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Best thing about this is that that matters most to PC gamers anyway. As primarily a console hanger pc second, I never thought of that as a war in the first place but congrats?

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The wait was even worse before the buy just for me to find out it's only coming to Wii U that would eventually become good news in retrospect. Im still so sad this ended up this way though. I remember my first reaction to the trailer so manyyears ago

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Wwwhhaahh?! You almost speak like you have sense...are you some kind of individual human being or something?

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You can still call your game a general and known genre title and not be generic. It's when you want to be all hipster and try hard you call it something else when it IS just what your saying it isn't too give the illusion of innovation or originality. I'm not just referring to Zelda, it can still be different or innovative and still be called an open world game .it's like they just want to be away from buzz words to keep the impression of being unconventional or eccentric smh.

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The reason is because they wanted to say just this. Calling things something else than what it is makes it SOUND unique especially when it's really not. Calling Destiny a "shared world shooter" instead of a watered down MMO shooter sounds allot more appealing. I'm pretty sure I can call Skyrim something else too if I was over compensating for something or feel the need to differ from competition

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(0_o) you

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Nothing wrong with routing for your fav team ask any sports fan console war is Damn interesting and fun. Plus we actually invest in it. Winners and losers are a necessity in competition

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As long as they continue support for their platforms for 10 years like they have been.

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Who do you love seeing on the other team? who's easy pickings for you? for me it's Bastion and starting to be Tracer

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how is something that hasn't been released yet for that matter JUST been announced it even existed in some case badly marketed?
I'm sorry I'm only responding to the title I'm not giving them the click.

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Because people will automatically like Zelda because, Zelda and nostalgia trumps most in this industry. I'm just saying if this game wasn't called "Zelda" and this game will be bypassed as another beautiful indie title that would gain a cult following at best before launch.
Deff wouldn't be getting "game of the show" and the like if it wasn't for the strength of the title and memories. Strangely enough I'm ok with this is just how this industr...

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Will this thing be dated when it launches?

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Edit: With great power comes great exclusivity. Buy a PS4 to play it bottom line

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Good points

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HOW is this concept lost on people?!

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Yup like how twilight princess was out on GameCube but obviously was made for Wii

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Giving that is not called "Zelda Wii U"...

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Ok. NES was state of the art at the time, SNES was deff the strongest console on the market at the time. N64 also strongest on market but was so anti full of themselves then they figured no matter what they do everyone else will still follow and remain head of the industry, Tech high end none the less just bet on wrong horse with cartridges. GameCube was the second strongest on market to Xbox and some even argue the versatility made it a better machine than Xbox. And was way stronger than PS2...

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It'd leave it exactly that, left.

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