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Yup FINALLY i have a character in this game

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Thank the PSN gods this week's sale isn't for me this week. I'd be going broke. Past few sales have destroyed my pockets in best way possible.
Never thought I'd WANTto see a list of items on sale I didn't want.

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Thanks Fox true Words spoken

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Finally a DB game I actually WANT to play. Throw in some multiman battle or team play i'm sold

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to answer that last qustion. by simply calling it "Zelda" or putting it in Zelda wrapping. If Nintendo made a "Zelda" game out of CoD we'd be in the same situation most will not admit to this but that's fine. I'm not sayin it's a bad thing but that's the power of the franchise

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NOOOOO just make Zelda games

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Everyone is entitled to their brand of fun. Just have to deal with consequences in the end.

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Your absolutely correct and this is my exact point between MS and Sony. MS has tried to sell Xbox a few times in the past one rumor was Amazon was interested in buying a couple years back. Sony RELIES on PlayStation . At one point or for a while it was 47% of companies revenue. There's much larger space for error on MS part if they need it. MS is going to continue broadening the horizon with Xbox scope with attempted business risks.

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Jeez moldy your bias is shameless. The only reason he's said this is because he liked the studio environment and staff you should check out the tour he did and I doubt Kojima really has to hold back on what he thinks about VR tech. That's part isn't even about Sony Why oppose them when they weren't even contextually brought up? I'm all for the "console war" but topic focus, Damn.

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I'd it's any once exclusive Xbox game give me Left 4 Dead

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True I guess but isn't the world "engulfed" in pain all the time?

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Lol I like the app but I feel a bit of Destiny coming from this game.

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I know I'ma get crucified for this but this is like a real life Destiny.

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Normally agree with you Fox. I do feel most people were just bias and didn't give it the time of day in the end when played had extreme meta and strategy elements with a legit combo system when Melee and Brawl didn't. Not saying either was inferior or superior Or whether in liked one over the other. I just gave it a chance and loved PSAS may be an unpopular opinion but it had major potential even with the Super kill system and there was another way to kill. Loved the franchise mashup ...

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SOCOM Confrontation wasn't widely accepted at first until people realized SOCOM 4 wasn't coming for a while but it was a good game. SOCOM 4 had content as well it just lacked in other areas and came out at a bad time. MAG had content. Starhawk had limited SP and content. Warhawk had content. Every MMO has "content" among others. My point is there are MP only games with content.some sent that good but they exist and some are great.

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Second this

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I was super hyped, I lost it....I'm rehyped when it was appropriate and I'm DEFINITELY hyped now.

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but the playstation division has never been not profitable and a one oint made 47% of the company's revenue

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Agreed for the most part but industries change sometime for the better sometimes for the worse and sometimes both

But I def had to deal with the SEGA SNES fanboyism back in the early 90s as well not just recent years. I was a Genesis guy myself but I got made fun of alot for having an "inferior" console.

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Agreed, I'm going to flat out say I loved the reboot. I'm not really going to compare it because that's nut how my mind and opinions form but even if so I like the game. My only real gripe was it wasn't 60fps I launch. Loved the universe liked the concept and premise, nothing against Dante or Virgil at all
Edit: Looks like in time after it stopped being cool to hate DmC Purple started to have legit opinions about it. It's the BvS of games, cool. Anything to keep ...

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