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Check out the DLC for Train Simulator on PC. Just short of $6,900 for it all. :)


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The Witcher III is at 56?!.... ... and behind games like Far Cry 4 and Trials Fusion? lol.. wtf smh

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Exclusive has exclusively lost its exclusiveness.

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Only resemblance I can see is getting attached to a character and watching them die. XCOM has no problem killing off your favorite marine.

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No matter the game, the only person I ever get mad at is myself... because I suck lol.

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I bought it with no regrets. It's a pretty damn creepy game.

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Well, he IS breaking records... bad ones... but still records! lol

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Bought it on sale (GoG) a couple weeks back and have been loving it. Learned the ropes in normal mode and have restarted in survival mode.

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The vanilla World of Warcraft CE unopened (I know, console article) goes for a few thousand on EBay. I wish I would of never opened mine hah. However, I like my panda cub, though.

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That's absolutely amazing!

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Convinced me to buy a PS4 Pro.

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As a long time PC gamer, this is the game that finally convinced me to buy a PS4 (got a Pro), which also makes me so far behind on so many good games. I'm currently playing this (which is an AMAZING game) and The Last of Us Remastered (freaking awesome too!). It may just be the initial honeymoon phase of having a new toy, however I'm having one hell of a blast with this console!

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Seeing past the wacky animations and dead eyes, I loved the trial. Looking forward to the full release!

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Makes me a little nervous seeing rockpapershotgun say this about ME:A. They've been a pretty respectable website covering PC gaming since 1873.

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PS4 Pro is an awesome value/system!

I say this and I don't even own one... and primarily play PC.

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Where has this series been hiding lately? It definitely deserves a reboot!

266d ago 1 agree0 disagreeView comment must be REALLY hurting for hits!

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Now, I know most people will wait for sales on Steam, however the retail price for all these games combined is $190. For only $10, that's one hell of a bargain!

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Due to my backlog, I just never pulled the trigger to buy this game. With the announcement of Long War 2 in the works, and now this unbelievable price, I'm happy I waited. What a steal!

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Picked up Forza Horizons 3 pretty cheap! Definitely a good deal since I (PC) can share it with my son (X1). Demo blew me away!

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