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Blizzard needs to look towards Everquest 2. They provide Time-Locked Expansion servers that start Vanilla and then allow the community to vote on unlocking the next expansion. It's a pretty awesome setup.

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Blizzard needs to take a page from EQ2. Their TLE servers are what WoW needs for the Vanilla crowd.

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They should have an achievement for successfully exploring 2% of the universe (planets)... and you start at 1% complete. What a cruel joke. :P

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A very average TPS, however the story made up for any faults I may of had with the game. Easily one of the best stories of 2012. I didn't say game... but story. What a mind f*** of one it was too! Definitely worth playing!

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As someone who does not own a PS4, I'm sincerely happy to see them selling like this. VR does not need to be a competition. For it to survive and not be just another fad, VR has to sell and be promoted by owners to have developers focus on its hardware and software support. Now, I'm not totally sold on VR since I haven't even tried it however, it would be awesome to see it thrive and stand as a legit alternative to gaming whether I liked it or not! Here's to the PSVR, along w...

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Until Durante gets a hold of the game.

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Software $$ >>>>>> Hardware $$

MS provides Apple with Microsoft Office on iPads. MS could just make Office a Surface exclusive... but they don't. MS would rather risk losing sales on the Surface due to Office on iPads rather than sell more Surfaces with Office exclusivity. Why? Because like I said:

Software $$ >>>>>> Hardware $$

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Totally agree, starsi360. There is a reason MS is allowing Apple to have Office on iPads. Why wouldn't MS just crush iPads (including the iPad Pro) with the Surface being Office exclusive??? I'll tell you why, Software $$ >>>>>> Hardware $$.

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Same here... in Iraq (COB Speicher). I was SO pissed when it was only a key to go on Steam to download. Needless to say, I waited for my 15 month deployment to finish before I installed it lol. Hated Steam then, but love it now!

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These types of comments are what people say when they start losing justification for their purchases... the insecurity is strong with this one! Sorry you lost another exclusive, buddy. Better luck with the next one. BTW, it's a pretty fun game at 60fps! Thanks again for the, no longer console-exclusive, game! :)

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It's so funny how "gamers" rage about their precious exclusives. Settle down... just settle down. It will be ok. Your Bloodborne is safe with you lol.

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Spec Ops: The Line. It may be a basic TPS, however the mindf_ck of a story definitely makes up for it... and then some! It's a must play!

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It's too early to tell for gaming but it appears to be seeing a movement, specifically in sports:

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This the Asus?

PG279Q ROG Swift 27" 2560x1440 IPS G-Sync 165Hz Gaming Widescreen LED Monitor - Black/Red

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Disagree all you want. Add the 10% FB code and it's what I paid. So many haters out there! =)

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Can't wait! Just got it for $23.39 (PC)! :)

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Oh sh*t... here we go again...

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Gamers get mad when a game gets rushed. Gamers get mad when a game takes too long. People are just never happy... Take your sweet time CIG! There are plenty of other games to play in the meantime!

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STILL an awesome game with great support!

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It's been said by someone before me but only change to Hoth should be that the turrets can only be used by Rebels. The rest was fine. I feel that it SHOULD feel overwhelming as a Rebel. What the beta lacked was teamwork, and a little knowledge on how/when to bring down the AT-ATs. If players would PTFO, the Rebels could win.

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