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there's also the fact tthat with a few people. They've been burned by two systems that had potential and wasn't what was expected in the end. to them this is a repeat of that and most people aren't wrong for being weary of a new console especially if what is offered at launch isn't what you want. I see nothing wrong with that.

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I would expect this even if Ninty didn't purposely short every launch of everything to create false demand they can easily support without this marketing tactic

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Oh snap yo! I remember this game.....what is it the 16th year anniversary?

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_-EDMIX-_ "Sorry but Nintendo needs Hardware at that has everything everybody else is getting ON TOP of what they're including"

THANK YOU! I've been saying this for the past two gens. There's no excuse. There is no reason Ninty can't produce a product that has every spec match their competitors and produce their "legendary" First parties and even include the "innovative" feat or gimmick of choice. Why is their online infrastruct...

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Who is "We" and what DO they expect from Zelda games? Real questions.

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That was the main thing loved about this presentation, i hope Sony and MS follow and implementation this in the future if not better. I'm not getting SWITCH until at least another Smash Bros. Probably off wish or eBay

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Why is everyone's go-to when they don't like Mario they have to like COD? I'm not being facetious, this is a l legit question.

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Wii U had 3rd party support untill investors realized it was dead ground. Also can anyone tell me if it will have FN friend codes still?

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IMHO this was the worst thing I seen or at least the least interesting to me of the con. This game looks like form this trailer like a Sonic game I envisioned when about 10 years ago.

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But they make you 'Member with their Member Berries....
I'm sorry I was no impressed more nostalgia hunter shyt I don't need. with games they are finally catching up to with games that were once inspired by the big N.

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How can they avoid simmering they are going to deliberately do. The shortages are going to be

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Honestly i normally don't like my electronics white but this i like more then than the black. Currently own the original black and white for the Mrs. I doubt she'll side grade

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Well yea they been working with them every since the first one. Although not exclusive but got major support for the UN banning and marketing for gta 1 to 2 hell it took like 2 years for gta3 to come to xbox back then.

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Angel Juice is right Crytek been open the doors to them
I used to follow this project closely.

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Terry crews so far has a great track record in dedication to a project i think he'll go all in even if it's demanding on later voice work

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I've been doing just that for years now via wire splicing then later controller converters. This is one of the first ones i bought but the are many others and for different systems or you can buy wire spliced controllers.

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So much pandering to nostalgia these days

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I have not felt so selfish about a game before. I like many waited and waited patiently since this games release and out of no where Wii U exclusive. At the time i didn't have a Wii u and honestly i wanted it for ps3 but that never happened nor for 4. Anyway i honestly am glad this happened. Save for the innocent dev and people involved But i never wanted a game to fail so badly. Not to mention when i finally played it i think it sucks imho. I'm fine with exclusives but when a game...

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All your examples never had the actual funding of the 3rd party. Bioshock wasn't funded by ms. This doesn't mean they own the franchise but you can't deny that this can't be compared by seemingly similar 3rd party exclusives. Since especially in your examples they lack that one element and more than likely is the reason that makes this different. Please I'm trying to take away any comfort you may find in hope please continue to do so but i just want to help out in a perspe...

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I doubt age has to do with much of it and your analysis shows that what Nintendo is doing is wrong and rely 50% on ones "'Member berries" I'm not a nostalgic person. I don't find companies soley pulling on ones 20-30 year old gaming gems. I understand legacy but i owe Ninty nothing and to neither other companies. When they make a good product i buy it if i like it, bottom line. To think that people don't like Ninty "for the likes" and try to be cool is true...

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