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DC universe
Sony doesn't want to do cross play on Ms terms which is understandable

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@SolidGamerX a game can be relevant to a person yet irrelevant to people especially people that ARE relevant. If a pop star loses their pop culture appeal they are no longer a pop star and in their own lane and have become irrelevant to their demographic. Destiny 2 is on its way to starting that road is losing its trust with its customers and its star power.

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Your wrong anything that supposed to be a big deal and eventuality fades into obscurity is a topic of discussion no matter how irrelevant it may become.
Destiny 2 was a follow up of a massive success of a game that had its own controversies and now a mere shell of its former should def be shown about and how it may never die as a game but most of the landscape cares about it and have no direct influence like or one had just in one sequel. That's an article to write.

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She's broken

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Yea to be honest the franchise is great with one ugly downgrade installation.

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Or Power Stone 3

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To be fair is been 2 years.

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There's a game kinda like that I forget the name though

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Optional only, I love my VR but only if it's optional that would turn people off

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This is either the med is anti gaming advocate or the original reporter asked the questions to make it seem that for all we know he could have fell through the glass and couldn't get up never taking off the hmd and dies right there. I. Don't like the way of was worded guy was 44 and found by a mother we have know other details in what condition this man was in. I doubt he continued "playing" after being mortally wounded.

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To clarify, I'm certain this user means to say no one cares about Japanese sales not Dev or manufacturers (regardless of this is true or even matters at all) this is what they are saying.

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K9999 would be awesome

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10 I feel the standard for years worth of sales for game console.

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Apparently it's harder than most think. They said the foundation of psn has to be changed to make this a possibility

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Successful nah but I personally enjoyed this much more i can't wait. I donated for the Kickstart and everything

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I thought It was awesome and informal, like didn't have that feeling it was trying to be E3 for playstation but a celebration of the brand and fans that care about it. I love to see those devs new and old that I respect in share the stage talk comfortable and see good footage of games im interested in especially in the near future. I don't know what anyone was expecting but I had no reservations thus no disappointment.

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This was a good read and not some left points that I'm sure author isn't alone on. I for one feel exactly the same way through and through

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It's free the don't need to convince you of anything regardless what it looks like

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And exactly here

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