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I won't lie... that's a pretty damn good deal. After a 5% discount code, it came out to $33.96 for the game + Season Pass. Gotta love PC gaming!

I told myself that I would not buy Season Passes anymore but this was too cheap to pass up! #2
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EA confident that it won't be delayed scares me. I imagine guns pointed at DICE Devs' heads, forcing them to meet the deadline.... or else. We all know how that worked out for BF4. Thanks for the encouraging quote, but honestly EA, take your time. #16
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A Kickstarter done right! Happy I backed it! #1
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Buy it from GOG. 100% goes the the developer (subsidiary of CD Projekt) and it's DRM free. #6
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Season Passes are usually a waste of money for me. I will go through a game on release and then usually shelf it. By the time the Season Pass DLC is released, I'm usually deep within another game and have no want to return. A perfect example is Shadow of Mordor. I absolutely loved that game... annnnnd... never went back to install the DLC. I am definitely not trying to speak for anybody, but I have finally decided never to buy Season Passes unless I truly feel that I will be going through... #22
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If you have 9 minutes, the following link is a video of the Witcher Lore. There really is no spoilers in it as they don't discuss either game (although the video clips are from both). They just talk about WHAT the Witcher world is about.

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #1.1.1
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And to go back to our previous conversation on how you said all modders want money?? Well this just was posted approx 10 minutes ago by the creator of Falskarr on the Steam Workshop. A guy requested to send him money and this is his response:

"Yatagan [author] 5 minutes ago
I was repayed more than I could imagine already so I don't take donations. But please, find another modder you like who does and contribute to them. Thanks for the support! :)"
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Really? Nobody would donate? Have you ever been to a Twitch feed... or seen any Humble Bundles? All Valve would have to do is implement a "Top Contributor" feature to these mods, easily seen by the masses. People (heck, businesses) donate just to have their name seen as the Top Contributor.

Perfect example right here!

https://www.humblebundle.co... #1.1.3
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Console gamers. This is not meant to sound condescending. If you want change, you have to fight for it! You need to stand up to Microsoft and Sony if you want change. PC gamers don't sit back and accept practices they feel that would hurt their platform. Unless you are happy with paying for multiplayer.

For all those who thing that people won't ever donate if they implemented the system. Have you ever went to a Twitch stream and seen the top donations... or even Humbl... #29
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Petitions don't do anything huh?

http://monotonecritic.com/2... #2.2
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1.5x of GTAV is huge. Just think, GTAV's map may not feel that large because you are traveling at speeds of 80+ in vehicles while traveling. If you walked it or took a moped, it's huge! On horseback or foot, The Witcher 3 will be gihugic! We both do agree though, it's going to be awesome! :) #1.1.3
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That was a good read. Thanks for the link! #13.1
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I will forever love Valve for what they have done for PC gaming, as they practically saved the platform. Unfortunately, this is a huge black eye. #9.1.1
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Wow, imagine that! Dean Hall, who already monetized DayZ, agrees with Valve's move! Who would of thought?!

Let's dig a little deeper than the obvious money hungry modders...

How about Chesko? Creator of Frostfall for Skyrim. Here is a quote from his page on Nexus:

"Thank you everyone very much for your outpouring of support. It means so much more than you know.

I have taken every mod I have ever published off the... #1.2
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...and so it begins...

Valve poisoned the well and it was only a matter of time. #9
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I agree. Nothing has ever matched Soldier of Fortune 2 in this department.

"The series' focal point, graphic depiction of human bodily dismemberment, makes another appearance in Soldier of Fortune II. GHOUL 2.0, as the new engine was called, features 36 gore zones, allowing for increasingly detailed depictions of gore and carnage."

-pulled from the wiki. #1.1
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Nio-Nai, you are obviously disconnected from the modding community. Please see yourself out. #2.3
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Learn what P2W means before you comment.

EVERY F2P/B2P game has convenience boosts... that is NOT P2W.

P2W is when you can buy end-game weapons/armors/abilities that are either not available in game or near the end of a gear grind to reach, skipping all content to compete at top tier.

Here is the list of all the Crown Shop items. You will see that all the consumables scale up to ONLY Rank 10 at the most. Seriously, do some research before you... #1.3
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Definitely! I have a lifetime subscription to nexus! #18.2
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My dear, sweet brother Numsie!!

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #6
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