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This review makes me want to buy multiple copies. I have never been this excited about any game in my life.

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Um, it's May 22nd and nothing. How about figuring out what happened and stop being a bunch of hacks. This is why games journalism sucks.

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Wow, TROLL ALERT!!! Stop being such a hater.

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I'm not gonna lie, if at least 75% of these are not in the game I will be severely disappointed.

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Stop trolling! This is a solid lineup and I agree with the author. Sony dropped the ball on this one.

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OMG that is amazing. I want it, I want it right now!

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This podcast sucks.

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This podcast makes me sad for the future of gaming journalism. Avoid.

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It gets better if you read it. Trust me.

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All this proves is that Sanchez isn't winner guy and won't be able to win the big one. A true champion doesn't have time for kids games. He's supposed to be a man and he's playing video games. No wonder he always loses when it matters. His heads not in the game.

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you had me at blowjob.

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Am I the only one that doesn't want my gf or wife gaming with me. The same reason she doesn't want me to go to the salon and get my nails done. Sometimes it's better to have hobbies that are separate but equal. Come on. I have my time with my dude bros gaming and she has her lady time with her dude broads.

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I agree the article is awful, but the content is amazing. Die 3DS Die! Rot in hell. Nobody wanted you as a portable gaming device anyways. The only company that does 3D right is Sony. Nice try Nintendontdo3DS!

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I new it and I called it months ago. I was the first one to say the 3DS was doomed. Hahahahahahaha, I am a damn Nostradamus or something

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If they don't fix these things Right Now, this game is doomed.

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I guess you disagree with the truth then. Maybe you can't handle the truth.

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Here comes the Whambulance? People whining about people whining is the future.

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This is the greatest review I have ever read. Anyone who things otherwise is brain dead.

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Bigger maps with lower player count sounds counter intuitive.

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Let's burn your copy and smoke the ashes.

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