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PS4 Pro is an awesome value/system!

I say this and I don't even own one... and primarily play PC.

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Where has this series been hiding lately? It definitely deserves a reboot!

28d ago 1 agree0 disagreeView comment must be REALLY hurting for hits!

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Now, I know most people will wait for sales on Steam, however the retail price for all these games combined is $190. For only $10, that's one hell of a bargain!

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Due to my backlog, I just never pulled the trigger to buy this game. With the announcement of Long War 2 in the works, and now this unbelievable price, I'm happy I waited. What a steal!

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Picked up Forza Horizons 3 pretty cheap! Definitely a good deal since I (PC) can share it with my son (X1). Demo blew me away!

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Packard Bell :)

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I agree. On the other DRs I would use a mod that would slow the timer down. Too each their own, but I like to take my time and explore/experiment, and the timer, like you said, prevented that style of game play.

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Tanks are not OP. This is just an example of teamwork (spotting enemies) and also the lack of teamwork to eliminate one of the game's softest tanks.

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If its about casualties (service/civilian), WWII greatly outnumbered WWI. If you would like to watch a video breaking the numbers for WWII casualties down, there is no better video than this.... the Soviet Union casualty toll will blow your mind!!!:

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They could have made it a pre-order incentive, and then sold it as DLC.... but they didn't. Yup, you're that guy.

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Happy to see reviews are good for CoD. Personally, I'm a BF fan more than any other comparable game, however my son loves CoD. The way I see it is that there's easily room for all these games to be good and push sales! I wish Titanfall 2 saw more sales though, as I hear it's outstanding in it's own way also.

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Happy that the new consoles get to experience a better Skyrim, however I'm just sticking with the original on PC version (mods need to be redone for a 64bit exe on the special edition). So being interested in the new release, it sparked an interest to play again. I found an awesome 450+ mod compilation "The Journey" that after a relatively quick and painless installation, it's running rock solid. If anyone is curious, here is the link: 116d ago 1 agree0 disagreeView comment

It's like EA honestly thought that if they just put BF1 and Titantfall 2 next to each other, CoD would be dead in the water. I cannot stand CoD, however I understand it's string user base. All EA accomplished was sacrificing a damn good game (TF2). Yes, people can buy more than one, but I guarantee the CoD sales are still outstanding. It will make you wonder what might have been if they released Titantfall 2 at a later date.

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Settle down... do you all not think that they don't back up their servers? Stats are still there. Damn you guys freak out over anything lol.

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Hardcore is much more than just more damage. It's also: no spotting, no mini-map, no kill cam.

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Me: -gets merc'd-

9m Medic Range ... 5m..4m..3m.. -Yay! He sees me!- ... 2m..1m..0m..1m..2m..3m..4m..5m ..6m...

Me: NOOOOO!!!!! COME BACK!!! lol

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Mediocre TPS at best. However, the story is one huge mindf*ck! Loved it!

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My reaction from seeing this headline:

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Lol, I have never done it, however I have seen it on those key seller sites. Good luck! :)

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