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"PC/PS4 all day long"


Oh? Xbox was #1 selling console worldwide?
When was this announced? Wow #11.6
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If noting else, I have to give MisterXmedia credit for being incredibly charismatic. He is still, TO THIS DAY, convincing people that the Xbox One has stacked dGPU chipset on a 20nm die, that NDAs are still in place to cover up it's mystic billion dollar architecture that puts gaming PC's to shame. That IT WILL play games in 2160x1440p resolution with a frame-buffer of 60 or above for all past, current and future games. And finally, that DX12 is the revolutionary API that will render... #1.10.2
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Stay in school, kids. #13.1
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I'm not blind and I'm consciously denying what you're saying. I believe the only downgrade i can see, after watching the uncompressed version of the demo is the fact that it's 30fps and not 60fps. That would be it, in all honesty. Everything else, outside of the lighting and time of day are exactly the same. Considering that this game is still a year away and the fact that we're talking about Naughty Dog here must truly be horrifying for any Xbox fanboy to know that this g... #26.2
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I'm not understanding the hype with the recent sales. As far as anyone knows, one rumor from CBOAT was debunked by another rumor from someone else who all of a sudden preaches the gospel. Are these numbers official and I'm just being cynical? No? Perhaps the reason they're so mum on sales is because once you factor in digital sales(something NPD doesn't track and also what PS4 lead for most of the month, their margin of victory wasn't quite so impressive, that's if th... #26
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Interested in seeing if the PlayStation brands stunts growing interest in the Xbox One in China. Asian market is incredibly prejudiced towards self-made(Asian) products. #4
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That's ridiculous....
They are giving you a console for free!! I seriously might have to get one now because these aren't deals anymore. They are literally saying, "Purchase these games and you get a free console to play it on".

Can't ignore it anymore #9
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Most well-balanced, rational comment I've seen you make in quite some time. If only every fanboy could comment like this, including myself at times, website would be much better. #2.1.1
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For sure..I don't think anybody can argue with that, despite what side of the fence you're on. He, in my opinion, was a massive contributor to the saving of the Xbox brand. The U.S and U.K, at least for the time being, are starting to show some love for Xbox. Going to definitely be interesting to see if they stay aggressive for the long haul in order to start reducing the massive gap. #1.3
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"Sony has been resting on their laurels"...
That part just kind of erks my nerves but otherwise I have no problem with this. Been hearing this same news for the past few days so there must be something to it. Patiently awaiting the biggest NPD numbers release of the year. Lord help us all if this isn't a landslide victory for Microsoft or worse a PlayStation win. Xbox fanboys might be forced to leave site for a few days because of huge backlash that would surely follow.... #2
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Another one of these already? Wake me up in 2015 when the real console wars start.. #6
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Definitely the case for me; Some of the user created worlds in this iteration are just truly mind-blowing. Great buy.. #10
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Actually, the norm has been PlayStation outselling Xbox since the PS3 was released back in 2006. Don't worry though, it will return to normal as soon as Microsoft is no longer willing to sell their console for $250-$290. Deals won't last forever! #22.1
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Would be big news if Sony hadn't broken the same barrier 3 months prior; Would also help if Microsoft didn't have to chop off an arm and a leg to do this, as well.

Sooo.....GG? #24
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No words..
This is what creating a truly user-creation based game can get you; A remake of one of the greatest games ever made. Thank you Sony and Sumo Digital!

LBP3 has been a blast for me so far, despite what some reviews would have you believe. This is an excellent game. #9
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So true..anime sites..sports sites..porn..
They're everywhere man! #5.1.1
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Well considering that the build that everyone has been basing their opinions off of is more than a year old by now, this news isn't really surprising. I trust in RaD to deliver a sound gaming experience and not just a movie like others have accused them of. Excited to see more from the game; possibly some new un-seen venues. PS Expo(That's what I'm calling it) is going to be a ton of fun. #2
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As of right now, he is correct. The Wii U boast the cheapest price tag, while also owning the largest collection of market AAA-exclusives; Their first party exclusives also hold a decisive advantage when it comes to critical appeal and review ratings. Not to mention that the system seems to have a bright future with several huge exclusive titles coming to it within the next few months. All-in-all, yea it's funny that this is news, but just being honest..He IS right.

Wii-U... #24
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Except you forgot to mention that PS4 has the highest rated exclusives while also at the same time having the most. I don't think I need to give you a list, as there are plenty above you that show what I'm talking about.

Xbox owners are really going to regret what they're saying when Sony exclusives start dropping like bombshells. How quickly you lot forget what transpired the last five years of the previous generation. I seem to recall you guys having the same a... #12.2
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Yea, I keep seeing Xbox One lovers proclaiming that Scalebound and Crackdown 3 are releasing in 2015 but uh....when was this announced? Last time I checked was there were RUMORS of them releasing in 2016? Pretty sure there's a year difference in there somewhere. Also, have we seen any gameplay from either of those games? People love to say this about UC4 but er..where's the gameplay for YOUR games? I don't think there is any...unless I seriously missed a huge day for Xbox. Also wi... #1.2.17
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