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I think the point of the rumor to be said...was that people don't know how long they have been working on it...everyone neglects to remember (especially those who reported this story) that Naughty Dog split into two groups of developers like 2 years ago or whatever and started working on separate projects. One was finishing TLOU and one was assumed to now be Uncharted Next-Gen. #1.1.1
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That article lost its accuracy as soon as they placed the PS4 on the entertainment shelf.

PS4 in enclosed space = less air circulation = the heat doesn't dissipates quickly enough = intake vents get the warm air instead of cool air from room temperature = tends to get warmer.

PS4 in vertical position in open space = warm air coming out from the console dissipates rather quickly = gets cool air instead of warm air from enclosed space...

Ho... #18.1
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I saw Super Mario World 3D in that article #1.1.1
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It will be interesting to see if Microsoft is able to market Insomniac games well. After seeing Resistance flopped in sales in PlayStation 3, i will be surprised if Microsoft goes all out with Insomniac next title.

What I'm saying is, MS is DOING EVERYTHING to win this next-gen. They are investing money. To win something, you have to put money down.

You can't expect to win a war if all you do is wait for a developer to be l... #6.5.1
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how about fanboys just stop being a fanboy and support the industry? Who cares if one platform gets this game and the other does not?

If you are a gamer, you will get both.

Sure Sony has a lot of first party studios. But how many IPs did Sony studios scrapped out because it flopped and can't meet the sales goal? I know a lot but i rather not get into that because fanboys will put their defense shield and defend, even know they don't know what they'... #6.4.1
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Not really. MS can do timed-exclusive games again like what they did in Xbox 360. did that work? certainly. Why would someone wait one year later to play a game when they can get it first?

There might be some people that believes timed-exclusive doesn't work but it does.

this next-generation consoles DOES NOT HAVE a big jump in terms of HD visuals. It's just smoother frame rate and improved lighting shadows. Jumping from PS2 to PS3 is a big change bu... #6.2.1
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and if Sony still doesn't believe in buying exclusives, they might end up like Nintendo, relying on their first party games.

Afterall, we buy consoles because of games. If one platform has more exclusives than the other, consumer tends to favor the console with exclusives. But then, there will be fanboys that will stick to one console regardless if they're getting weak first party exclusives and more indie games than core games #6.1
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Remember, Microsoft is investing $1 billion for the Xbox One games. That means, they will SECURE more exclusive games than the PlayStation 4.

If only Sony will buy exclusives... But they don't believe in that aspect. Thats why we saw them lost a lot... Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III, Metal Gear Solid V, Resident Evil games and more. Sony LOST a lot of exclusive franchises following PS2 which is sad, since that made them lead the market.

It all no... #6
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it's a very challenging game.. playing it on hard #2
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I was afraid Last Light would be easier than 2033. Ranger mode seems like the way to go. Too bad they decided to make it paid DLC for everyone who didn't pre-order. #2
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As long as it's free I'm good :) #2
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Time to spend hundreds of hours again with this game. :) #2
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Time to spend hundred of hours again... God how I miss this game :D #2
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Can't wait for this. Hopefully it will be good :D #1
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If there will be a suikoden game, let it be on the Wii U or PS3. I'll take a 3DS game too #1.1
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I hope WWE video game franchise will continue to live on. #1
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Game isn't any better than Xenoblade but it's one of my favorite RPGs this generation! #1
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great game. Enjoying it so far #1
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Im glad I waited hehe #8
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I don't think God of War really needs a multiplayer but then if it's any good, why not. The only problem is, if the multiplayer of Ascension is boring, it will sure drop down the review score. Hopefully it will be fun! #3
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