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But isn't one of the strongest arguments that Ninty needs third party and multiplatform games? how is this a different experience?
What's going on is the illusion of difference in experience coming from Nintendo's failure to deliver on reinventing the wheel no one asked for by attempting to go beyond the industry standards but fail to at least fulfill the status quo before hand.

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Yea Mets, Yankees..... No one cares about THAT. Cowboys, 49ers, Broncos all the same anyway. There's so many racists these days.

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Nah, if its on PS4 or X1 or PC then yea.KIDDING!!

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Exactly, that and the fact I think this kinda humanafies Mario. A world wide icon is made more into a human being. It takes more away of the cartoon aspect of him.
or the internet has a new toy to play with and waits two weeks too long after it gets creepy how much people talking about a digital man's nips.

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Besides the PS2 or PS1.

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Well they Vita was the first thing my daughter walked to and is now her very own

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I'm loving all the Vita Love lately!
This is great I love when it's not cool to hate a product anymore and people can openly express how they really feel about without having to be harshly judged by their peers.

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This is just a dumb comment made for the likes or the hates based on the amount of relevant media coverage this game gets.
"This game isn't on the front fee of N4G day, this game must be a ghost town. I dunno I never played it but I'm sure some sheep will agree with me, I'm so cool"
that's how imagined it. I could be wrong...

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You know why...... This is intended keep that image alive. Keep that we can't keep up with demand lie going on.

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I'm using mine right now.

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Besides Thrill kill was fun but Wu Tang Shao Lin style (the game it eventually became) was a way better game.
Was 2Days to Vegas going to be an exclusive?

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I can easily say I love modern gaming over retro. I enjoyed if back then it gave me the love I have for this industry but I can say I prefer today over yesterday. I'm not naturally a nostalgic maybe that's it too.

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I'm sorry, can anyone help me? I'm in US does this effect me? My Plus runs out around next year is plus going to be 60$or more

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Kairi, V. Rosso, D. Dark

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But we already know the X1X is more powerful how does this make it less impressive?
That's like saying oh yea having a 2TB HDD is impressive but we know that a 4TB hdd is coming out in a half year. I mean 2160p was impressive until I realized we're in a progressive industry and I know 4K will inevitably be possible so today's standard is never impressive? Knowing yearly (or so) tech trends double or more. Lmfao nice try sister.

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I know, I actually got on earlier this morning got kicked off after studying cards, checking my hero progress and opening a few chests then suddenly in waiting 3hrs 45mins guns to 10hrs later like. Glad it's being sorted out right now though should be soon

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Why Spotify seems to be good enough for most, honestly I just used it for the first time last night coincidentally

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Disappointing but glad they are so transparent and honest about the situation. Will def be waiting. Been theory crafting decks since first leak a month ago

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Is ganna be FKN FIRE X 3

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@Gangsta_Red lmfao

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