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Loved that game! It came with my 3DFX Voodoo Rush gpu. Although I will say that Road Rash was hella fun also. #4.1.1
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I completely agree. Charging for DLC is a cheap (but sadly lucrative) nickel and dime tactic. What I find sad is that people are complaining about The Witcher 3's DLC. Saying that it should of been in the game at release (i.e. NG+) and not a DLC. Why not just be happy that it's free? I know a few dev/pubs who would just throw a $5 tag on hair styles and call it a good day. #1.1
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You try way too hard. It's pretty sad to watch. #14.1
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This is an outstanding bundle. Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes is worth it's retail price. That plus The Stanley Parable, Van Helsing II, and Endless Space, all for $5... outstanding. #1
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It says a lot about a game when it can survive through an abysmal release and STILL be praised by many, myself included. Just imagine if DICE released it with minimal bugs. Like you said though, a must have. #1.2
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Remember, there is a difference between a bad port and a port missing its mark for expectations. Most port complaints by PC gamers are how the devs neglect PC centric features (i.e. resolutions, controls, gfx settings, modability, etc.) Unfortunately, sometimes games get neglected on their optimization, resulting in a bad port. This is NOT exclusive to PC gaming. For an example, just look up the Skyrim release on the PS3. Now, I do believe that consoles see less problems than PC games due to... #17.2
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I have a hard time believing that this game is more violent than Soldier of Fortune 2. That game was brutal... and awesome. Like 26 different spots on a body you could target for different effects. #2
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No crashes yet for me (PC). But I have only put in roughly five hours so far. Probably just luck on my side... and I probably just jinxed myself. #31
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On my system (i7-920, 780 Classified, 12gbRAM), i can play the game at 1080p on ULTRA settings (no Gameworks) at around 45-50fps. If I turn down the Foilage Visibility Range to HIGH, I am right at 60fps give or take 2-3fps. Turning a few other settings down to HIGH brings me up to the 80s but not needed. I figure that my CPU is a bottleneck here also.

How's everyone else doing? #5
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I know how you feel! I live in Hawaii! :) 12:00 unlock time for me. #6.1
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Great song... 'Ben Howard - Oats in the Water'

I will admit that the first time I ever heard it was on The Walking Dead (show). It fit the mood for the show's scene perfectly. Fits pretty well in this video also. #2
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I know that, in the end, I am going to love this game. It just sucks thinking about what it could have been. With that said, I still can't wait though! Just... two... more... days! #6
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My comment was towards 22CobraKing. It was meant to be sarcastic towards their "pirating" comment driving prices down. Making the point that 'how can you blame pirating on lower prices if the games is not even out yet?' #10.3.3
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Your explanation for cheap games on PC is laughably wrong. Here's proof:


Pirating must be destroying Arkham Knight sales, pushing the price down this low... oh wait!

Go fix your bridge. #10.3
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Just... five... days... #2
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Who cares?

Check out the newest trailer!!

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #34
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Let's just hope you are right about MGSV! Win/win for us all! #5.1
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I wish we could see the PC digital sales. But honestly even if they did, it may not be totally accurate. The PC version has been on sale for almost three years through the WMD website. Heck, I've owned/been playing Project Cars since July 2013. #18
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I own PC (on PC) and I do not own a PS4 (so no DC). With this video, I would say DC wins hands-down on most, if not all, graphics comparisons. I try my best not to ever be a fanboy and give credit when it's deserved. So in this case, DC looks pretty damn sweet! Kudos to Sony! It's amazing how far we have come with gaming. Seriously, sit back and just soak it in... we don't give Developers enough credit for what they do for us. PC and DC both look fantastic! #17
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I won't lie... that's a pretty damn good deal. After a 5% discount code, it came out to $33.96 for the game + Season Pass. Gotta love PC gaming!

I told myself that I would not buy Season Passes anymore but this was too cheap to pass up! #2
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