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Lol won't be for me not what they're doing with Power Stone franchise or lack there of.

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Can't you stream in 4K On PS4? I really don't know.

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I wish this game would have come to PS4 bugs in all if need be. From the moment I laid eyes on it.

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I'm going to take this but I don't think I need a test to know I really don't need this thing.
Edit: As I thought "Grey Area"

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Honestly I agree with most people on here gaming is expensive always have been. You think some of these people with console gen proof PC's dumped EVERYTHING in one shot? No! It is what it is. Two kids work at a bar going to school with car. I have a passion I love videogames I'll make it happen in due time if I want all that mess. Hell PS4 and my first child out in the world same day in U.S. I made that shit happen plus I just moved to N.Y. a month before that. I was broke but I have ...

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I doubt in getting any of these new mid gen consoles and if I wasn't I'll just stream 4K I have the internet for it

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To the title, I'm just going to say..."No" and agreed. equally hilarious.

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Yea they already did that in 2006

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That's great and unsurprising. with most new players and adopters in the know waiting for Slim or Neo/Pro announcements. Plus this is the great time new people are getting the XS especially since it's new. Besides I can only really believe that PS4 sales needs to slow down some time how many people want a PS4 that don't have one yet where is X1 being a second console purchase is a perfect time for this summer.

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Honestly consider I hold the controller the way it's intended like with my middle fingers on the triggers anyway I don't understand the existence of these. Don't get me wrong I'm not against it I just don't know what they are for and how a player is convenienced by this.

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I normally don't wear headsets so considering this camera isn't adding anything new to the device I think my regular old candy bar camera will do for my communication needs

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You guys DO know that you owe Ninty NOTHING. just because they gave us great past memories doesn't mean we are obligated to just accept what they do or lack there of. I'm glad we're getting to that time were Ninty has to earn their fans back with EFFORT.

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Hope so. I want some of this "innovation" and "originality" fans rave about. This might be the first Ninty console that's not just a Smash Bros Entertainment System to me.

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Been waiting for this for a min. Really glad they used the term "platform fighter" as well. Wish PS AllStar would come to PS4 too and that other game from 360 XBLA (I forget the name) Had bunch of robots. This gen needs more Party Fighters IMHO. Combat Core is a big one for me as well can't wait for that.

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MUCH respect to the NES but def not my fave or do I consider G.O.A.T. But I understand why some may feel that way. Had some good memories on this and it Helped the industry in the best way possible among other things.

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Also keep in mind this seems to be the first steps of MS getting out of the console race since Xbox division doesn't do much for the company. I'm not saying this in spite of Xbox it's just that. I doubt they'll make another direct console. It would be asking the lines of gaming pc if anything in my opinion. This is also something MS has stated in the past since Xbox one (first Xbox) the connection and duality of Windows and Xbox playing nice glad it's finally here it'...

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It's simple, it's free advertising. I just don't buy some of these "leaks" sure it's tin foil hat time but honestly it's a great way for them to get free marketing and even more hype for their event awaiting confirmation. Now I KNOW the Neo won't be "leaked" or at least not till about a day or two before unveiling like a few blurry pics big foot/PS3 slim style. It's just too convenient plus it's in wake of the potential ps plus price raise. ...

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Since the original was axed this is a Good Video

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I miss Skull Monkeys

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I don't agree with you or the message of this article....

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