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"Ipha Mistabra"


Kenshi is already confirmed #2.1.1
PlanetSide 2 and The Division 2015 is swallowed. #1.1.3
Even if it does The troll is for real and The game is awesome on PS4 even in this early BETA. I'm just glad it's even coming to console. A great game on another great platform. More people can now play this marvel. #1.1.1
Same here. They say 800 so far this weekend and it def is great even just with this many players. #5.1
little to no lag so far (assuming your serious and not trying to troll)
With 800 or so people on the server and massive battles it's been really fun these past couple of days. The glitches you expect in a BETA are present though. #1.1.1
Playing this right now! #1.1.3

I'm not totally skeptical but I'll believe all this when I see it for myself and it's not at an event where it intended to impress first practicality and functionality second. No tech demos Kinect burned me twice. #3.3.1
A friend and me had a blast playin Dead Island Riptide for that free week. I'm def going to subscribe sometime soon. #1.1.3
64GB and yes I agreeb2015 will be the Shaz for Vita #1.1.1
Great on PS4 so far too! This is such a win for Planetside! #1.1.1
expect them to come around maybe an hour or so from now around 5PM EST #3.1
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I'll drink to that. #2.1
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just U.S. #1.1.2
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I'm just happy I'm getting in the game on a console I'm comfortable with and it's not like the game looks like crap or running below 30fps or whatever. I'm Glad it's even coming to console at all. Good work SOE for bringing this complex marvel to 18+ mill players with minimal draw backs. #1.1.3
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PlanetSide 2 BETA? #1.1
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"There's no greater enemy then ones self confidence and or insecurities"

-Xis That Kid #1.2.2
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Despite X1's new successes, Not taking anything away from them but I doubt Sony's worried enough to that extent especially. #1.2
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Ok it's not like people didn't know it was 500$ or 400$ that's not even the point and to be honest it lowered for the holiday season then "RAISED" back up to their standard price point so it's not like the statements about it being untrue. #1.1.2
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So tired of these X1 price raise pieceworks. #1.1
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Love The MK Story can't wait for game and def getting the comics #1
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