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As a 21:9 monitor owner, I'm ok with this. In all honesty, I just wanted to get rid of those annoying ass black bars. Thank you Blizzard!

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From reading your post, you must be one of those horrible infomercial actors over-exaggerating the simplest of tasks. Which one are you?

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The XB271HU is one badass monitor! I just about bought it before I just said (eff it) and pulled the trigger on the x34 instead. In a few ways, you monitor is better (i.e. 144hz, full guaranteed aspect ratio support). I won't lie though, I'm pretty damn spoiled at 1440p on a 21:9. :) I would easily play on a XB271HU and be happy also! Have fun gaming, bro!

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My Acer x34 is salivating! BF4 is also beautiful at 3440x1440p. I wouldn't expect anything less from DICE!

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I love the X1 controller and decided to purchase a Steam Controller this summer sale. If I had to associate it with something, I would compare it to switching from Apple to Android. At first, it feels less useful, cumbersome, and over-complicated. However, after using it this past week, I have learned that the customization, along with the ease of downloading profiles per game and many other options, have made this a damn good controller (superior if you can master it). Am I totally sold on i...

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"7 Days To Die" isn't listed, which is another good Kickstarter game on sale.

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Websites like are nice to use for all sales (Steam, GOG, Amazon, GMG, Gamersgate, etx.), as you can filter the sales by price, percentage off, and by deal rating (however that's gauged).

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Good news for 21:9 monitor owners! Jeff Kaplan (Overwatch Game Director) has confirmed via the official forums that they are working on it with a possibly late July implementation!

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Any disagrees are just butthurt... too funny! Overwatch will look AMAZING on my Acer X34!!! :)

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YES!!!... YES YES YES!!! Jeff Kaplan (Overwatch Game Director) has finally spoken!!! 21:9 Aspect Ratio is being implemented in late July (give or take)!!

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One of the easiest ways to see all the Steam sales, filtered by percentage off or price:

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My 980ti is just good enough for 3440x1440p, and good enough until the 1080ti is released. From what I've seen on the 1080, the 1080ti should be a HUGE step up from the 980ti! Can't wait!

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This article is the perfect example of someone searching for something to be offended by just for the sake of being offended. It's a damn video game!! DICE is a company trying to lure potential buyers... you do that with excitement and gameplay (explosions and virtual death). They would of been horribly patronizing to expect us to think that they cared about the "horrors of history" over showing up competition. Before you go and accuse me of being "insensitive" and &qu...

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This looks amazing! October seems so far!

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Definitely one of the best Kickstarter games to be made. Happy to have backed it in August 2013... and happy to see how well it has turned out! One of the best zombie survival games to date!

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Although I prefer nVidia cards, I'm happy to see that AMD is trying to support/appeal to the casual PC gamer (and elitist if AMD is your high end preference). The more options, the better the market. Hopefully this card is true to its performance, which would be good for all us gamers.

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I'm surprised that it took this long.

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double post (damn phone)... but I guess I can add to my previous comment. I just do not think the unfair advantage argument holds as much weight when they support it in their other competitive games.

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30% more is an issue for Overwatch, but not for Heroes of the Storm... interesting hypocrisy.

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If the reason is due to an unfair advantage, why did Blizzard add the 21:9 support to Heroes of the Storm? If an unfair advantage is what Blizzard is inferring in their official response (which really only states that you will see things off the screen not intended to be seen), I'm puzzled by the hypocrisy. HOTS is a pretty competitive game, in which you could assume a larger FOV would provide an advantage.

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