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"Ipha Mistabra"


This is absurd you naysayers need to know it took PS2 what 12 years to sell 150 mil or so. Now even though I agree that PS4 won't get to that in 10 years that's my opinion. The evidence against PS4s sales are completely illegitimate. Not saying that it's impossible I can happen I just doubt it the time and market is vastly different. Yes price drops and great software will achieve this feat. LMFAO 5+ years sold 150 units where are you people getting this from?
If you just... #1.1.27
I understand your frustration in a community where blind fanboyism is greatly frowned upon unless it's Nintendo, the war can be kinda thick especially to bystanders and those that this isn't important to who "wins" but there's nothing wrong in bragging about your fav teams triumphs over their competition no matter how great our small the margin. #sports #1.1.32
Hey I dunno but making 4 mil a year of playing in tournies is pretty acceptable even if it's not by the mainstream public. F it keep it "underground". Like lets-plays aren't "real entertainment". #1.1.2
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This will be my first Street Fighter I'ma buy for myself. #1.1.1
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Rocky for ps2, No mercy on N64, Dragon Ball GT PSone, very select copies of The Last of us on PS3, Skyrim on PS3 in particular, Damnation 360 and PS3, Contrast on PS4, Killer Instinct Gold N64, GTA1, Saints Row 2. Just a few of the games that had some of the funniest ones have happened to me or friends over the years. #1.1
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ET is just bad not glitchy #3.1.1
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Good read I bought the wife white Destiny PS4 so we can get back into it. I like the idea of the new expansions I'ma invest. Thanks for the post #1
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I guess I'm not gamer I'll just settle for my NES GameCube and Wii I still have.
I'm just WTF I want to be a sell and buy what ever I want person that has fun and entertain myself how ever I want. I guess I'm not Shiip I have to follow ones rules.
I should have traded in my Wii U for some more F###s to give away cuz for you sir, I have none.
And yes I mean those systems considering I have them too.
And why would that be... #1.1.3
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I agree but believe it or not people and some parents do this. Not everyone can game all day with certain jobs and such. Some people's schedules don't allow it. So they don't buy two games at a time. This is not me. But I have been hit with this conflict when it comes to budgeting. With Dec around the corner I have kids too I'm not buying too many games for my self around then. Point is to SOME people this still matters. Good thing for me I'm only interested in a few title... #1.3.5
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...Damn, played. #1.2.3
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Yea almost every game goes through QA but this can still get shipped like this. #3.1
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I wanted this SOOO bad when it was first announced then after years of no updates they announced wii U exclusive, lost my interest. That was when I actually HAD a Wii U too. No that I sold it I'm just oing to wait ad forget about it again till it comes to the intended consoles #1.1
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Over all no it's not "kiddie" it's a ridiculous stigma that Ninty has.keep in mind can't stand them as a company it's that it relies on franchises made in the 70s and 80s a much more "friendly" time in terms of video major games titles #1.1
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Dude, I have never agreed more on a n4g comment ever. #1.1.15
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I also wonder what comments won. #1.2
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Who'da thunk it. I won something by commenting on my fav gaming news site. Especially after everything and one I lost last month on my birth month, I take back almost everything bad I ever said about N4G community. Thanks! ;)
Think this may goto some PSPlus or PlanetSide battle cash. #1.1
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Yup just another way Ninty has not come through on something they could have dominated I just hope fans don't try to make this somehow a good thing again. This is just not cool. At first the system was supposed to support 2 pads but cut it right before mass marketing. sad. #1.2
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I'm chasing that MAG high and found even note with this one. #1.1
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I've been trying to chase that MAG high for years that's my first platinum and easily one of if not my first favorite online experience I ever had. I'm playing PlanetSide as I type this.
It have to be free to play in today's market not enough people will buy it. I deff would.
Hope they wouldn't cater to their fav faction so much S.V.E.R.
Raven nevaR give up...

Oh yea everyone want SOCOM, check out H-Hour, spiritual successor and ma... #1.1.2
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Not to mention ps4 tracks PS3 PS4 and Vita players online and offline notifications for 300 plus players while I'm playing PlanetSide, no thanks.I'll turn that off immediately. We can have up to 1000 friend now. Maybe if you can pick or group friends who gets notifications yea but I doubt that. We'll just get what everyone is clamoring for. Those "friend online" boxes. #2.1.2
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