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"PC/PS4 all day long"


Haha, same here. I haven't the slightest idea what this game is about or what kind of experience it intends to give the player. But, oh well.. #4.1
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Now watch those same people who say, "Graphics don' matter; gameplay is what's important" do a complete 180. Though it's only natural that they take cues from the Master of the 180, Microsoft. Good news but the hypocrisy about to take place is unreal.

In all seriousness, 20% is an absolutely insane boost to piece of hardware. The fact that comes at the hand of software meant to utilize all proprietary elements of said hardware is unbelievable really, esp... #16
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LOL only because those specs will never get AAA games made specifically for them. You would be beyond naive if you don't think those pieces of tech couldn't make photo-realistic graphic quality if they were in a console like the PS4. Probably look better than reality, just being honest.. #9.5
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We could be there right now if someone made a console with good specs in mind and could get people to shell out the money to buy it. I would gladly purchase a PS5 for $1200 if it had really good specs in it. Not even focusing on the latest and greatest tech right now, but could any of you imagine what PlayStation games could look like if they had maybe a GTX 680, a SSD and maybe a 3770k in them? The graphical quality would put everything you have ever seen to shame. That's including any P... #16
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Lol you still think The Division is going to deliver? And you have the gall to speak about the obvious? Anyone with a brain that's played a Ubisoft game will tell you that game is going to under-deliver in just about every aspect that it 'seems' to excel at. Graphics-bust, Gameplay-bust, bad framerate, glitches, etc., Multiplayer-will be litered with issues. But you go ahead and buy it. Tell me how that works out for you...

As for this game, I genuinely believe th... #9.7
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Beast; Pun very much intended
;) #4
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I think everyone is forgetting about the two other major fps shooters coming out around the same time as Halo. Like them or not, Battlefield: Hardline and COD: Whatever are coming out. COD: Advanced Warfare is actually a pretty good game and has revitalized the franchise to it's mammoth numbers once again, something that will undoubtedly affect the numbers of units sold to consumers when the next entry releases. UC4 will suffer from this too, but not to the same degree simply because they... #47
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You're right.. The PS4 isn't native 1080p because that would make it a game rather than a "gaming device". How incredibly savvy of you. Kudos for most intelligent comment of the evening. ^_^ #9.1.7
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Oh look, another MisterXmedia faithful; still clinging to all those delusions that he continues to feed you. *Sigh* So sad...

Not even going to try and talk you down from them, just going to sit back and LOL at you instead. Soooooooo......... L.O.L #5.1.2
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Oh? Xbox was #1 selling console worldwide?
When was this announced? Wow #11.6
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If noting else, I have to give MisterXmedia credit for being incredibly charismatic. He is still, TO THIS DAY, convincing people that the Xbox One has stacked dGPU chipset on a 20nm die, that NDAs are still in place to cover up it's mystic billion dollar architecture that puts gaming PC's to shame. That IT WILL play games in 2160x1440p resolution with a frame-buffer of 60 or above for all past, current and future games. And finally, that DX12 is the revolutionary API that will render... #1.10.2
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Stay in school, kids. #13.1
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I'm not blind and I'm consciously denying what you're saying. I believe the only downgrade i can see, after watching the uncompressed version of the demo is the fact that it's 30fps and not 60fps. That would be it, in all honesty. Everything else, outside of the lighting and time of day are exactly the same. Considering that this game is still a year away and the fact that we're talking about Naughty Dog here must truly be horrifying for any Xbox fanboy to know that this g... #26.2
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I'm not understanding the hype with the recent sales. As far as anyone knows, one rumor from CBOAT was debunked by another rumor from someone else who all of a sudden preaches the gospel. Are these numbers official and I'm just being cynical? No? Perhaps the reason they're so mum on sales is because once you factor in digital sales(something NPD doesn't track and also what PS4 lead for most of the month, their margin of victory wasn't quite so impressive, that's if th... #26
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Interested in seeing if the PlayStation brands stunts growing interest in the Xbox One in China. Asian market is incredibly prejudiced towards self-made(Asian) products. #4
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That's ridiculous....
They are giving you a console for free!! I seriously might have to get one now because these aren't deals anymore. They are literally saying, "Purchase these games and you get a free console to play it on".

Can't ignore it anymore #9
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Most well-balanced, rational comment I've seen you make in quite some time. If only every fanboy could comment like this, including myself at times, website would be much better. #2.1.1
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For sure..I don't think anybody can argue with that, despite what side of the fence you're on. He, in my opinion, was a massive contributor to the saving of the Xbox brand. The U.S and U.K, at least for the time being, are starting to show some love for Xbox. Going to definitely be interesting to see if they stay aggressive for the long haul in order to start reducing the massive gap. #1.3
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"Sony has been resting on their laurels"...
That part just kind of erks my nerves but otherwise I have no problem with this. Been hearing this same news for the past few days so there must be something to it. Patiently awaiting the biggest NPD numbers release of the year. Lord help us all if this isn't a landslide victory for Microsoft or worse a PlayStation win. Xbox fanboys might be forced to leave site for a few days because of huge backlash that would surely follow.... #2
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Another one of these already? Wake me up in 2015 when the real console wars start.. #6
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