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Not to mention it's not normally a big stream game all year around anyway

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And I cannot wait!
BTW this should be under PS4 as well especially since it's cross play

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So I guess I'm a minority I use the service every now and then. I play Twisted Metal Starhawk and Uncharted. I try a bunch of games a never got to try during my PS3 days which I still have. I understand the disdain though I just don't share those problems.

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Imho this is my fav kart racer. I still play Everhart now and then to this day.
Other than load times the game was excellent

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nothing beats Steam sales

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No she didn't

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Second this

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Can't FKN wait

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Def not a fan of the term. "splat and chat"

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Lol where you there during beta it was absolutely hilarious. GOD I miss that game.....i miss MAG too

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Wasn't made by zipper it was a glitch mess and people hated on it until people didn't know what they had until it was gone. Then we got SOCOM 4. :(

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Bring MAG back instead. Zippers last successful game

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Probably because now too big is too big. Big games are 50gb and now big games are 100gb but the average hdd is still 1- 2TB
The average HDD size is increasing slower than the average size of uncompressed games and there are much more giant and quality games

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All people have to do is find one thing in a comment and dislike it. They hit that down arrow.
Example: "I like this comment but (I think) I'm good at shooters so F#&@ this comment!"
That's most likely why

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Console will have a stake in this market for a long time unless consoles become branded PCs
The convenience and brand recognition is to strong plus think about this globally. Not just in your countries and territories. Not to mention the actual console benefits devs do get from console. Console isn't going anywhere in a console to PC to console convert

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Been having fun with my friends on PS4 with this one. Bought it for 60 and gameshare with another comes with The Core and Scorched I'm happy with that. It's buggy but nothing game breaking for us. No game breaking client crashes, some hit detection and environmental interaction, a few gameplay related tweaks would be nice but I'm not holding my breath on some of those. There's a few Bugs and few UI issues every now and then but This is steadily getting better as time goes on....

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Just a damn shame no new words for console release yet

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PlanetSide 2, Paragon, Warframe, Let it Die, there's more but I hope this helps.

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I honestly wonder which will sell more

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Finally! Next up, Brawlout. We need more party fighters and not just Smash Clones

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