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This. Not the best TPS but the story makes up for any flaw. #2.1
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You have a disagree because more games suck I guess. So many children on N4G. It would be awesome to see the Crysis trilogy come to the new gen consoles. #1.1
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Let console exclusives drive your purchase, not specs or multi-plat "quality". I personally would own a PS4 because I mainly play on the PC and Microsoft exclusives many times appear on the PC. Also, I prefer the PS4 exclusives over the Xbox One's, but that's not to say one is "better" than the other. As it is, I bought an Xbox One (our first new gen console) for my son for Christmas because he loves Halo. He doesn't care about pixels, FPS, or any other specs s... #12
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I have to give it to them. Blizzard always produces with their cinematic trailers. They have definitely mastered the craft! #1.1
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Reminds me of quotes I love from the movie Dogma:

"Loki (Journalist): What, are you insinuating that I don't have what it takes anymore?"
"Bartleby (R*): Insinuating, no. Flat-out telling you."

It couldn't be more obvious what they were trying to say to us lol.

Sauce for any who don't know but wonder: https://www.youtube.com/wat... #8
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Anytime! #19.1.2
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I'm sorry if I am ignorant with Mac specs so I cannot speak for your computer's capabilities but if you would like to browse Steam's catalog of Mac OS X games, here's the link... i hope it helps!


I did some quick research. If you have that imac with either the AMD M295x or the nVidia 780, you should be... #19.1
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It's how it must be now. My backlog is giHUGEic atm. #7.2
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Distribution vs Publishing. There's a difference... subtle, but there. #12.1
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Bummer... my second home at www.steamtrades.com has lost it's luster. I will savor the flavor and be thankful for all the games i got at unbelievable low prices (Russian and such). 550 Steam games later! I knew this day would come and glad I had ample time to enjoy the joys of trading for deals.

Edit: And for those who think it's grey market 3rd party keys.... nope... all the games were legally transferred as gifts within Steam. Valve is well aware of this and it did... #17
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It's sadly amazing how people cannot wrap their heads around this! It just shows how immature, ignorant, and/or entitled some gamers are. I totally agree with everything you said. #29.1
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I may be coming off as not supporting Hatred. I will admit that I find the game disgusting. But like the Westboro Baptist Church (who I HATE... WITH PASSION), they have the RIGHT to develop/speak respectively. Valve does NOT have to support any game just because the community votes on it. What will be their excuse when they are attacked for being the publisher? "We were told to sell it?" You won't have to fight that backlash, they will. Valve made a decision because the risk vs... #25
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They are a private company. They don't need your approval. If I own a shop, I'll choose what I want to sell, not you. Go build your own shop. #20.1
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Valve is a privately owned company. It's their choice if they want to sale it or not. If you don't like it, boycott Steam/Valve, petition to your hearts content, or just accept it. Your choice. If not, quit your bitching and move on. It really doesn't matter what you think as, again, they are a private company. Just speaking truth. #24
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Gahh.... I still need to play ME3. ME2 was so damn good but I know ME3 pissed a lot of people off (not the reason I didn't play it.. I think I was stuck in an mmo at the time of release). Still, I better get through it before 4 is released. If Dragon Age: Inquisition's quality says anything about how Bioware will treat ME, we are in for a treat! #9
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I was wondering why the market place was selling bags of 1000 gems for 3 cents each. #1
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Easily the GOTY for me. Congrats Bioware. #22
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I have a hard time taking gaming advice from a magazine who awarded Adolf Hitler as their Man of the Year. All jokes aside, no Dragon Age: Inquisition? That's down right blasphemy! #2
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Totally agree about the PC controls. Fortunately, although I prefer to play games with a kb/m, I have no problem playing games with my X1/PS4 controller. DAI is actually really good with a controller. Loving this game with my Qunari Mage! #1.1
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Some times I will lose sound. Best way to explain it is as if the volume is turned down, but not completely off. A quick fix is to bring up the potions radial and then return to the game and the sound is restored. This happens maybe once a couple hours though so nothing game breaking. #3
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