember playing Diablo 3 two years before the 360 got it also. At least GTAV is an improvement on the PC. Not just a port like Diablo 3 was. #8.3
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Totally agree. Even though I have an eVGA 780 Classified, I am experiencing bottlenecking from my i7-920 (6 years old). Maxing out the graphics, I get between high 30s and low 50s FPS @ 1080p in the benchmark tool. I'm sure I would easily hit 60+ if I had a 4790k or similar. Regardless, the game is extremely smooth and well optimized! Loving it! #13.1
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It has been running flawlessly. I will admit that with MAX graphics, my i7-920 / eVGA 780 Classy / 12gigs RAM benchmarks @ 1080p have been between high 30s and low 50s FPS. Not reaching 60 FPS but honestly, I would expect that from a 6 year old CPU. #16
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They do this crap because it sells. Maybe not to us, but to enough apathetic gamers which makes it a lucrative practice. It's sad but unfortunately here to stay. You can only hope that some publishers take a stand against it (i.e. CD Projekt). #17
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How about Obsidian? #16
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As the old saying goes... nope. #17
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Wow... mods don't make it look it that much better? Sorry, but you are flat out wrong. I can get behind how some feel that the core design is Skyrim's main fault (i.e. combat). But for graphics, yes, it looks much better! As for other mods... ever heard of Falskaar? Skywind?

Skryim modded: https://www.youtube.com/wat...

Even Morrowind (13 years old) looks decent these days... #4.2
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The submitter of this article made this opinion piece click bait.

First off, the real article is labeled "5 reasons to PREFER Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Ever to Bloodborne"... not "still better"

Why is that a difference? If somebody prefers something, it DOESN'T make it better for everyone.

His list of reasons are the following:
1. Loading times... he even admits a BB patch is on the way
2. 60 F... #22
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"Su PC e Xbox non c'è altro!" translates to "On PC and Xbox there is no other!"

Don't use Google's translator... it can suck sometimes and leave out key words. Such as "On" in this case.

What he meant was, "On the PC and Xbox, you have NO other choice but to prefer DS2 simply because BB is a Sony exclusive." That paragraph explains it. #18.1
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Bloodborne has intrigued me almost to the point of purchasing a PS4. I could see in longevity terms that Battlefield could come out on top (bang for buck in replay value....pathetic pun intended). But if I had a PS4, Bloodborne would be the choice for me without hesitation. I am a huge BF fan, but Hardline seems a bit too 'Been there, done that' to me and Bloodborne looks... well... fresh. Too each their own I guess. #9
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Loving every minute of this game. Finally got my stronghold and slowly building it up. Easily one of the best cRPG i have ever experienced. I would put it just behind BG2 and Planescape: Torment. For a Kickstarted game, PoE has exceeded all expectations! #1
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Yes. I would of preferred to buy my son a PS4 for this past Christmas but he is a huge Halo fan. That alone sealed the deal. This isn't to say that the X1 is bad. I just personally think that there are better exclusives on the PS4. #29
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Yes, and it only took Diablo 3 two years to make it to the consoles. So what? #1.10
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This is so dumb. There may be a point somewhere in this clickbait article, but I seriously doubt it. Sorry, I refuse to feed these troll sites with hits. Oh, and I don't even play on consoles. #11
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As much as I find this petition pathetic, I realize that publishers like Ubisoft and Namco Bandai have enabled this type of behavior. These two publishers allowed petitions on The Division and Dark Souls, respectively, to sway their decision on creating a PC version. We have to expect this type of behavior now, unfortunately. Now, don't get me wrong. I am happy that both petitions wielded the results they did but unfortunately at the cost of seeing a damn petition for every game now.
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