PC/PS4 all day long


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HAHAHA!! Damn, so funny but so true.

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I have a hard time believing that, especially considering that nearly 30% of PC players still game at a laptop resolution(1366x768) and only just above 10% of players game at resolution above 1920x1080p. To think that in just 3-4 year time that not only will players be buying 4K capable hardware(gpu, cpu, monitor) but they'll also be buying them in such waves that developers will actually pander to that audience is..uhh... well hard to believe.

Would be great if it happen...

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You're crazy if you think the first price-cut the PS4 recieves will mark it down to 285. I mean I love it myself(even though I already own one) and it would be great for the consumer. However Sony is still very much trying to maximize profitability. Considering how their sales are right now, I am supremely confident that Sony wins any type of sales war, so long as they stay within a hundred dollars.

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Unfortunately, you are in the extreme minority when it comes to TLOU and how great of a game it is. There hasn't been a single game this generation, save for maybe Bloodbourne, that has received anywhere near the critical acclaim, had anywhere near as much impact and was so well received by the gaming community as a whole since TLOU released. IMO(and the vast majority of others) it's AT LEAST top 20.

If TLOU is overrated, then so is every single game this generation a...

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You think a Forza or Gears game deserves to be on Top 100 of all-time list? Hahaha, yea right...

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I think that looking at some of the gameplay from the E3 2015 demo showcased, one would have trouble calling UC4 the traditional linear shooter. I think that you have to agree, the location shown was considerably wider than any Uncharted location ever seen, no matter which game you look at. I also think that he manufactured the term "wide-linear" to describe how they're supposedly implementing alternative methods and paths to complete a single mission.

Anyway, t...

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Fanboy comment of the year folks!!

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March confirmed as biggest month in 2016 or what?

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General public, gaming media and millions MORE gamers in the PlayStation community would disagree with you, as the PS4 has the highest-rated exclusives this year while also boasting a larger library of games this year. They also have a glorified GOTY contender and multiple million+ saling exclusives already.

What does Xbox have? You have a drought that lasted nearly an entire year in-between 1st party exclusive titles and a remaster. Gg

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If GT isn't relevant, then wouldn't this make all other racers on the market, including NFS, non-existent. GT's fanbase alone dwarfs all others and the support they provide on existing titles after launch is unmatched, not to mention that they provide the most content and features completely left out of the competition's.

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Good thing that your opinion counts for absolutely nothing, both in the grand scheme of the gaming industry and also to the majority of 8th generation console gamers. I can guarantee you that most of you counting those indies(while great games) will not support them and most of the Xbox fanbase won't support them, going by the history of indies on Microsoft consoles. It's the reason why the PlayStation indie collection craps all over Xbox, both in quality and quantity. Check metacriti...

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So because that's the only thing you're interested in, that makes all the other games irrelevant to the rest of the world? The mentality(arrogance) of Xbox fanboys towards games that aren't shooters/racers is the very reason why Xbox will always be the second choice console for the majority of the world. Complete disregard for smaller titles, mocking of entire genres all together and failing to support creative works(I guarantee you Cuphead will not sale much on Xbox, especially a...

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Holy shit.. damn that's brutal. O.O

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Oh but wait, I thought Horizon was a completely different series to Forza Motorsports? Because if that's not the case and they are technically the same, then that would make Forza the most milked franchise by far this generation. But whatever the case, where are you getting those numbers from? The last thing released about Forza 5, relative to sales, was that it passed the 1 million milestone and that was an entire 6 MONTHS after it released. Where are you getting the numbers for FH2? The...

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You forgot to add, "in my opinion" at the end of those fragmented sentences.

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Forza isn't a console-seller, despite what many on here will tell you; The series as whole has shipped a few million more than one entry in the GT franchise, so there's that. As far as DC goes, it reached 2-3 million sales in early spring, much sooner than the promised PlayStation Plus free version was even released(never mind that this version of the game isn't counted, as it's digital). If Forza manages to sale as much as Gran Turismo 6(lowest selling main-entry of GT), whic...

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Gran Turismo says "Hi", because very few if any racing games have touched the numbers that a mainline GT game gets. Maybe Forza can't do those numbers, but GT is in a league of it's own and really has no place being in a conversation about GT(sales wise).

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Them being niche has nothing to do with them being AAA-exclusives and doesn't make them any less of a great game than a some "blockbuster" exclusive. Your attitude towards smaller titles is the very mindset that I'm sure Microsoft themselves have will be the reason that they'll always play second fiddle to Sony.

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Pretty sure not everyone enjoys Halo(Halo 4 sold 5-6 million on an install base of over 80 million) or Forza( I really don't need to embarrass this series with sales numbers, do I?) You will never make a game that pleases everyone, so that statement is kinda null and void.

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For it to be the "King of Racers" you guys sure don't support it very well, lmao. While on the other side, a single GT game has almost as many sales as the entire Forza franchise. I think any studio would tell you that while a meta-critic scores are cool(less and less this is a factor considering the condition of gaming journalism and how it's viewed in the public eye), what they really care about is sales. Forza 6 could have a metacritic score of 99, but if it sales 100k co...

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