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Simply because t was designed to be that way and was made right in the sense people will get their money's worth playing the game no matter it be solely online or offline. How is this still such popular subject matter?
I can be wrong I would like for someone to inform me of their point. Keep in mind I'm not being facetious or anything. I just want someone with a problem with online-only games priced at 60$ to voice their legit opinion That's not being paid to do so.

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Bottom line its obviously NOT "NEEDED" considering the thriving of the industry. Is it very missed and be greatly appreciated when ever it's rarely implemented? ABSOLUTELY!!!
Sadly this is a feature that has been largely taken for granted by the masses during the rise of online gaming and made it easy for this industry to slyly phase this out.
Making a major purchase never goes without a thought of what my friends are also playing. So I'm an avid user of...

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Nah he just said "XBox One" Not those other consoles.
Here goes an article you'll NEVER see on polygon though.

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Yea I DO agree with this even though I love Overwatch and would and have bought the game for 60$. even though I can't use some of that content anyway I say the game is worth it with or without the OE add ons. don't get me wrong I'd love to have paid 40$ for it if I could have. But if I felt it wasn't worth the money by itself, I wouldn't have bought it.
Well I paid 48$ because I preordered on Amazon Prime but I def would have paid the full 60$

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Completely depends on the game because there are def some games I've played that have both single and multiplayer and nowhere near worth 60$. a game like Warhawk or MAG for PS3 or SOCOM easily imo worth 60$. This is very subjective though, I consider a games worth off of time of release to purchase, content and how much of it and the quality of it and how it's distributed in game, Most of all fun factor. I'll take a game outside of the popular belief of a standard game contains an...

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It's awesome that I won't enjoy my games any less knowing they are graphically or technically inferior. Innovation doesn't solely come from superior tech. The PS4 and X1 is still fully capable of producing quality product Uncharted proved that. Of course it could look better and such but game if had nothing to compare it to us a phenomenal work. It's not like Wii U, they have great third party support and no identity issues and still leading market faces of gaming to the mass...

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I'm surprised this wasn't a polygon article

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Agreed and the option select like a mofo they only admit they are "competing" when they're doing well. And this facade that they aren't competing is ridiculous. Everything that plays games is fighting over a space in a multi terrain market even if it doesn't offer the same experiences people will compare and contrast and buy over each other, hell some people well just buy a new Iphone instead of a PS4 as some kind of gamer even though most consider mobile market separat...

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First off I'm pretty sure they'll launch with a bit of dated tech I 'll be surprised if it's slightly more versatile maybe not TOO much stronger than I ps4 or X1 but either way by today's standard that's not good if it launches post 2014 with that . Now Sony and MS at least can say they launched that in 2013 with grace and now mud stepping in 2016-17? Again looks likeNinty will be behind the margin of tech standards.

The system still can be successfu...

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I love how this site attempts to report on PlayStation products while pretending to be unbiased even though being funded by MS.
They should just stop though. I never seen an "independent" journalist site execute such sly attempts at pseudofanboy trolling

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And have almost everything deleted especially if that game had saved on the cartridge

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To be fair Sony didn't hide their numbers last gen all had to be revealed every quarter and it just so happens they have stock holders to show for so succeed or fail they must show. Besides b why would they hide their numbers if they trounced 360 almost every month world wide the only consistent outsell per month was US region and even that succumbed top the PS3 every now and then. That's why it eventually eclipsed 360 in sales if you didn't know any of that. If yo...

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Look at Indiana Jones

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Eat Sleep Play
United Front Games
Incognito Inc.
Ninja Theory (Sony primary third party now)

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Everyone is just ok with the falsehood in the title? "...Weakest Link.."?

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Liked it when I first saw hit next day I hated Mortal Kombat.

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YES! Please! Of course there would be year's to the roster, I'm sure everyone will get their boy crush Dante finally I don't care just give me this game in my lifetime. I'm sure most fan faves will make this one if real
Too bad this is just another wish list if it happened and now actual news or rumor.

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My daughter is literally the same age as PS4 to the day. Even she knows what button does what on my black PS4 and her mother's white PS4. Turns her PS3 on just fine as well to watch her cartoons
This is coming from a site that had been (still?) Funded by MS

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Um why WOULD they have a successor to a considered failed product and ultimately if named anything "Wii" could cause product confusion like what the Wii U suffered from. Also this is kinda insinuates that there eventually WILL be a successor and we ALL know this isn't going to better not.

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To bad Sony consistently dominated the videogame industry since entering they have done nothing right?

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